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The second I found out that Downton Abbey was making a movie, I knew I would go.  Some movies are like KNOW you will go to them.  In my case, I figured our local theater wouldn’t get the movie.  I thought it would be more a “select” audience.  I can’t really imagine someone going to the movie that didn’t watch the series.

Kayla and I made plans to go but I felt like she was going as a “sympathy date”.  She was okay to go but really didn’t WANT to.  Well we thought we’d meet in Waterloo which is a big enough town to get the movie and between our two homes.

Well things changed when I learned the movie indeed WAS at my local theater.  I called her and said, “Did you WANT to go to the movie?”  She told me she just wanted to spend time with me….well you really don’t “spend time with someone watching a movie”.  So we made plans to hook up another day without the movie…and I decided to go to the movie myself.

So last Sunday I went…am I went by myself.  I told you yesterday that I’ve made a goal of trying to more things by myself and not getting “stuck at home”.

I’ll have to admit when I first came in and sat down, a couple people looked at me a little odd.  I’m sure it was because I was alone.  I took a deep breath and reminded myself, I wasn’t here to worry about social norms.  I was here to go to the movie and I wanted to see this movie.  So I ignored them.

Normally I would have dug into my popcorn about then by I couldn’t get popcorn because of my diet.

So about the movie…it was…

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I have to say that a person would do best if they had seen the series.  For example things went on with the movie and it was quite a while before an unfamiliar view would have known that Tom Branson was actually a son in law and not a son.

As the picture above shows, the movie told the story about the house staff and the Crawley’s.

I’m sure if you’re a fan you’ve already heard that the episode focuses around the King and Queen coming for a visit.  Of course there is upheaval in the house staff because of it.  Of course the Crawleys are still trying to make the estate more financially sound.  Of course there are a few love plots.

Although I loved the show, so much was packed into it.  SO MUCH.  This could have easily been a whole season with a few more small plots thrown in.  There was a plot for each of the beloved characters…more like plot snippets.

So does that mean I didn’t like the movie…NO.  I still liked it.  It’s made me think about going back and watching the whole series again.  I know the first season I watched REALLY fast as I was trying to quick watch it before season two came out.  I might enjoy watching it again.  It would be great to watch during sewing time as I don’t have to keep close watch on the television.

As for going to the movies by myself….will I be doing that more?  The answer is YES.  I loved going to movies when I was in highschool.  Kramer didn’t like movies like I did and could often fall asleep in the middle of them, so we didn’t go so often…just a few times a year…maybe two and that was when I pushed it.   The only time it really was a little awkward feeling was when the lights were still on..and I think part of that is because I’m a little paranoid about it.  Going will get easier the more I do it and quite often, I’m guessing Karl will go with me.  He loves movies.

I did see a preview for the new Harriet Tubman movie called Harriet.  I want to see that.  It said in theaters November 1st.  That’s on my list….because I will be going to more movies.

26 thoughts on “Off to the Movies: Downton Abbey”

  1. I go to lots of movies by myself. I often wait til they are at the end of the run…then there aren’t a lot of people in the theatre. I go to matinees too…because I’m cheap! Lol

  2. Sometimes when we are uncomfortable we “think” people are speculating about us. Between being a single parent for almost 40 years and business trips I learned to do a lot alone. The looks are usually boredom or people watching on the part of the “looker.” Relax & enjoy!!
    Ps – didn’t read post yet in case of spoilers. Seeing it next weekend.

  3. If you are a bit uncomfortable to be at the movie by yourself while the lights are still on, try bringing a book, or some cross stitch (if you can see well enough), or some little fiddly thing to do (maybe clip quilt blocks apart). You might meet a new friend, but if not, you will at least accomplish something and you won’t be sitting there thinking that everyone is looking at you.

  4. I bet no one is really looking at you and thinking that it is odd that you are alone. For all they know, your partner is still in the bathroom or at the snack bar. Or maybe the husbands are looking at you and wishing their wives would to go to Downton Abbey alone, so they didn’t have to go see it too.

  5. I almost always go to the movies by myself. I go to matinees and my kids work then and grandkids are in school. But they probably wouldn’t want to see what I do anyway, lol. Like you said the other day, “Treat Yourself”.

  6. Colleen Pflieger

    My daughter and I saw it last week and we enjoyed it but was lost till I figured out the daughters had married !but it was great and the Harriet movie is on my list also.

  7. Stephani in N. TX

    I went to see DA alone because I am alone, couldn’t have interested my husband when he was alive I’m sure. Afterwards I went to Panera Bread next door alone for lunch because I was hungry. I felt a little brave, but honestly there were plenty of lone people at the movie, the theater was almost full. If you can’t wait for others to be really interested, or if they have the time or inclination, do what you want and go. There’s a future series coming by Julian Fellowes called Belgravia. It’s also a book and I’ve already bought and read it. It will be a TV series like DA so you won’t have to sit at the movies. I already plan to go see Judy at the movies. I sew in group settings or meet with friends on other things, but a movie I really want to see, I’m at the ready. I have missed so many movies having moved 150 miles to be close to my children. I love movies and I have a lot to make up for. Get around to those things you enjoy without waiting for a group. And then you have Karl so you won’t always be alone at the movies.

  8. I don’t think people care about those who come alone. It’s pretty common for spouses to prefer different kinds of movies. I went by myself and totally enjoyed it–I would not if my husband had been ‘suffering’ through it with me. :)

  9. I’m so glad you went, and you had fun doing it. If you go to matinees, I think it’s more common for people to go by themselves then. Less of a “date night” feel, but hey, go when works for you, no one will really care.

  10. So happy that you went to the movie! It gets easier every time you go. Who cares what other people think. Enjoy the next one with popcorn!!

  11. It was a wonderful movie and I’m so glad you went and next time make sure to have some popcorn. I just went to see Judy alone and it was rather sad. I then went out to eat afterwards alone and it was fine. In a smaller town I’m sure it feels more like others are looking, but you have a new normal so go with it.

  12. I would go with you JO! Hubby watched the series with me so it wasn’t difficult to get him to go with me. I was so busy catching the story line that I played very little looking at the costumes. I would like to go again and just see the costumes and all the surroundings again.

  13. As a person who was single for almost 44 years I did a LOT of eating out, movie going, travel by myself. I enjoyed it! sometimes I think more than when I now do these things with other people in tow. LOL My husband will go to the movie but I hate to ask him to do so when he has so little free time and would not “get” the movie…and if he stays home with the kids that is sacrifice enough! ;)

  14. I loved it too and MISS the Downton seasons continuing. I remember the actors saying they had other commitments and then later they make a movie. I wish they had just continued Downton forever just about. Was a great movie and I haven’t been in years.

  15. I mostly hate movies, especially Sci-fi and the kinds my hubby likes. He frequently goes alone and I shop since our theatres are located near a large shopping area. On the rare occasions when I do want to see a movie, it’s usually a romance or a comedy so I go to one theatre and he goes to another one. Maybe people are less judgmental around here, but even when I’m not going, I’ve noticed that lots of people of all ages go in alone and no one seems to notice. Good for you for getting out of your comfort zone. We should all try to do that more often.

  16. I always go alone. I am alone, I don’t have to be wondering if the person I am with is liking the movie. I can relax and enjoy. The movie HARRIET is one I will see. I have all the Downton Abby disks except for the last one. I can get it at the library and watch that one again.

  17. I went to see the movie today and thought it was good. It was nice to see some of the favorite characters after the ending of the series. My husband liked the series so much he was willing to go to the movie and really enjoyed it also. He is another person who does not like to go to the movies as he has a hard time sitting still that long. After we left the theater I told him he must have really liked it as I have never known him to sit so perfectly still for that long of a time. There were several people that were there by themselves and I glanced at them because I was interested in the type of people that were at the movie. I never think it is odd when people are at a movie by themselves as I have always enjoyed going by myself.

  18. So glad you decided to see the movie alone. I often go to the movies by myself especially if it is one I really want to see as I don’t like to be distracted. I can laugh or groan or even cry and not feel self conscious about it. I prefer to go in the afternoons as the closest theater is located in a mall and it isn’t as busy at that time. I also know others who prefer to go to the movies alone.

  19. My wife and I liked the movie so much that we saw it three times. I enjoyed it most the second time when I did not have to wonder what was going to happen next, and could pay more attention to the individual characters and their often nuanced activity.

  20. I loved the movie too. Good for you going on your own. I dont usually go to movies on my own but a very good friend of mine love going on her own. I will go out to dinner on my own a few times a year and I’ve come to quite enjoy my own company (and a good book) during dinner.

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