Off the Frame: Kelli’s Double Wedding Ring

It’s done…well, I take that back.  The quilting it done on Kelli and Jason’s double wedding ring quilt.  Isn’t it pretty??  I know I am sighing a BIG sigh of relief.


I was trimming the quilt as I was taking it off the frame.  I was working on the left side trimming and then moved to the right.  Without my knowing, Ruby sneaked in and made herself a quick bed.


I snapped a picture, kicked her off and went back to trimming.  I have a deadline..I have to get this quilt bound.  The wedding is only eight days away!!

19 thoughts on “Off the Frame: Kelli’s Double Wedding Ring”

  1. You did a beautiful job on this quilt! I hope you are doing bias Binding, that makes this so easy to do. What color will you bind it with? Congrats on becoming a new mother by Love!

  2. I can breathe now, too. I wasn’t sure you were going to make it with everything else you have going. We want lots of wedding pictures (as if you wouldn’t LOL).

  3. Hi Jo, I have made a few DWR quilts and that one is beautiful. But I just wanted to tell you that I use only one thickness of binding when its on the bias and works much better. Didn’t know if you did that too. Stay warm, Sharon in Cold Colorado

  4. I love your quilt! I’ve been working on a double wedding ring for my daughter for awhile now (like 3 years) but I have been otherwise occupied with her wedding dress! ;) I guess the quilt will be for their (5th) anniversary!

  5. One beautiful quilt. Now that the quilting is done, just run it here to Ohio and I will help with the binding.

  6. Wow Jo – this quilt is just simply gorgeous!!!! I love the rings in all those lovely scrappy colors, like the sparkle of confetti! And that wonderfully warm unifying blue is perfect. What a treasured gift for the new couple – they will absolutely love it!!! Congratulations on all your hard work to get this done in time!!!!

  7. The wedding quilt is beautiful! You did an amazing job on it! Kelli is sure to treasure it. She sure picked out some beautiful fabrics/colors. Have a great day! Ruby looks adorable.

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