Note to Self Quilt

I’ve been working on my Note to Self Quilt.  It was a quilt a long project from Judy over at Patchwork Times.  (The pattern is still there if you want to check it out.)  Here’s how far I am….


Mine looks totally different from Judy’s original design.  I used an Oz jelly roll….I haven’t put the background sashing in either.  I started putting the back ground in but just didn’t like the look.   Well now the quilt isn’t as big as I would like and it doesn’t have a “finished” look to it either so…any suggestions?  Right now the quilt is about 59 X 68.

I am thinking about just adding a border from the fabric that has a black background…maybe a six inch border and that would get the quilt to about twin size….Having big borders around the edge isn’t my favorite look but this is just a charity quilt.  The fabric is an older line so I really want to get the fabric order so I can finish up the quilt before the fabric isn’t available anymore.  Suggest away….

6 thoughts on “Note to Self Quilt”

  1. Does it really need another border? It looks great as is. Also…an ad pops up on your blog that drives me crazy…I have to follow it back and forth or X it out.

  2. I don’t think it looks unfinished – so I would leave it as is. I also like that size, personally – it’s a great size to cuddle up under on the sofa! But if you decide to put a border on it, black would look good….

  3. It does look nice as is, but if you want to make it larger I’d use the grayish looking solid fabric you used. I’m really liking pieced borders right now, but if you are doing this as a charity quilt you may not want to add the effort. The grayish looking fabric next same size as half the main block and if you want it bigger still…do you have (or can get) the print in the middle block on the left next to the red center block? It would look nice to add back in that eye grabber black then bind with black.

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