Off to Fight Fires

Well…he’s off.  Earlier in the year I told you about our son, Buck.   He was put on alert when the Colorado wild fires were raging but didn’t get called out.  Today he got a call and will be heading to somewhere in the northwestern regions of the United States.

He has five hours to be in Des Moines…it’s a two hour drive.

He’s expected to be gone for two weeks.  That’s not much time to wrap up things and make arrangements but he’ll manage.  He’s got a great gal there to help him.

If you’re inclined, say a little prayer for him and his crew.  It’s his first time flying…his first time a long way away from home on his own…his first wild land fire experience…. and it’s my first time having to worry about all that.

12 thoughts on “Off to Fight Fires”

  1. Prayers are coming your way. Wow, that’s a lot of firsts. I know what it’s like…I still worry about my boys and get worried when I don’t hear from them. I’m sure he will be fine. What an adventure. I know you are proud of him. You both have to be brave.

  2. Hey Jo. you not only have our prayers, you have a whole support team in the Rausch’s just down the road! Call if you need anything! To all you readers out there, if you ever wondered if Jo is as great a person in person as she is on her blog, Jo is the real deal. Couldn’t ask for a nicer person or friend!!! Please show your support. <3

  3. Including him and you in our prayers. I know how many you will be saying since my husband was a firefighter for 35 years. You don’t relax until they’re back.

  4. Buck is in my prayers! I am so grateful that fire fighters are willing to travel out of state to help us out. Washington is losing its green right now, we have so many fires going…lots of smoke for those of us not even close to the fires. Thank you!!!!!

  5. As I read your post I began praying for Buck and will continue to do so. At the end I realized Mom needs some prayers for peace as well. Staying busy helps but then you’re usually way busier than I am!

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