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As many of you readers know both Kelli and I volunteer with our local Humane Society.  Recently this story was shared by another local volunteer.

Look closely at the photo…the pug is nursing a litter of kittens.  Here’s the story….


“Lilith, the Pug comes to the rescue!
Yes, you are seeing a canine nursing felines!! The rescue began after HSNEI got a call from Dale  in Cresco about a starving mommy cat and her litter of kitties. The mother cat had previously found food in the Pizza Hut dumpster but since the business has closed this mother was starving and didn’t know what to do with her kitties. She had them under a shed and had pulled them out in the open last night as if to ask for help. Mommy was nowhere to be found this morning, so the ice cold kitties, eyes still closed, just a few days old, were rescued with hopes that a local nursing mommy cat would nurse them. Jessica  had driven to New Hampton to get a really sweet nursing mom and her kitties just so three other abandoned litters could be nursed. The cat was nursing 11 kitties at one point in time. Apparently the mommy cat is getting tired because she rejected these new kitties. The first kitty was found about an hour before the other two. Jessie took the first kitty home and placed it on her nursing Pug, Lilith with her very big puppy, Solo. Lilith accepted the weak kitty and its littermates after they were found later. When Jessica’s daughter, Kirsten woke up and went to check on the puppy she told her mom, “Um, Mom, Lilith had a cat!” The kitties have warmed up, are busy nursing and getting baths from the dog.”

These kittens will likely be coming into foster care once they are old enough.  The Humane Society already has lots of cats needing homes.  If anyone is in need of kitties, feel free to check the listings or sponsor adoption fees.

5 thoughts on “Nursing Pug”

  1. It breaks my heart how many abandoned pregnant female cats there are in the world. My last cat showed up very emaciated, of course we fed her a nice meal but she refused shelter. The next morning she arrived with 2 very ill and hungry babies. After medical care and lots of food they are all part of our fur family.

  2. I just love that the Pug is nursing the kittens! It breaks my heart too when cats or dogs are abandoned. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful picture!!!

  3. Just goes to prove that a mother is a mother and knows when a baby needs her attention even if it’s not her own. I wish people would get their animals spayed and natured so there would be fewer abandoned cats and dogs.

    One of my purr babies was a feral that I managed to tame and the other was the kitten that another stray gave birth to on my back deck then rejected. The mom cat refused to accept her two kittens so I hand raised them, found a home for one and kept the runt. I also tamed the stray mom cat and my sister adopted her. All three are now spoiled rotten members of our families.

  4. I had a farm cat with babies get run over just as my golden retriever had her first litter of pups at age 7. She nursed 3 kittens right along with her 7 pups. Was so fun for all of us to witness! Still my favorite dog after many years of being gone!

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