Notion Review: Hanging Thread Catcher

You long-time readers know that I am a huge fan of Heather and business Purple Hobbies. In the past, I have reviewed several of her products. My favorites that I use all the time are the Third Hand Binding Tool and her Blade Saver Thread Cutter and her Large Magnet Pin Cup.

I recently popped over to her site when I was writing a blog post and saw that Heather has something new that she is making…

It’s called a Hanging Thread Catcher. Oh, that caught my eye immediately. Um, I wanted that. Well, I actually thought I wanted three. I could see myself having one on my main sewing machine. I could see myself having one at the longarm AND I could see using one for cross stitching!!

I messaged Heather and asked her if she’d send me on to review. She said yes…so today, I’m telling you what I think about it.

The second I opened the box I immediately took it to my lamp where I cross stitch and tried to find a place to attach it. That was easy to do. I looped it as you see it. I just love it. I can’t tell you how many times I lose my scissor in the cushions of the loveseat. Then I stick my hand down in the crevice to find it and stab myself. No more. I know where my scissor is all of the time. It’s awesome.

Being I have kids and dogs in my house all of the time it’s not safe for me to have a cute scissor holder that sits out. I hook the scissors on each night when I sit down to stitch and then put them away when I’m done. I can leave the holder there though.

It not only holds my scissors but also holds my orts…the little thread leftovers that are too small to stitch with.


I was going to immediately order another one but then decided I would test it out in my sewing room before I did.

On my long arm, it was fabulous. It was out of the way. I could still see what I was doing. The scissors stayed in place while the machine ran. 10 out of 10 I love it.

On my sewing machine, I wasn’t as excited about it.

It was a little awkward and in the way. I’m going to play around with it a bit and see if there is another way I can set it up.

For the longarm…it’s a must. For cross stitching, it’s a must-have for me too. I’m super excited about the cute little Hanging Thread Catcher. By the way, it comes in MANY different colors. I just got red because I’m a red girl!!

If you are interested in the Hanging Thread Catcher or any of the other Heather of Purple Hobbies makes, you can enjoy her 20% discount coupon for you.  If you go to her site, Purple Hobbies (HERE is the link) you can get 20% off anything you buy if you use the code JoSentMe.  (type it in as all one word)

I have been so impressed with all of the things I have gotten from Heather…I highly recommend, Third Hand Binding Tool and her Blade Saver Thread Cutter, and her Large Magnet Pin Cup. I have her new bias tape maker that I’m getting ready to test out on a new project. I can’t wait!! I’ll let you know what I think of it in an upcoming blog post.

16 thoughts on “Notion Review: Hanging Thread Catcher”

  1. well, that looks interesting. Let us know what you come up with on your sewing machine. Also, I don’t know what has changed but there is no longer a place at the end of your post to click to “previous post” or “next post” I hope you didn’t do away with that as I don’t get here every day and it would be annoying if I had to go back to the home page to see the new posts. Also all posts on home page are now truncated. It isn’t very pleasing to the eye like that. Sorry, Jo. Just giving my opinion only. You do as you see what works for you pam

  2. Love the new layout of the blog! I can see all the topics at a glance and pick the ones I’ve missed! I hope it stays this way. Thanks for reviewing items like this and for your honest review. Not only does it give us something new to consider using, but it shows where we may have issues, like with it being on your sewing machine.

    1. Michele Browning

      If you scroll way down past the Tutorials you’ll find a space labeled Archives. Click– select month– choose what you want to find from previous posts. Hope this help.

      1. no, that isn’t what I mean. I don’t get here every day so when I read a blog post at the end it will say previous post or next post. That is the way I read the blog. I know it isn’t my blog and everyone is different but I don’t like the new layout at all. I don’t want to click on a post and when I am done I have to go back to the main page. This is my opinion only.

  3. I bought the “third hand binding tool” and it’s a game changer for me and makes binding easy to make. Thanks for the recommendation and the review.

  4. just a line to say– all of a sudden– your blogs are ending up in all the gobbledy gook code stuff??? I’m getting it through my e-mail–from
    Right after I read this particular one—sure glad got to see all your pictures from Mother’s Day weekend!!! let’s see–what else– I’m using Microsoft Edge – & at the moment it is late and not sure my brain is thinking straight!!

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