Oh Happy Adoption Day!!

I had Thursday off this week…It was a special day that our family will always remember.  It’s the day Scotty legally became part of our family.  I almost wrote “officially” rather than legally but that’s not true.  Scotty became part of our family the moment we met him.  Oh..I love that little guy!!

Our family met Scotty when he was around 18 months old.  We had heard lots and lots about him from the time Lora and Buck were dating but they were doing the right thing and took it slow so not to meet us until Buck and Lora were pretty committed…in fact, they had dated a while before Buck even met Scotty.

We loved all the stories Buck would tell about Scotty…we took them all in and got to know him through those stories before we even met him.

Well Thursday was adoption day for both Lora and Buck.

Scotty’s mom died shortly after he was born.  Lora and her family have had Scotty since.  Being Lora was officially adopting Scotty, Buck asked if he could too.

To say Buck was excited is really an understatement.

He loves that boy so much.

I’m so proud of Buck.  I never thought for a moment that Buck would not step up but seeing it happen makes a momma pretty proud of him.

All of the girls came with to the adoption.  We kept telling Carver it was a party day for Scotty.  Poor Carver was so confused.  He said, “My birthday next.”  We tried to explain that there were other kinds of parties that aren’t birthdays!!

So when he asked to do what Scotty was, I hoisted him up on my head. He wanted part of the fun too.

I wanted a “legal” grandma and grandkids picture (I’ve had other pictures with them)…here it is…From left to right…Scotty and Lucy (Buck and Lora’s kids)  then I’m holding Georgia (Kelli’s and Jason’s) and then Gannon and Carver (Kalissa’s and Craig’s)

Kelli laughed and said Georgia and Gannon need to learn to sit as soon I’ll have Kayla’s baby that I need to hold.

Lora’s family took a picture too.

As happy as we are that Scotty’s in our life, I feel both happiness and sorrow for Lora’s family.  Had Scotty’s mom lived, this day would never had come…Amy would have Scotty.  I know they are all thankful that Buck and Lora stepped up to care for him but it’s also sad that it ever had to happen.  I can’t imagine the joy and pain they must feel…missing their daughter but being thankful Scotty is getting a family.

I can’t thank Lora and Lora’s parents enough for sharing Scotty with us.  Like I said earlier, we loved him from the day we met him.

So it’s with joy and a understanding that our family welcoms Scotty into our family.  We will love and cherish him as the gift that he is.  So with that, the Kramers “legally” welcome Scott Joseph Kramer into the Kramer clan.

21 thoughts on “Oh Happy Adoption Day!!”

  1. Awe bitter sweet. But so much joy to have Scotty legally become a Kramer. They all look so happy. I love the picture of you Jo, and all the grands. Such a sweet picture.

    Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

  2. Congratulations to all! Happy Adoption Day, Scotty! You have an awesome family. We have a picture like yours with the judge, too. It’s a very special photo! It’s one to cherish forever!

  3. Gotta love that Carver!! His personality shines through in every picture! Congratulations to the Kramer family for legally gaining a new member. A lot of adopters call this gotcha day!

  4. “Chosen” children are the luckiest of all! Many adopted children in my family and to help them cope, this is what they knew growing up. Above all though, children loved THIS much….the best life they could have! :-)

  5. What a wonderful reason to celebrate and its a bittersweet moment for Amy’s family but love conquers all.
    I think the picture of you with all those grandchildren is just to precious.

  6. Congratulations to all of you – such joy and sadness at the same time. May God bless your new addition to the Kramer clan!
    Love and prayers

  7. You indeed have some gems there. Such a great time to gather together. A very emotional time indeed. Love to you all!

  8. Judith Fairchild

    Loved the family pictures. The oddest thing about being a mom and grandma our arms and laps always have room for one more. It’s a wonderful celebration you’ve had. Praying for all families involved

  9. Daisy Dianne Bromlow

    You have such a lovely family and it looks like enough love and happiness to go around and around – congratulations. The little one on your shoulders has your eyes. I hope you enjoyed your day off .

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