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I think this simple blog post is going to turn into a long story.  Back in 2017 or so my uncle from St. Cloud Minnesota passed away.  It’s a bit of a drive from here so we decided to go up the day before and stay overnight.  I talked Hubby into going earlier so I could stop at  Gruber’s Quilt Shop.

I had purchased this kit there.  If you haven’t been to Gruber’s add it to your bucket list.  The pattern is from Aardvark Quilts.  It’s called Stripes Squared.  I don’t think the pattern is in print anymore.  I just completely and totally fell in love with the quilt.  The fabrics are mostly Kaffe Fassett’s.  I love how the geometrics of the stripes, triangles and squares all play together.  My version was a 5 x 6 layout so it was 60 x 72.  The pattern suggested a 4 x 5 layout but that wasn’t quite as big as I wanted.

This quilt ended up getting gifted to a friend when I FINALLY made it in 2012.

Well a blog reader loved the quilt and ended up asking me if I would teach this as a class at her retreat.  I said yes, but ended up needing to make another quilt so I had an example.

That’s when I made this one.


This one is brighter with more oranges and fewer blues.

Well in the process of making these I had scraps.  Well at the time I bought the kit back in 2007 or so I saw this quilt and decided it was perfect for my left over scraps.

I’ve had it in my mind to make this quilt for a really long time.  It’s made with the exact fabrics…PERFECT.

I wanted to make it, got scared to do the applique centers but have still always wanted to tackle it.  I finally got the templates cut to make it.  I had them made over Christmas.

One day this week I decided it’s time to bring this project downstairs.  I often cut projects out over the course of a week of while the childcare kids I take of nap.  Well, I thought I would bring it down in case I got my things done and needed something to work on.

The saga of these Kaffe Fassett fabrics would soon be coming to an end…or so I thought.

A couple days ago, I finally got a chance to really look at the project.  I had a nice tote of scraps.  The whole little tote was full.  I started sorting them out…..Check out all the fun fabrics.
In my sorting I found that this whole pile wouldn’t work for my quilt.  All of the pieces are triangles…..UGH!  There are LOTS of them!!
There was this nice little pile but it’s mostly plaids and the strips are only about 2 1/2″ wide….UGH!  Again something that won’t work.

I had this pile but that yardage.  I found them at the thrift store sometime back and had purchase them with the intention of being helpful when I ever got to this quilt.  The big piece is almost six yards worth so it could be a backing…
This little big is the only part that seemed useful.  UGH.  
The colors aren’t the best…great colors for filler but not the bright vibrant.  UGH.

I decided to not let that get me down.  I’d take this to the cutting table and see what I could make of it.

So what could I make of it?  Not much.  UGH.

First off, I have to be SUPER careful about the direction of the stripes.  The picture above is the wrong way.

The template needs to be oriented this way…which limits the amount of pieces I can cut out.

Then the scraps are awkward sized….See there will be a lot left over after the template is cut.
So what’s a girl to do?

I did get the templates cut from the mobile glass store and I hate for them to be wasted.  I hate to go out and buy more fabric to make a whole quilt which I’ll have to do if I keep my mind set on this quilt.  I didn’t make a resolution not buy fabric but did make a decision to be more conscientious about what I do buy.  I have so much fabric here.  I would rather use it.

So what to do?

After thinking if over for a couple days I think I’ve come to this conclusion.  I need to come up with a design that will use the stripe scraps I have.  I can include the plaids with it.  I think it will be fun to design something with the scraps I have.

But do I make the quilt I originally intended?  At this point, I think yes….but I think I’ll use my recycled men’s shirts fabrics….I actually think I’m loving the idea!!

What would you do if these were your fabrics?

18 thoughts on “Now What??”

  1. I’d piece those fabrics to get the size I need. That shape would still looks good with a seam running down the middle. That’s what patchwork is all about, making the scraps work the way you want them to.

  2. Two things. One change the otrientstion if the stripes. I did this for a kaleidoscope quilt and it totally changed the pattern into something in expected even my teacher wanted to make a whole quilt like it. Second. Ad from your stash to counter balance the stripes. Good luck.

  3. the first thing I would do is to check the height of the template and see if the fabric is wide enough to be folded into thirds instead of the usual folded down the middle.

    the next thing would be to check the width at the base of the template to see if the template can be flipped end over end when cutting out your shapes. So the first cut would be with the base of the template facing you, the second cut made with the top of the template facing you, etc.

    and the last thing I would do would be to see if the pattern could be modified to use a second template that is half the width of the original, plus a quarter inch.
    If so, the second half template could be used to cut the remaining scrap ends of fabric and those could form a border for the quilt.

  4. Looking at your striped triangles, I immediately thought of pinwheels. I’d also keep any scraps that are big enough for your purpose for greater variety in your project. The suggestion above about a border also sounds good. I look forward to seeing what you do.

  5. I love this pattern, too, and hope you do make it some day. I thought of using shirts, too when I read through your post. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the stripes!

  6. I must admit that all those stripes look like fun, I don’t do much with stripes but you have some wonderful prints. I did take a class using stripes and it was called Quartered Square Stripe and it looks close to your first picture. Good luck with whatever you decide to make, I look forward to how you solve your issue.

  7. Love all of these quilts! Love the Kaffe stripes. I have some waiting here for me to make a jumbo Applecore quilt. I wish the pattern was still available! Can’t wait to see what you do with the Endless Chain quilt!

  8. Please give more information about having quilt templates cut from the glass store. How expensive is it? I am not familiar with templates made this way.

  9. Oh boy. I do hate it when the scraps don’t work for the pattern. Shirt parts, good idea. Can’t wait to see what you design with the stripe triangles. . .

  10. I’m with Keryn. I’d piece together some of the smaller pieces. You could cut out a couple of the pedals to see how you like them. That is a beautiful quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  11. you know Jo, you do so much for us, your readers. Why don’t you put out a request for help, like ” Could you share some of your scraps with me that are Kaffe stripes?” I don’t have any of his fabrics, but can sure help with plaids if you tell me what colors you want. Just an idea! :-)

  12. I’d piece some pieces together and would add plaids into the mix, use some 2.5″ strips to make my own striped fabric. Looking forward to seeing your quilt.

  13. I was thinking as I read “why not use your shirts?” And then I read on and that’s what you’re doing! I want to make that first quilt which is totally not my norm and have been collecting stripes. Someday!

  14. Try googling “Tango Stripe” quilt. The pattern is by Jean Wells (owner of the Stitchin’ Post in Sisters, Or). The pattern uses Kaffe’s stripes, but I think the pieces will be smaller. It’s on my ‘some day’ list.

  15. I have also drooled over this quilt pattern ever since I read the book the first time. Being a big fan of string piecing, that was my thought for myself making this quilt when I found out it was made with all Kaffe stripe, so I agree with KB’s post above. You could do both, which would add to it wonderfully.

  16. Hmm, I think your uncle died in 2007, not 2017.
    These windmill quilts are just beautiful! I’m sure you could figure out a way to sew on that center circle that would be easier for you. Good Luck!!

  17. The pieces are really colorful but I’m not that adventurous ;-) I do look forward to what you’re going to do with them tho!

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