Oh what a happy day.  I love Easter.  It’s my favorite of all the days of the year.

This one is especially sweet as I got my test results back and I am cancer free as of now!!  As with anyone who has had cancer there is always a risk of re-occurrence…but my doctor explains that each check I have that comes back clear increases the chances the it won’t return.

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My blood test wasn’t in yet so there might be something that shows up there- but, the thought is now, that it’s all okay.

There still is a question about a lymph node in my neck on the right that was slightly enlarged when I had the ultrasound.  We think at this point that it is likely because I had a cold at the time of the ultrasound.  I will have to have another ultrasound and blood work up this fall but I’m okay with that.  No diet and no shots this next time around.  That will be awesome to not be driving back and forth to Lacrosse…just one trip.

So after that…FOOD.  Glorious food with salt in it for me…and I had an expresso…It was awesome!!

On the way to the appointment we had stopped at the convenience store…here’s what Hubby got.


Yummy junk food….me, I got this!I shouldn’t complain as they actually had something I can eat.  I’m going to keep in mind that good food can be found at this particular convenience store and for the most part, I prefer the healthy stuff.  It’s so much harder to remember that when I can’t make the other choices because of the diet I still had to be on.


Once the doctor freed me….a roast beef feta sandwich on a pretzel bun…YUM.  A sandwich never tasted so good!!


Lots of this happened on the trip over….


No more Mississippi River bridge for me for a bit.  I am so happy!!


Over the last 7 months I’ve lost 24 pounds.  I don’t really know how it’s happened.  I don’t know that I’ve been trying to do anything special…just being a little more conscientious but not with the hope to weigh less…more with the hope to keep my blood sugar in control.  My hope is that I can keep it off.  I don’t care if more comes off, but I sure would like to stay here….

So as fun as it was to food indulge for a day or two, I need to get things settled down and back to watching things…..

Thanks so much to all of you for the thoughts, prayers and well wishes.  They were so appreciated by both Hubby and I.  As I came out of the scan room, I found him reading all of the comments you left here on the blog.  Reading them really made him feel good too.  Thanks for that.  Thanks for being there for him too.

58 thoughts on “Oh HAPPY DAY!!”

  1. Lori from Nebraska

    Great news!! It’s going to be a truly blessed and special Easter celebration for you and your family! Hallelujah!

  2. I’m so happy you shared your good news. Nothing like getting a clean bill of health, well almost, except for your foot. Hopefully your foot surgery will also bring good results and you’ll be happy and healthy once more. Have a blessed Easter.

  3. What wonderful news! I’m so happy for you and the family! May the wellness continue. Happy Easter to you and yours. Hugs!!!

  4. Karen Erickson

    That is such great news and very worthy of a celebration!!!! The “C” word is always scary. Have a wonderful Easter to you and your family! By the way, I love reading your blog:)

  5. I’ve been searching for your news since Friday. Thought I missed a blog. So happy for you. Sounds like you kicked butt!

  6. Great to hear your good news! I don’t comment often, because I feel others have said it much better, but I really enjoy reading your blog about you, family, day care, quilting….. I can relate to so much of it!

  7. Happy news indeed, so glad for you and also for your family! Enjoy that pretzel roll and all the deliciousness of it!

  8. Woo hoo! That is FABULOUS news! Keep up the great work… quilting, eating, being a safe place for kids to land. You’re an inspiration to us all.

  9. So glad to hear you got a great report! Have a great Easter, and enjoy being surrounded by the love of family! I enjoy reading your daily report of life. It reminds us how blessed we are. Happy Easter!

  10. Oh, Jo, I am so happy to hear about your good news!
    I hope you and your family are having a Happy Easter…. God has truly blessed you during this holy time!!

  11. Such great news to receive. May you continue to receive these reports forever. Hope your Easter was filled with blessings and family and friends.

  12. Cheryl in Dallas

    What a wonderful report! So glad to hear it.

    I, too, got a good report from my oncologist this week. Happiness is the oncologist’s office in your review view mirror.

    Christ is risen! A great day for many reasons.

  13. Yes, it is a happy day for many reasons! thought about you several times yesterday when i didn’t find any comments about the LaX visit so I was joyful to read about the good news today. Enjoy your favorite day and it was so so springlike too.

  14. Excellent news. A lovely Easter gift for you and your family. Good to hear you have lost so much weight- all good for your sugar levels and on the cancer front too. Keep it up!

  15. So happy to hear that, Jo. I hope you can push that to the back of your mind now and just go on enjoying life.

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