Okay…we got side tracked!

We were supposed to be sewing but can you guess what Kelli wanted to do?

Bake cookies!

This girl needs an APRON!!  I offered her one of these but it was too late.  If you’re looking for the recipe….it’s here.

4 thoughts on “Okay…we got side tracked!”

  1. Too funny! I don’t think an apron would have helped! The cookies look delicious too! I will be baking banana bread and yellow squash bread in the next day.

  2. Apron or no apron, the cookies look yummy! I am not much of a baker or cook, besides it is too hot to do either around here. Have a good week!


  3. Funny! I told my son yesterday that if it wasn’t so hot I’d bake cookies! I don’t use an apron either but I most likely would have had flour on my front!

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