Of Dogs and Carpets

Fostering dogs and puppysitting Betsy has been hard on my carpet.  They desperately needed cleaning.  I am VERY embarrassed to even let you see a picture of them-but this is a real blog where real things happen and not one that just shows the happy side of everything…so here they are.  UGH!!

I was lamenting about the carpet…half complaining as I couldn’t stand the carpet but didn’t want to have them professionally cleaned until we move out of here.  Kalissa felt bad as she knew some stains were courtesy of Betsy.  That’s when Kelli said hey-I got a Proheat Pet Deep Cleaning System from Bissell as a bridal shower present.


Well she came over and cleaned the spots all up for me.  I admit I was skeptical.


…but in a short while, I was a believer.

I am so happy.  There was one spot that was deep and nasty that didn’t come out the best but had we had enough cleaner solution we would have went over it a couple more times and I am guessing the stain would have come out then.  For now, this is good and I am so thankful that my carpet isn’t a complete embarrassment..and that I didn’t have to pay a professional cleaner.

I thought about buying one of my own but then I remembered that I have wood flooring in the new house.  Granted I have rugs but the majority is wood.  For now-it might work just to borrow Kelli’s.  The “cost” to borrow it is pretty cheap.  It just costs the price of one Strawberry Banana Real Fruit Smoothie from McDonalds.  Kelli will do most anything for a Real Fruit Smoothie.

5 thoughts on “Of Dogs and Carpets”

  1. My carpet was just as bad, except instead of pet stains it was dirt dragged in by my dog from a muddy yard. I borrowed a carpet cleaner, I have a feeling I’ll be using it again soon.

    Since I don’t have a blog I am unable to show you just how bad it really was, lol.

  2. I have and happily use one of those carpet cleaners. I use it twice a year. It works great and beats the cost and hassle of the professional truck types. Be prepared though, that sometimes the stains/dirt come back to the surface after awhile.

  3. For quick fixes, I buy Kids N Pets from Walmart. It’s gotten out vivid green frosting, marker (almost, although I didn’t try as hard as I did with the frosting) and all kind of smelly accidents.

  4. We’ve had Bissell Carpet cleaners for well over 10 years. Love them and highly recommend them, especially with pets. Well worth their cost. Have used hired carpet cleaners and then used a Bissell, within a few days, to find my Bissell picked up so much dirt I don’t think the professional carpet cleaners (e.g. Stanley Steamer) did a good job. Plus the Bissell hardly leaves any water on the carpet afterwards so it dries much faster.


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