Oh the Places We Go!!

There’s an abandon house not far from us.  Hubby has had his eye on it.  He’s had his eye on it for awhile.  He found out that it’s going to get burned down.  So what does he want to do….GET INSIDE!!  His mind turns and turns…what if there is woodwork like ours in the house?  What if the house has the knobs we are looking for.  Well curiosity finally got the best of him.  He called the owner and asked if we could peek…so we did.

Oh my…the places he takes me.

As much as don’t want to go..I’ll admit, curiosity gets me too.  Then there’s that what if factor for me…what if he doesn’t see something I see?  I gotta go.  It happens Kelli was home and she felt the same way I did…we all had to go because the curiosity got the best of all of us.

We came into the kitchen.  The smell was yucky.  The ceiling was falling in.  At this point Hubby was happy and excited.  (I know you’re wondering why..initially I was too) Then he said we needed the hardware on the cabinets.


At this point Kelli was really cringing.  She looked at me and said “Thanks for not letting me wear my sandals.”

The ceiling was falling down.  It was BAD.

In the kitchen was this set of stairs.  Check out that peeling paint!


Next it was this room.Stepping carefully was a MUST!

Hubby was first.  Kelli next and me last.  Kelli walked into the next room, turned her head and squealed.  I walked ahead to see what had made her squeal only to see this!


Admittedly, I squealed too.  The man (cardboard cut out) scared the both of us….but look.  There it is…Hubby’s woodwork.  There were two rooms of good woodwork.  Hubby was happy….I’d like to say I was happy too but at this point I was a little afraid he was going to make me come help take it out.


The woodwork doesn’t completely match ours but Hubby doesn’t want to let it go.  The baseboards are good and matching though.


More places to investigate…more places for me to cringe over….

In the end we made it into the bathroom too.  There we found twist cupboard door closures….just what we need.

Well if that doesn’t prove that I will follow this man anywhere…I don’t know what does!

He’ll be back…I’m hoping I won’t be going back…but I have a sneaky suspicion that I’ll end up there.







8 thoughts on “Oh the Places We Go!!”

  1. There is some good stuff in there !! I like that white shelving unit!! The things we do for our husbands! In the end though we don’t really mind, right!!

  2. I had to laugh at the 3rd pic. Sooo much mess on the floor, yet the fly swatter is still hung up.

    The cardboard man is Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy of the USS Enterprise in the original Star Trek tv show and the following Star Trek movies. It sure made me laugh (again) thinking of the Star Trek shows opening where each episode started with the following (approximate) intro – Its 5-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before. haha! …and he ended up there? …scaring Kelli and you!

    Good for your hubby for salvaging that great woodwork. Sooo beautiful! Happy y’all can put it to good use.

  3. You and Kelli are real troopers! I like the woodwork and doors. But removing it is what I call men’s work!

  4. I am so glad you are (well your hubby is) going to scavenge the hardware and woodwork. It would be such a shame if they were destroyed in the fire. What about the floors? They might be worth saving too.

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