Kids Now and Then

On Sunday I spent as much time as I could catching up on jobs that I wanted done before surgery.  It will be awhile before jobs like vacuuming out the truck or changing the sheets in the spare bedroom will be done by me.


When the kids were around these were all jobs that the kids would do.  I really miss having them around to do those jobs.

Back then the kids would complain about money and wanting some and I’d say, “You can clean out the vehicle and I’ll give you $10”.  There was always someone around who would snap up that opportunity…now days, it’s me for those jobs.  I’m sure many of you can relate.

With five kids around I spent most of my time cooking, doing the laundry, and managing them.  They did so many of the extra jobs.  Each of the kids had a specialty of what they were best at….Kayla-bathrooms, Kelli-farm chores, Buck-farm chores, Karl-mowing lawn and Kalissa-cleaning the kitchen.

I loved having someone to work with as I was doing jobs.  Everything was so much easier, quicker and mostly more fun if there was someone to do it with.  Having the kids to more the furniture while I vacuumed or run and put this or that away so I could stay at vacuuming was so nice.

More that the help I miss the company.  The days of canning and making salsa always involved lots of stories and conversations.  It seems that the conversations were always better when they involved a job.  The kids would ask about my growing up and the story telling would start.  I’d ask about a friend at school and they’d share their thoughts and feelings too.  I have to say that’s one of the things I miss about having the kids all grown and on their own.

I remember doing the same thing with my mom.  Work and conversations teamed so good with her too.  It’s great how a laundry basket full of tomatoes that need canning can induce some great family time.

One thing I don’t miss though….LAUNDRY!  I don’t miss doing all of their laundry one single drop.  Now days we only do about four loads of laundry a week….back then it was closer to four loads a day.  I get a great chuckle as the kids have moved out, they suddenly understand why I told, and told, and told them to reuse your towel…that jeans can be worn more than once….and don’t use your clothes as carpet because now they are doing all of their own laundry.

Thankfully each stage of parenting and life comes with some good to out weight the not so fun.

4 thoughts on “Kids Now and Then”

  1. I have never understood why towels can’t be reused if hung to dry the dampness. You just got out of the tub/shower with a clean body …dry it off and hang that towel up. Yes, it’s a clean washcloth everyday, but it’s one towel per person per week in this house.

  2. Oh, I can so relate to all you have said. Amazing how those chores can get done so quickly when extra hands are ready to help. My girls remember that Saturdays we cleaned house and how I would put the 33-1/3rds on with musicals like The Sound of Music, etc., and of course, Tijuana Brass would find its way in there too, ha ha. Music and singing always made the work seem lighter. I sure miss those days now that they are all grown up with families of their own.

  3. ShirlR, My mother played records while we did chores, and I did it with my children as much as they would let me!!
    Jo, we, too, are down to three or four loads a week, and we reuse our towels all week! When my kids got tall enough to be able to reach the bottom of the washer I taught each of them how to do their own laundry. I even put up directions in the laundry room. I miss my kids.

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