Note to Self…FINISHED

I finally have a quilt finish.  I was beginning to wonder if it would ever happen.  Here is Note to Self.


I love it.  I am surprised because initially I wasn’t really excited about the pattern, but I had a jelly roll sitting around and thought what the heck, it’s a way to use it up.  The pattern is from Judy over at Patchwork Times.  It’s a free pattern so head on over and get it if you’d like…

I did make some changes…I did not include the white borders.  I did not add the many borders the pattern calls for.  I was trying to use up all the leftovers I had of this fabric line Oz from Moda….I put in a scrappy border and just added borders as I had fabric for.  I did purchase a bit of fabric for one of the borders just to get the quilt a bit bigger.   It ended up being 70 x 80.


My daughter has been begging for me to give it to her…but she begs for any quilt that she deems as “not looking quilty”.


I used a variegated thread on top for quilting.  It looks really nice.  I love variegated thread and use if whenever possible.  It especially looks good on black.

Of course, this quilt came with some problems….


My daughter picked out the orange background.  I chose the black thread.  There wasn’t enough orange for the back so I pieced in a strip of fabric….no big deal right.  Well I was quilting along, came to the last eight inches and WHAT?  There wasn’t enough fabric.  After thinking back, I loaded the backing the wrong direction into the machine….UGH!  I had to take the quilt out, piece together some leftover scraps and try to load it back into the machine.  That’s why the back has random fabrics in it…


I didn’t have any other options….oh well…I’m calling it artsy.


I am hoping that the rest of the quilt offsets the silly back.

It seems every quilt I have been working on lately has some type of issue.  I went to bind this quilt and realized I had used all of the black Kona in a different project…UGH.  The one shop in the area that handles Kona, didn’t remember having black so I ordered online.  As much as I really want to support local quilt shops, sometimes it’s hard.  There are four shops within a 35 minutes from my home.  One carries Kona fabric and they didn’t have black.

Well another quilt checked off the list…and I’ll have fabric out to report on Sunday for my stash report and better yet, this quilt is a graduation present….It’s nice to have it finished before the deadline is near.

7 thoughts on “Note to Self…FINISHED”

  1. your quilt is beautiful and the back is really fun! i know what you mean about your daughter trying to talk you out of it, because mine does the same thing! lol

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