Old House Dreams In My Town

Do you remember a bit ago I told you about my addiction to the website Old House Dreams??  I just love old houses and love seeing inside pictures of them.

Earlier this week I was over at the site checking out the latest round of houses.  The houses they have pictured are in all sorts of shape.  I like looking at them as some are still close to their original state and that’s what I want for our new house.

Imagine my surprise when I saw a house from my little town, Waucoma, Iowa, listed!  Waucoma only has 250 people in it and honestly, the house pictured is the only one worthy of being on Old House Dreams’ website.  It was still pretty cool though.  If you want to check the house out, you can see it here.


I can actually see this house from my new house.

Right around us there are three houses for sale.  I sure hope we get good neighbors….it would be extra good if the neighbor was a quilter…looking for a house anyone??

I even mentioned to my son and his wife who are house hunting that they could hunt this way…but they said no…SHUCKS.  It was worth a try.

Then later in the week I saw one from Independence, Iowa that isn’t too far from me-maybe and hour.  The wood work in this one is amazing.

I just love looking at old houses.  I just love all the unique features….I still look from time to time but I’m really happy with the house we’ll be moving into.

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