Odd and Ends from the Kramer House

I didn’t really have enough pictures or words to write about a single thing.  So this blog post is kind of a montage of lots of little things from the Kramer house.

The kids are loving the two costumes and wooden toys a blog reader recently sent.  Georgie can often be seen (when she’s not pulling the hat over her eyes) wearing the vet costume.  She loves stuffed animals and loves watching Doc Pole on television so she’s often the vet here.

I had a spa day.  Aren’t I cute?  My childcare kiddos love doing this to me.

I ended up going to the doctor the next day after the girls painted my nails.  I got sat down in the office and AH!!  I forgot to take my nail polish off that the kids had put on.  It gave the nurse a good laugh.

I resorted the toys.  The Legos desperately needed it.  Now the kids are playing a lot more Legos.

I snapped a picture of this when Georgia was here.  Must have been milking time at the farm.  For those of you who don’t know, her dad milks cows.

Speaking of Georgia and cows…Here she is playing the feed pile.

She is all farm girl.

She loves getting dirty.  I always tell Kelli that I wonder why she chose Grace for her middle name.  That name doesn’t fit her at all.  We both laugh about it.   We love her just the way she is.

Karl took me to the pizza farm for supper…

YUM!!  This pizza is called Fig and Pig.

I was sad.  My lung cancer bracelet broke.  I wore it 24/7.  I was so sad about it that Kalissa contacted them and got me a new one.

The last “big family supper night”, Karl brought a new game for us to try, Ticket to Ride.  We enjoy playing games but sometimes it’s hard with all of the kids.  Karl thought we could do this one.

It was a fun game and I highly recommend it.  What happens is you collect cards and work to build train routes.

We all had fun.  Kelli and I had never played before.  It was easy to learn.

Karl was agonizing because Craig won.

You can find the game HERE on Amazon.

I did some salsa canning…

Only these two pictures worth.  I didn’t even count home many quarts and pints.

Kalissa had a fun day with her good friend and her sisters.  Kalissa asked them to do a photoshoot with her to show off her latest shirt design, “Out here in the rural world”.

I was thrilled that I didn’t have to take the pictures or be the model!!  Does this mean I am fired??  I can only hope.

HA!  You can find the shirts in her Etsy Shop HERE.

Kalissa asked me to tell you:
Store wide I’m running 20% off any style!
Free shipping on orders over $35!
All orders will go in the mail the next day!”

Okay…I think that covers the montage of photos that really didn’t fit together and be enough for their own individual blog post.  Sorry for the photo dump.  That’s life here sometimes though!!

16 thoughts on “Odd and Ends from the Kramer House”

  1. Ok I guess you’re allowed to have fun sometimes. With all the quilting stitching.gardening watching the kiddos and walking the dog you deserve much love and laughter.
    Ps I love the popcorn popper you suggested. Thanks for making snack time healthy again

  2. Jo, don’t apologise for the “photo dump”, it’s life! It doesn’t always have to be about a project or a subject, it’s nice to just see the different photos and stories of everyday life :-)

  3. Fun post! My DD and her DH have Ticket to Ride. Fun game. Pizza looks good! I should make low sodium salsa. Never a dull moment with Georgie around, only fun ones!

  4. No apologies needed! It was a fun post – a little about many. Isn’t it fun to be pampered!!? I am sure that some day little Georgia will have earned her middle name. Farm life is so fun for kids – I know I was one of them!

  5. Georgia is so cute! Had to laugh at the cow photo. I grew up on a dairy farm. We love Ticket to Ride, too. There are many different versions.

    Have a great day!

  6. Ticket to Ride is an amazing game. It is a great way to teach kids about the states and there is so much strategy involved when playing. It is so much fun. We love it!!! FYI your link to Amazon for the game is not working.

  7. My family loves Ticket to Ride except the one who is colorblind. There are many different ones including countries in Europe and Asia as well.

  8. AAhhhh— special blog I think. Love such pictures!! Just nice to know that you have special fun times with your family…. love the Georgia pictures … once a farm girl, always a farm girl–that’s me–and bet Georgia will be too!! The canning!! That is hard work-and takes up the time!! But won’t it be enjoyed in the coming months??!!!

  9. Have you ever played “pass the pigs”? It’s loads of fun, good for all ages (younger ones can help mom or dad). We have played it with our young adult grandchildren and our youngest grands (7 and 4) as well.
    My four year old grand daughter recently painted my nails with neon colors – each nail a different color! She kinda painted my cuticles too, but I kept it on for a week! Who cares! I’m just glad she lives in town. (Love my eleven grands, but only 2 live near.)

  10. Dianne L Holcombe

    Loved your post! We have game night on Tuesdays with some oof the nearby Grandies and they introduced Ticket to Ride to me this week. Lots of fun after the learning curve! Getting some boxes tomorrow to pack for you!

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