Old Problem Revisited…and a live AUCTION starting NOW!

In January I wrote to you about a charity quilt donation that came in and how worried I was about how to correctly handle the donation.  After I wrote the post the quilt got put on the shelf in my sewing room and got left.  As I’ve been cleaning out things while I’ve been sick I decided it was time to make a decision about this quilt. Below is the original post.  Read through it and then see what you think of the conclusion I’ve come to…..

Here’s the original post.

A bit ago I got an 
email that read:  “How are you? I hope this finds you well and warm and enjoying a  lovely holiday. I’m writing because I did a Google search regarding where to donate quilt tops and your page came up. We cleaned out my  late mother’s house this past summer, ( a hard and awful job) and were able to find good homes for most of the items….everything except an antique quilt top that must have belonged to a great aunt. My guess is it would fit a twin or maybe even a full sized bed. Nobody in the family has any interest in it and none of us here in the San Francisco area know any quilters. Clearly so much love and care has gone into making it that it would break my heart to see it go to waste. May I send it to you? It’s in pretty good shape, having never been used. Can you use it? I’m happy to mail it to you. If not you, is there some other person or organization you can recommend? ( I’ve looked around a bit and, to be honest, the various websites are so difficult to navigate and the organizations have so many rules it was off-putting). Feel free to email me a yes or a no.”

Well I said -YES and waited for a package to arrive.A week or so later this came….AntiqueQuiltTop-1
I was flabbergasted.   It’s beautiful.  It is entirely hand pieced and the work is great.

Dana sent a note saying it was made in North Dakota in the 40′s.  It was sent to California in the 70′s and is now back to the Midwest in Iowa.

The border was never completely sewn together but all the pieces are there and it’s an easy finish.

Now for the part I need advice for…..

Do I finish this up as a charity quilt??  I just feel like it might not stand up to everyday use and many washings….

It’s so beautiful.  I see it more as something a person who loves antique quilts might like.  I can see someone hand quilting this and preserving a part of quilting history (not me though)…yet I said I would find a good home for it for charity?

I just don’t know what I should do and am hoping for some advice.

Well that was the original post.  I know I will never get to the quilt.  It will never stand the use a donation quilt needs to stand.  I know the family wanted the top to benefit charity.  I’ve decided to auction the quilt top off here on the blog as is to the highest bidder.  Any monies brought in by the top will be used towards batting, thread, backings and postage for charity quilts that we have going here already.  The buyer is free to do whatever they want with the top.  The top will come in the original bag it was sent to me in and with the note from the person who donated it. (correction.  I can’t find the note) Bidding will start now and will end Thursday at 10:00 PM central standard time.  $15 will be added to the winning dollar amount to cover postage and $100 worth of insurance.  Winning bidder can expect the package to ship Friday morning if the address is promptly sent to me.  If you have questions, email me at rogjok@iowatelecom.net.  I will update this post with any questions and my answers that are sent…..Check or Paypal accepted.  READY.  BID by leaving an amount in the comment section.  If you have trouble with that, drop me a note and I’ll help with that too.

Here is a question that has come in-  What is the size of the quilt?  It is approximately 58″ x 72″.
Another question-Will I post a daily note telling the current bid?  No I will not.  Simply keep checking back to this post.  You can raise your big from there.  You can make another note in the comment section.  

18 thoughts on “Old Problem Revisited…and a live AUCTION starting NOW!”

  1. This is like a quilt my aunts found that my grandmother had made in the ’40’s. They sent it to me as I am the only quilter in the family. The pieces for finishing it were there except the setting triangles which I cut from white fabric in the box. The aunts requested it go to our youngest granddaughter, so this was her high school graduation quilt. Different colors, but same design. I quilted it on my domestic machine on each side of each seam, as her seams weren’t consistent 1/4th inch. So many memories.

  2. What a great idea…Its a win -win …someone gets an antique quilt to finish and love and the proceeds go to finish charity quilts!! Perfect solution!!!

  3. I was going to bid $100.00 just to get a charity donation going somewhere for $100.00 but happily that has been met and gone beyond! Thank you for everyone that has bid over $100 and continue to do so! Good luck to all who are bidding.

  4. This is a great idea! My bid is $110. I’m sending up prayers for quick healing and great health for you. Piece and Joy! Irene

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