Off She Goes….

Well…it’s happened.  My youngest buckled herself into the Suburban and drove herself to school.


I haven’t decided if that is good or bad.  Part of me says, “Yes….no more driving her to school.”

The other part of me says, “In a couple more years, she’ll be driving off to college.”

2 thoughts on “Off She Goes….”

  1. Your daughter is lovely! Don’t you just wonder where the years go? Doesn’t it feel like she should be back in grade school? sigh… Savour and enjoy these last few years before you daughter goes off…!! You’ll see they will be some of the best..they just go by so quickly!! Take care!

  2. :( reminds me that my youngest is 14 now and learning to drive already and her sister is off to college in the fall of 2011 … it just all went by too fast :(

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