Of Shoes and Feet….

It was about this time last year when my foot problems started.  The childcare kiddos play with my canning jar rings all the time.  I had slipped and fell on one hurting my left foot.  I let it go for a few weeks convinced it would go away.  It didn’t.  Doctoring and working to get it better was a pain but after about Thanksgiving time it was much better..for the most part, it felt back to normal.

Then on my birthday in December I was horsing around with Kelli and ended up hurting my foot while running up the stairs.  Again I let it go thinking it would get better on it’s own…nope.  It didn’t.  I had it checked and x-rayed at the same time I found out I had a thyroid issue.  Well from there the thyroid cancer took center stage and my foot just languished.  Well in April I started doctoring with my foot again.

The first time around the pain was in my arch and up into my ankle.  I wore a brace to fix that.  This time around it started out as being located in between my big and second toe on the bottom.  It feels much like I’m walking on a big chunk of hamburger.  Then the ball of my foot often feel numb and very tight.  I was taped and thought it was fixed..then given an arch for my shoe.  The arch was horrible.  I ended up with all sorts of problems including the return of my original problem.  That got fixed and I went back in for taping.

At the time I was told my shoes were no good…even though they were only a couple weeks old.  I was told to get shoes.  Well I looked and looked.  I ended up buying a pair.  The doctor adjusted them by putting a padding in them.  Slowly I figured out the shoes didn’t work for me.  They were too small.  UGH.

I went back to my “love” shoes.  I know…disgusting right?!!


I got them about a year ago at the thrift store.  It was the best $1.50 I’ve spent.  I loved these shoes.  The color wasn’t my favorite but they felt so good on my feet that I quit caring about the color.  I’ve hunted high and low for these shoes.  They are Skechers GoRun 2’s.  Well Skechers are now making GoRun 4’s so I’ll never find them.

Well although my foot has been “okay” (not wonderful) it had been tolerable.  I can tell though, it’s gradually getting worse and the reason I’m sure is that these shoes are simply shot-worn out-finished.

That left me here….trying to find shoes.  There are no close shoe stores so I decided to try Amazon.  I’d just order shoes and return them until I found something….There are EIGHT pairs here…yes, EIGHT!


I loved the look of these…a little funky but don’t they remind you of a quilt??  I had post a picture of the shoes on my Instagram account and a couple people ended up asking where I got them.  Well here’s the link. Skechers Flex Appeal 


They also come in cute florals and these, only a black version.  I do like these but I’m not sure these are my new “love” shoes.  They have a memory foam in them and it’s hard to tell how much the foam will conform to my feet…and with my feet, some problems can only be fixed if feet do not conform.

Notice in the photo above how much wider my left foot is now that I have the bunion.  UGH.  That bunion has taken shoe shopping to a new level of hate for me.

Now I have these on my list of trying out…

For the most part, I like them.  There’s plenty of room for my bunion as the shoe is made of mesh.  When I walk the foot doesn’t strike on the ball of my foot.

The shoes however do not meet the podiatrists recommendation for sturdiness….No Skechers do…yet my “love” shoes were Skechers and the only ones that felt decent on my foot.  UGH….  I feel like it’s a choice of listening to the doctor or listening to my feet.

I’d just stick with my ratty old shoes but the side of them just ripped out.  UGH.  I knew it was going to happen.  It made me REALLY sad.

Now a new shoe choice HAS to happen.

I have one pair I liked but was too big So I ordered a size smaller….I did order a size bigger of the shoes the podiatrist approved but I don’t like them…they are as hard as a board.  I just don’t know what to choose.

What I think I really want is a doctor appointment..then a surgery appointment.  I called by he is booked WAY out as he has a week of vacation.  Right now the only times open are at the end of the month.  UGH.  I’m taking an appointment.

In the meantime I’m going to pick a shoe and live with it….it’s still hard…do I listen to the doctor or my foot?

If there’s anyone out there who’s had bunion surgery, do the problems go away after surgery??

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  1. Jo, I’d go with what feels good on my feet, at least until I could get an appointment. My feet are tiny ( 5 1/2), and I have a weird toe. The second toe from the end is higher and farther back than the others on both of my feet and both of my twin’s feet. Two ladies from church (both just a little older than we are) recommended Footsmart and Vionics shoes. I found that Aerosoles in the mall near me has shoes that don’t hurt me. If I’m not mistaken, Zappos has free shipping both ways, but check to be sure. I hope your feet feel better soon.

  2. Yes Zappo’s will surely help you. Btw I have the vionics but do not like them. They make my feet smell. Never had this problem. Throwing them

  3. I’ve walked all over Europe: On cobbles, marble floors in museums. ..all day long in Skechers. GoWalks, GoWalks2, the memory foam ones, suede mules.
    I have HORRIBLE feet and Morton ‘s Neuroma in left foot. No podiatrist will ever convince me to ever wear another shoe or boot.
    And believe me, I’ve tried them all.

  4. Janelle Redeske

    I too have bunions and I wear Chacos sandals all summer and Danskos clogs during the winter. I have snow boots for bad weather. I buy my shoes through Zappos because they have almost every shoe on the market. Also, it is so easy to order and return. I do have to warn you that these shoes are not cheap but they last a long time. I am on the third year for each pair of shoes. For me, the right shoes made me pain free.

  5. I’ve had bunion surgery. Worst thing I ever did. I had one of the best podiatrists in town and nothing but trouble from the start. Foot got infected at spot where it was numbed for surgery. Told I could walk, go back to work within a week. Wound up being off three weeks, didn’t heal right for over two months, then doc made me orthotics which threw my hips and knees outta whack. I’ve been to three other podiatrists since, two more pairs of orthotics, foot is still a mess. Wish I would’ve kept the danged bunion. Oh and now my big toe has developed a big bulge above where the bunion was so my foot will never be right. I totally regret ever having it removed. I know others who have had better luck but bunion surgery was a disaster for me!

  6. I had plantar fasciitis and went to a Podiatrist, who I found out was also a horse Doctor. He Sold me orthotics to go in my shoes ($400),which made my feet worse. Then scheduled an appointment with my regular doctor and told him, I had to have relief, as working on concrete floors were killing me. Finally found a good show, then it was reworked, then didn’t work. Finally found Brooks Addiction shoes and they are what I have been wearing for several years now. They come in leather and mesh and can be found online. If you can’t find them, I can email you my shoe store here. And I am sure they would mail to you. Let me know if interested. Been a life saver for me!

  7. Have you considered Merrell women’s Encore Breeze 3 slip-on shoes? they are far more comfortable than my Sketchers? The backs are higher than Crocs so your foot can not slip out. Amazon carries them.

  8. Gwen Minshall

    I have had bunion surgery on both feet more than once. At first it seemed to help then the bunions came back on both feet. I had a second surgery on both feet. Terrible result with both surgeries. I had a third surgery on both feet by another podiatrist to fix the mess. He fixed the problem but caused another problem. If I had it to do over again I would never have the bunion surgery in the first place even though they really bothered me. I used to walk a lot – now I can only walk short distances.

  9. I had bunions removed on both feet almost 30 years ago. It wasn’t pleasant, that was for sure. I’ve been happy once they healed that I di it, but then about 6 years ago, I developed a hammer toe and my bones in one foot moved a bit and it felt like I was walking directly on the bone without any padding. Another surgery somewhat took care of it. no more pain, but the toe is still bent permanently. If I had to do it all over again, I would, but I know other people have had much worse results than I did. As far as shoes. I always go with what is comfortable…always. Even now, I feel cheated, but I still can’t wear heels, even short ones, for very long. I do recommend you try some Merrill brand shoes. I’ve had good luck with them. They are pricy, but comfortable for me.

  10. Bunion surgery: there are many ways of dealing with a bunion and it will depend on what your doctor recommends. No one can really tell you since no one knows what type of treatment will be recommended.

    As for comfort: I strongly suggest Birkenstock or Orthaheel. Neither are cheap. Spend $$ on your feet. Your entire body depends on feet to carry it. You need really good shoes. People take $ shortcuts in the most important support needs.

    Orthopedic Surgery specialty.

  11. Mini education: A bunion is not a growth that is removed. It is caused from the bones moving at the first big joint where your toe meets your midfoot. That movement has to be stopped.

    I really like Mayo Clinic for thorough factual patient information. Get informed. Write your list of questions before that appointment.


    I have not had surgery. I wear really good shoes and I spend a lot of time at specialty shoe stores having my foot and gait analyzed by an expert and then trying on shoes. And don’t wear shoes till they are worn out. poor shoes cause bigger problems.

  12. You might try diabetic shoes and have the insert molded to your foot. They aren’t as pretty but are great if fit properly. Expensive too

  13. SAS which stands for San Antonio Shoe have been my go to for years. They are not cheap, $130.00. However they have inserts that are $10.00 that you can purchase every three or four months depending on how hard you use them. I have had foot pain due to a severed nerve for years. The shoes are leather, they come in wide to accommodate your bunion. I wear these most days only wear dress shoes for church, dinner out or somewhere that all I do is walk from car to restaurant.

    They are leather but feel very light. I have them in blue, black and white. I hav gotten past shoes looking good, I need shoes that feel good. Good luck with your search.

  14. My podiatrist made a molding of both feet and then had “orthotics made which I put in my shoes. It was a bit pricey but when your feet hurt, you have to have good shoes. And, the only shoe he recommends is the Brooks Ghost tennis shoe. I have 3 pair right now and keep one clean for special occasions. I have hammertoe which also results in a painful toe and painful ball of the foot. The special inserts have a built in arch so they fit my foot well. Ask your podiatrist about them.

  15. Never had bunions (knock on wood) but when I worked orthopedics the pts said its a painful surgery only do it if you have to. Personally I have a vey hard foot to fit, wide foot, high arch and instep, and very narrow heels. I love berkinsticks. Someone told me to try Altra they run around 120. Well I’ll be D@mned if I will order shoes like you did to try on!!!, I found a running store that sells them. Stopped in last w/e and walked into a CLOSE OUT SALE!!!!
    I bought one pair. And I love them. So much so today I tried to buy a second pair, but they were out in the store.

  16. Sharon Hughson

    I would listen to my feet. Then I would research which foot Dr. is #1 in the state. That is who I would go to even if it’s the other side of the state. You only have one pair of feet. . Get the best you can.

  17. I had polio as a child. I have many problems with my feet. I have been wearing Merrells for years. They are a little pricey, but worth every penny. I also have to buy 2 sizes, size 6 and 7 1/2. I have never gone to a podiatrist – always used an orthopedic surgeon.

  18. I’ve had good luck with Easy Spirit walking shoes ever since I started wearing orthodics in 1992. They are soft on the inside and I put my orthodic under the insole for better comfort.I also have some SAS sandals called Huggies that are very comfortable and I wear them most of the summer. Good luck. I mostly hate buying shoes but I do what you did and buy several pairs and return the ones that hurt. Susan

  19. chris shepardson

    Zappos is free delivery and free returns, easy company to work with. I am a nurse and walk on concrete floors all day long, try Brooks glycerin they are great!, Merrills and Keens are also good

  20. I love to walk and have terrible feet. Bunions are my biggest issue. Have them on both feet. Three years ago I made an investment in New Balance sneakers and now walk 5 miles a day. Expensive, yes, but worth every penny. I have inserts that add some extra cushioning for the ball of my foot. Interesting comments on bunion surgery.

  21. I would see another doctor for a second opinion before having surgery. I would only have surgery as a very last resort. My mother had bunion surgery which did not go well and had to have another surgery to correct it. I cannot wear the hard molded orthotics. I started wearing “Orthera” arch supports from Amazon which work fine for me. I also wear Sketchers for comfort, but they do not provide support. When my back is acting up I wear SAS shoes. The SAS shoes are light like Sketchers. I wish you luck in finding a solution for your feet.

  22. Bonnie Lippincott

    I am a retired letter carrier. I walked for a living delivering mail. The best thing you can do, and I know it will be hard living in such a small town, is find a shoe store that specializes in fitting shoes for people with foot problems. I had plantar Fasciitis and my feet hurt. After going through the taping and doctor visits, etc. I was advised, like you, to get “good” shoes.

    I did. I went to a shop that specializes in fitting shoes. He measures your feet, talks about your problems and asks what you do all day. He knows his shoes. Which ones run small, large, are good for bunions etc. I have not had any foot problems in years. Good shoes will help. They won’t be as colorful as you want, and they can be more than you want to pay, but not having your feet hurt is worth it!

    Also, try Zappos.com for shoes. Free shipping both ways and you have 365 days to return them. But you still need to have your feet measured so you know what size to wear. Don’t rely on “it’s what I always wear,” get measured for length and width size before you order. Your feet change with age and injury to your feet.

    I’m off my soap box now. Good Luck!

  23. I had bunion surgery on my right foot. It was the best thing I ever did. I was off work for a week and then half days for 3 weeks. I have no pain at all now. I don’t know why I waited so long to have surgery. There are different types of surgery for bunions and you need to talk to a doctor about what you need. My surgery was done at the Mayo Clinic. Let me know if you would like the doctor’s name. He is great.

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