Odds and Ends Jobs

Over the weekend I did a few odds and ends jobs.  Nothing huge but I’m trying to keep up and not let things lag to far behind.

I grabbed another previous stitched piece and I framed it in a thrift store frame.  This one was $1.

This is a Lizzie Kate design I stitched some time ago…I believe when Kramer was sick.  I wasn’t brave enough to change colors back then and now, it certainly would have.  That fushia color would have been changed to red.  So I wanted to prim it up a bit so the black frame for the win.

I think I want to make some little hearts with jute and hand them for the handle on the frame.  We’ll see if I find time for that.  For now, it’s hung here under the spice cabinet from Ila that I love.

This whole area needs a little sprucing up.  It will have to do for now.

Do you remember last week I used the chop saw and made this little tree from a thrift store Easter tree?

Kelli picked up some black spray paint for me and I sprayed it.

Here it is doing just what I wanted it for.

I have charms for my grandkids.  Each one has a tiny pieced quilt block on one side and the birthday of a grandchild on the backside.

These were made by Julie from Me and My Stitches.  I just love them.  I started out with them on a bracelet but that got to be too heavy and I lost one of the charms so I’ve been looking for a tree to put them on.  This one is just what I had in mind.

In getting this project together, I realized I don’t have charms for Eli and Emmett so I contacted Julie and that is now in the works.

I’m not big on decorating…in fact, I’m terrible at it.  I was super happy I came up with the idea of putting them on a tree and so happy I found the $1 tree at the thrift store that I could use for it.

Remember last week I was working on getting this old divider box together??  Well I got it clean and stained but really wanted some varnish on it.  Buck had suggested Varnish in a spray can.  I didn’t know there was such a thing.  I found it HERE on Amazon.

I used it and now my shelf looks like this…

Much better than the original.

I think I paid $7 for this at the vintage junk sale.

I am very happy with it.  So happy I immediately found a spot to hang in and hung it.  But…I really don’t have anything for the inside.  Originally I was thinking of some cross-stitch pillows and do-dads.  But, alas, I have no little pillows stitch and the do-dads I have are already nicely distributed.  I’ll have to get busy and put something together as it looks terrible as is.

Someone might say “run to Hobby Lobby”…but that’s not me.  I like my do-dads to be vintage or with special meaning to me.  I guess I’ll have to do some thrifting and shopping…and perhaps some stitching.  YES.  I love an excuse to stitch!!

Since the boys came and we did some cleaning in the garage, I’m so much happier when I get a chance to do some projects like this.  I have space and I know where things are.  Before it was just miserable doing some of that stuff as I couldn’t find a thing.

With that, I’m off.  I’m am going to hunt for a quick little thing to cross stitch.  I see a pillow coming soon to my new little shelf.


19 thoughts on “Odds and Ends Jobs”

  1. Kathryn Martin

    That divider box is going to be so much fun to fill !!! Once you put a few things into it, you can take your time filling the rest. You may find some ridiculously inspiring primitive craft to help fill some of those wonderful wooden rectangles! Oh so many possibilities.

  2. I started collecting the small oil cans that used to come with sewing machine cabinets. Something like that might look good for a start

  3. Love the box! Perhaps for the time-being, grab the little “dough bowl” pillows from various seasons and put those in it???

    Happy week Jo!

  4. Oh how fun to get these little projects done. I like that little frame you put your cross stitch in. I am sure you will figure out some very neat things to put in the shadow-type box. It looks good the way you finished it. You are so inspiring!

  5. Such a cute finish on the stitchery and your divided box is wonderful with all the sprucing up. I look forward to seeing what you put in it.

  6. Yes, I also like the frame! I have a printers box and I, like you, prefer to fill it with meaningful things.Have you considered making mini quilts to put inside each cubicle?

  7. I’ve watched decorating shows & love it when they tell the owner we’re going to “shop the house”. In other words, dig around & be surprised what you already have that works !

  8. I love your little tray or shelf of little openings. Not sure where you have it in the house but wondered about some easter vintage cookie cutters to fill in a few spots until you have cross stitch or other items to go in the area. Love your little tree with charms so cute.

  9. We’re our own harshest critics. One of the (many) things I enjoy about your blog is getting to see your decor. I love your esthetic & admire how cohesive & “put together” your home is!

  10. J’aime beaucoup la seconde vie que tu redonnes aux objets, bravo Jo ! Tu vas bien trouver à faire quelques jolies broderies à mettre dans tes casiers.

  11. For your divider box, maybe some colorful old wooden spoils of thread or floss, small jars of colorful buttons, vintage needles, paper tape measures, thimbles, bits of ribbon or old lace coiled or draped, and/or old embroidery scissors – any small sewing treasures with color to fill some, maybe not even all, of the spaces. I bet you have many items to display. It can evolve with the seasons and things newly found or created. It is a beautiful piece.

  12. Have you checked out pinkernpunkinquilting? Melisa’s blog is full of (mostly) small, cute, farm-themed cross stitch designs that she offers for free. Yes, free. I’ll bet you could find more than enough designs to fill the divided box you’ve beautifully restored.

  13. What about a couple of covered buttons with cross stitch sampler motifs like Lori Holt has made? Her sampler in a jar ones. Not sure they would be the right size?
    Just another idea. Deborah

  14. How about making a heart filled with lavender buds so it smells good when you pass by the spot?

    And, for the other wood divider thing – how about a place for pictures of the family? The outer top spots could have pics of your parents and then have a picture of you & hubby in the middle spot. Then, five sections could have family pics of your children & grandchildren (updated frequently, of course). The center spot could have a cross-stitch piece talking about the value of family. Since there is a depth to the spots, you could save the pictures in the spots. It would be fun to see the progression of how everyone looks over the years. My aunt saved the annual Christmas pictures of one niece and her family and my cousin was very happy to see the collection many years later.

    I know you have a cross stitch piece that is family related, but you have 5 kids! So,you need to make a family piece for all of them.

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