Note to Self: Plant more Kale Next Year!

This post was from earlier in the year.  In the recipe I used kale but I interchange spinach, kale and mustard greens all the time.

Yesterday I went out and picked the kale in the garden.  I had never planted kale before so I just planted a small short row.  After tasting this…oh I wish I’d have planted a LONG-LONG row…or even two.


This is an old recipe my hubby’s mom used to make.  There is no real recipe so you’ll have to put up with some guess-ti-mations.

In your pan cut up bacon pieces.  I typically buy a box of bacon ends.  I cut up about 2 cups worth.  Put it in a large skillet and start the bacon frying.
Cut up an onion and fry that with the bacon.

Clean the kale.  Cut it up into pieces and put that right on top of the bacon.  I fill the pan heaping full of kale.  I put the lid on and turn the burner on low.  The kale steams.  Once the kale is limp, put a handful of oatmeal in the pan and stir.  Let the kale steam for another 10 minutes.  The oatmeal absorbs the water and adds some flavor.

It is SO tasty.  I love it.  All of my family really loves this.  I typically make this with store bought spinach, mixed greens or kale in a can.   Made with fresh kale is even more wonderful….

So note to self:  Plant MUCH more kale next year….or I wonder if I could even sneak in row in August….I think I am going to try….
Today I am hooking up with Patchwork times to find more spinach recipes.

9 thoughts on “Note to Self: Plant more Kale Next Year!”

  1. Kale is a cold weather plant, so you should be able to plant a fall crop. I believe that you can still harvest after snowfall, as long as the weather has not gotten too cold.

  2. Kale is so yummy in soups too. Especially soups with beans and sausage. It doesn’t turn to mush and even my kids will eat it.

  3. Yum, we do this with swiss chard and collard greens, too. I never heard of the oatmeal part, though….
    Kale is good in soup, too, coarsely chopped and added at the end to let it keep it’s body.
    You made me hungry.

  4. I have been a kale person, but I haven’t tried it in years and with the addition of bacon, I would probably like it. I’ll pick up a bunch and try it out. Maybe next year I may even plant some.

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