Odds and Ends..a quilt top…and UFO Progress

This year is the year of the UFO for me.  Next year needs to be too because maybe then I will finally get caught up.  Here’s my latest accomplishment…Odds and Ends.

I am really in love with this quilt and know I plan on keeping it at our house.  I think that’s why it ended up in the UFO pile.  It’s odd that I even made it as the pattern was in a magazine and rarely do I ever make a quilt from a magazine.  I think Kelli started it by challenging me to make one with her.

Her’s was finished some time ago.

Puppy and quilt

Mine languished.

It’s in line now to be quilted but I have LOTS of other projects in line in front of it.  Let’s hope it doesn’t get stuck in that line…

Here’s my UFO progress for the year.

Here’s my list:
Perkiomen Daydreams-1 NOW half finished
Perkiomen Daydreams-2  Finished in July.  See it here.
A block of the month   Finished in August.  See it here.
Star Quilt Finished in June  See it here.
Nine in the Middle Finish in January  See it here.
TumblerFinished  in March  See it here.
Blue Ridge BeautyFinished in October.  See it here.
Criss Cross ApplesauceFinished in April  See it here.
American Patchwork and Quilting Quilt-Odd and Ends NOW A TOP
Cactus Patch Finished in May  See it here.
Wool Project-A Gentle Life
Wool Project-ChristmasFinished in September.  See it here.

Uptown Girl
Pineapple Blossoms Finished in January  See it here.
Stars over Shallotte Finished in November  See it here.
Rectangle Wrangle
Blue Skies
Turkey Tracks
Smith Mountain Morning NOW half finished
Virginia Bound
Hand me DownsFinished in April See it here.
Hawaiian Sunset
Pineapple Crazy
Tribute to Judy
Hip to be SquareFinished in May See it here.

I need another year of UFO work.  The problem with the quilts that are left on the list..they all are just barely started so I might need more than a year to get caught up.  I am happy with the progress though.  It’s mostly due to the gals at Country Threads and their picking a UFO to work on.

If I really pushed I think I could probably get a couple more finished…we’ll see.  It will soon be time to be working at the house and then my sewing time will be nipped in the bud.  Plus next spring when the construction starts my sewing time will slow even more as I’ll be painting and likely running errands..for now, I am going to sew all I can and see if more progress can be made on this UFO list.

8 thoughts on “Odds and Ends..a quilt top…and UFO Progress”

  1. Congratulations on your UFO-completion progress!
    I’ve been diligently working on UFOs, too. My goal was to have fewer than 10 in the box by the end of 2013. (I keep a list on my blog.) My next chip-away goal is to make quilts (at least flimsies) out of the many sets of blocks that I have acquired. Some are from swaps, some are block-of-the-month winnings, others are experiments.

  2. Oh no do you and I have a challenge on???? I have not gotten mine to the point that yours is! but it is close. I need to add the borders. I too have decided I need to keep this quilt. It was going to go to my DD for a wedding presnet, but I really REALLY love it. So I’m going to make them a new quilt. It is back to being a UFO for now, bc I have 4 other things to get done b4 Christmas. Not sure if I will get them done or not. Since I also want to do Bonnies mystery quilt.

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