Now I know.

When Judy at Patchwork Times picked #6 as the UFO challenge project, I happily went to my cupboard, and pulled the project out.  After getting myself reacquainted with the project again, I started to try to figure out why I left this project behind.


I remember being busy with other projects at the time but why….why did this one get banished to the cupboard?  It wasn’t long and was ready to send it back to the cupboard.

I trudged through three of the blocks and I started to get that feeling again…I started to think, this one still is not going to get finished.  Then I started to think…I could just give this project away.  I’ve been giving things from my sewing room away lately, why not this?

Then I decided think about this.  WHY DO I HATE THIS PROJECT?   After careful thinking, this is what I decided.

This project was a Block of the month.  The shop I purchased it from did not label the fabrics in each installment.  Each monthly installment had 5-6 fabrics.  Each block has over 35 pieces.  I have spent about 15 minutes reading and re-reading each block instructions so that I can try to figure out which fabric is number 3..which fabric is number 2.  I measured and read, measured and read.  UGH!   That is FRUSTRATING for me.

The pattern is printed on tan paper.  Each color is represented by a slightly different shade.  NONE of the shades are textured.  I have mixed up fabrics several times simply because the shades are too close in color and have no pattern to distinguish one fabric from another.

The pattern will call for quarter square triangles and half square triangles.  Often times these triangles are VERY close to the same size.  UGH!

I no longer like the fabric.

I sewed for three hours last night…. this is what I have to show of the large medallion block.


See those big blank spots where triangles are supposed to go.  I started sewing them TWO different times.  Both failed.  UGH!  Once I got the wrong fabric and the triangles were too small.  The other time I grabbed the wrong fabric and ended up with only six blocks and not enough fabric left over to make more triangles…UGH.

Here’s my pile of left over fabric that were supposed to be in the quilt but aren’t due to mistakes.


I finally went through my cupboard, found some workable fabric and re-cut all the pieces for the triangles…hopefully tonight I will get the medallion block finished.  I guarantee it will not look like the pattern in color but it will be finished.

Here’s a few other problems I’ve run into…the shop that hosted the block of the month changed the fabrics at times substituting a dark for a light fabric.  Sometimes when I was looking for a light fabric I couldn’t find it.

My next problem is already in sight…UGH.  As this project was coming to a close a different local shop was going out of business.  I picked up yardage of several fabrics thinking it would be enough to finish the quilt.  The fabric was 70 percent off.  Well, I am a half yard too short of one fabric.  Then for the pieced setting triangles, I don’t have any fabric.   I looked to try to find the amount I need to purchase.  No luck.  Those cutting instructions were given only to the shop so they could cut the kits.

All in all….I can’t wait to give this quilt away.  I can’t wait for to be gone.

These are some conclusions I have come to.  I am attracted to quilts often because of the designers….sometimes I like the way write directions….sometimes I like their coloring.  I get comfortable with certain designers and prefer only their patterns.

I LOVE SCRAP QUILTS!!!  They are SO forgiving.  If you run out of a fabric grab another….This quilt is totally NOT for me.

I have decided I am not a Block of the Month girl. I don’t think I ever will be!!  The good news.  While I sewing that monster, I sewed LOTS of leaders and enders together…oh how I love leaders and enders!!

15 thoughts on “Now I know.”

  1. ok…so take any blocks you have and do something with them… THEN take all the little baggies and remove the fabrics and patterns…stack them into separate piles…NOW throw away the instructions and put the fabric into your stash..DONE!!

  2. I have a BOM story just like yours. It sits in its little tub and I often wonder what to do with it. I feel that I spent so much money on the darn thing I should make it, but I just do not want to. So there it sits. Good on your leader ender project – a nice bonus from your anguish.

  3. make a couple throw pillows with the blocks that are done and call it quits! working on projects i absolutely do not like is what sets me off into bouts of not sewing. if i tell myself “you must go sew on this project” i will not sew at all. so i refuse to do that to myself anymore. i sew because i ENJOY it. it is not a job. i have one of those and i must go to it but i sew because i want to. guess i don’t like to be bossed around, even by myself! haha

  4. I agree with Tammy K. If you don’t enjoy it, either use what you’ve done to make something else or get rid of it! The same thing happened to me and the project just hung over my head until I made the decision not to continue with it. Another time a few years ago my guild did a BOM — I started it and after a couple months decided it wasn’t for me. I ended up with a bunch of small nine patch and four patch blocks and so I used them to make a ton of little pillow/pin cushions for our quilt show boutique and I really enjoyed doing that (maybe because I was getting rid of that project)!

  5. I’m with the others, throw the directions away and use the fabric to make something of your own design. Use your GO to cut some cute shapes and make something fun!

  6. I have a BOM story like that too. I’m not necessarily happy with them – the instructions, etc. I tend to want to sew things from established companies.

  7. I am so sorry. I have those projects too. There is one batik BOM that has been in the closet for years and will probably be there for many more.

    Good luck on getting rid of it one way or another :)

  8. If the overall look and colors are what you like, you might well be able to find similar-enough blocks in some block-encyclopedia type book on your shelf.

    I’d sooner redraft from the photograph and finished dimensions, than work from bad instructions.

  9. The first thing I thought of was 1.) use the blocks you have finished and 2.)assimilate the fabric into your stash (or use it for backing the project in #1.) Don’t throw the patterns out if you like them, just use different fabrics.

  10. I’ve read through the other comments. I think making a table runner or pillows with the blocks you made and then adding the fabric to your stash is a great compromise. There are too many wonderful quilts to make without all the frustration of this BOM. Good luck!

  11. I think everyone’s pretty much already said it, but I’ll chime in anyway! If you really just don’t like the project, then give it away AS IS. I’m sure someone would be thrilled to have it and finish it up. If you like the pattern but not the fabric, then make it YOUR way. Make it scrappy! Make it different! Make it however you want. This is your quilt, you should make it in a way that makes you happy.

    But yeah, there’s no reason to go toe-to-toe with a project if you’re not happy with it! Sewing should be a joy. Or at least satisfying!

    Good luck!


  12. gee, I’m really in the minority….

    I’d LOVE to tackle this, like a challenge, and if it doesn’t completely work, it will make a couple of lovely smaller quilts for the charity group at my guild

    there have been times I’ve come to blows with projects and either re-purposed or given them away, but for some reason, I really Jo’s BOM…..

  13. Why torture yourself? Quilting should be fun! When this happened to me last year with a BOM I just dumped it. I know that I could have donated it or sold it, but I just wanted it gone immediately! I felt like I was getting revenge on it by tearing up the pattern and cutting up the blocks with my scissors. It couldn’t torture me any more! It was cruel, but fun, and I was then free to work on all of the fun projects.

    On the other hand, there have been some BOMs that I haven’t enjoyed working on, but have loved the finished project.

  14. Oh Jo!! Stop making yourself unhappy!!!! If you don’t love it get rid of it! Give it to Victoria’s Quilts or some other charity project. I tried to finish up and work on a whole bunch of projects a couple years ago that I didn’t love and I had to stop because it was making me not want to quilt!! I gave away a lot of stuff or sold it at our guild yard sale. Work on what makes your heart sing :-D

  15. Life is too short to continue with something that does not give you joy. I am sure there are people who would willingly adopt this project, like Christine. Spend your time doing something you want to do, and make sure your next UFO list includes only things you love.

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