Numbers 8 and 9 Soon to Arrive

Good morning from Kayla…

Our family has good and bad news to share. Kelli’s water broke Sunday afternoon. She was taken by ambulance to her local hospital and then to Rochester.

The babies have strong heartbeats and Kelli was given steroids to help their lungs. We’re excited to meet the little ones but as you know we were praying for May! They are very early so we are expecting a long haul before they get to come home.

Kalissa has Georgia (and Rosie and Puppycat) and Mom is headed up to be with Kelli. It takes a villiage! Unfortunately, my village is far away so I’m helping out virtually with guest posts while Mom is busy. We’ll keep you posted!

41 thoughts on “Numbers 8 and 9 Soon to Arrive”

  1. We all hope and pray that the babies will be healthy and able to survive! My first grandchild was born at 26 weeks, 2 lbs 1 oz. He’s now 17…

    1. My grandsons were born at 25 weeks… sadly, one died shortly after birth, but the second one is celebrating his 20th birthday next month and has no issues other than being blind in one eye. They will have come a long way since 20 years ago helping preemies to be healthy and strong. Good about the steroids for the babies’ lungs. Amazing that our little teenie, tiny babies could survive and grow in almost adults!!

  2. Praying your family will be soon introducing us to two healthy babies and comfort and strength to their Mom. Know we all have you in our hearts. Best to your family.

  3. Gloria Frerichs

    Thank you Kayla for letting us know. Sending prayers and best wishes to babies and Kelli. Am thinking of your whole family.

  4. Kristina Wilkinson

    Congratulations to all! We will be praying for those lungs to strengthen even more and for the twins to keep gaining in strength, weight and length. Praying for you all to continue your wonderful family unity in the midst of challenges. K-

  5. Thinking only good , positive things for the twins—it’s exciting, but stressful, right? Nice that you can be guest blogger—thank you.

  6. My thoughts and prayers go to your whole “Village”. May Gods peace reign in your hearts as you await the new little ones.

  7. Prayers for everyone – Kelli, Jason, babies, medical staff. Safe delivery, safe travels for Jo going to be with her, Kalissa with Georgia, Rosie, and Puppy at in addition to her own family. It really does take a village.

    Thanks for posting, Kayla.

  8. Katherine Gourley

    May God’s blessings be with Kelli and the babies. May all of you feel the love of Jesus and be of great support to Kelli. Thank you Kayla.

  9. Prayers for Kelli and the babies!! Prayers too for the family and for everyone involved in Kelli and the babies’ care!

  10. Thank you so much for thinking of us at this time in your family. As the grandmother of 28 week twin boys, I know how everyone is feeling & thinking. Our twins are now 11 and big strong beautiful boys. They spent 4 months in our local NICU, but you would never know today. I do not know what our family would have done without them-they are just precious! Hugs, thoughts & prayers are with everyone at this time. Thank you again for keeping us in the loop! Give your Mom our best…

  11. Prayers to you all. JUST think of all the cross stitching time you will have! But seriously, all prayers and lover your way.

  12. Prayers for all and it sometimes takes a village. Looking forward to good news on the Kramer homefront.

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