Now Chainsaws

I told you yesterday about the storms in Iowa.  We were called again Wednesday morning…Buck needed chainsaws….and so started another day of getting what he needed.  Buck had a chainsaw, it made a couple of cuts and that was the end of it.  It broke.  Well, as I told you yesterday, nothing is still open in the Cedar Rapids area so it was up to us to find something.  Being I had two of Buck’s kids, Kelli took on the quest.

The damage is so bad.  Here is the area it covered.  If anyone in this area needs anything, they have to drive at least a county or two north or south.  The red shaded area is where the devastation is.  I live between the New Hampton and Decorah area.  To get the generators we had to drive north into Minnesota.

Kelli’s husband Jason had one chainsaw and was willing to borrow that to Buck but Buck needed a chainsaw as he has a landscape business on the side and often needs a chainsaw.  So…Kelli started to hunt for a chainsaw.  Jason got involved as he knew what to ask for.

Happily…this time around he found one close in Decorah.  Kelli showered and got ready to pick get the chainsaws.  It started with getting Jason’s.  Jason thought it was at his brothers.  Kelli headed there.  Then got a call and was told to turn around and head to Jason’s parents.  She got there.  The chainsaw wasn’t there and had to go back to his brother’s house.  She was frustrated.  Then on she went to the store with the chainsaw.

Well the chainsaw store had two left and I told Kelli to get them both.  One would be for Buck to keep and I’d have one too.  I would have her borrow to Buck but then we’d have one should this all happen again.  Kelli got the last two chainsaws and had to wait for them to put them together.

Then Buck called and realized he left his wallet in Karl’s car so Kelli had to drive 45 minutes over to Karl’s work and then to my house to drop Georgia off with me.

Buck was out of things to do so he decided to start driving this way to meet Kelli.  They met 35 minutes south of my house…I sent a cake and some cash and the chainsaw….

Then Kelli drove back to my house and helped me wrangle these guys.  Kalissa was working and Craig was mowing hay at the farm so I had there boys too.  It’s fun for them to hang out together…it’s a lot of work though.

As the evening came, Kelli stayed, and we ran them all through the bath…WOW.  What an event!

Then Kelli was so sweet and stayed long enough for me to take a shower too.  I can’t sing enough praises for Kelli.  What a blessing to have her in the family.  She left her house this morning at 10am.  She did all the errands to help Buck, me, and the kiddos.    She didn’t get back home until 10pm.

What an awesome kid!

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  1. Wow! Kramers stick together and no one fights alone. Crazy storms stop life as we know it.

    Will wad driving down to Iowa State Monday afternoon to move in. He missed the storm by 10 min. It is never good when you receive a text starting, Mom, I am ok … Lucky he didn’t encounter the winds in his little Ford focus. He might be in Kansas… oh Dorothy!

    Glad your family is safe and you are getting quality Grandma time plus a shower.!

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Thanks for posting the map showing the affected counties. I was wondering exactly where the winds had hit.
    Jo, you have raised a wonderful family. It shows when trouble hits. Praying for all of you that are going through this.

  3. Great family – all working together helping each other. You all are such a good example of what families should be! I wish more of this kind of news was plastered on the news than what we keep hearing. Have a great weekend.

  4. My friend did put her package in the mail today as she is having family over this weekend. You and Carver will have some fun on Tuesday. We know that it might have to wait if you have a house full of company.
    We have found a wonderful quilt shop- Off The Rails, near DesMoines. Her shop and town was without power for three days. They worked in the dark in the AM to get on-line orders out the door. Stay safe and enjoy the family.

  5. The area of devastation is much larger than I realized, thank you for the map. What a crazy day chasing down chain saws. Glad that Kelli could stay and lend both hands and you got a shower.

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