Not What I Expected

So I had been hearing about LuLaRoe leggings.  I heard about them from several different places…I thought, that’s nice, another home party thing.  I’ve long hated home parties.  Long ago when we were first married I got talked into hosting a Tupperware party.  It was a fine experience but after that, no more home parties for me.  I rare attend them if I’m invited either.  I’ve been invited to children’s books parties, but honestly, I have too many children’s books as is.  I’ve been invited to kitchen gadget parties, but I have all I need of that too.  I certainly couldn’t imagine a clothes party.

If you’re not familiar with LuLaRoe, it’s a clothing company.  They specialize in leggings, shirts and super comfy clothes.  The leggings are $25 a pair.  I’m used to getting my leggings for $12 a pair.  I let the girls hype on about the leggings and ignored them.

Then my niece Ariel (you might remember the quilt I made her for her wedding) became a consultant for LuLaRoe.  Hmm.  I really love this niece and I wanted to be supportive of her.  So she opened her shop with online sales..I felt like I should give them try.  Many consultants work through Facebook.  It’s actually a neat selling method.  So her sale day came and I ordered a pair of leggings.  Thinking I was bigger than I am, I ordered a Tall and Curvy pair.  Well they were a little big on me.  Kalissa fit in them so I gave the leggings to her and they fit.  She wore them about four times in the next week.  She was constantly ranting and raving about them telling me to feel them.  I thought that’s nice.

A week or so later my niece hosted another on line party.  I decided to try again and order a pair of one size leggings.  Them came in the mail.  I tried them on and LOVE them.  I really LOVE them.  They are the softest fabric EVER.  People say they feel like butter.  I agree.  People say it feels like you’re wearing nothing.  I agree.  I LOVE them.


The pair I bought is pretty funky.  They are teal, burnt orange, red, yellow and black.  I know, funky colors for sure.  The childcare kids love them.  They come up and pet my legs all the time…all the time.  They are constantly telling me “soft- Jo-soft”.  It’s so cute.

I know lots of people aren’t up for the funky colors but they offer some that aren’t funky.  For me, I think I am going to buy a couple funky pair and wear them for childcare.  There are snake ones, butterflies and the like.  I think the kiddos will love them…

Here are some things I especially love about the leggings….  I have worn these the entire day.  Other legging would by now be bagging in the knees and would be all stretched out.  These are the same as when I put them on this morning.  These do not slip down and sag in the crotch.  The waistband in these do no roll down.  I am amazed and will definitely be buying more pairs.

LuLaRoe offers other products as well.  They have skirts, dresses, and more.  They are big into styling.  There are many ways to wear one item.  It’s really kind of fun.  Because of the different styling options a person might want to buy a size larger or size smaller than they usually wear.  For me the hard part of buying online is not knowing the size I want….

So believe it or not, I think I am going to join Kelli and Kalissa and host a Pop Up Store here at my house.  I can’t believe it.  I hate home parties.  This is a little different though.  I really think people want to know sizes too and unless you try them on, it’s really hard to know.

In a zillion years I never thought I’d be doing this.  Oh, keeping up with my kids and nieces is taking me places I never thought I’d go.  That’s okay though….it’s kind of fun too.

If anyone wants to know more about LuLaRoe, you can check out the company link here and my nieces “shop” here.  You are welcome to join Ariel’s group.  The more the merry.  Sorry if I am an enabler here….I really do love the product though…

Are there other LuLaRoe addicts out there?

8 thoughts on “Not What I Expected”

  1. I’m not on Facebook. Is that where you have Pop Up store or party? I have heard of
    this brand of leggings, but didn’t know where to get them.

  2. I love LLR! Their leggings are so amazingly soft and I love how they aren’t see through like some other brands. And they’re so comfy to quilt in

  3. Welcome to the sisterhood! lol I love LLR! I own about 14 or 15 pair of leggings along with other LLR clothes! They are buttery-soft! I’m going to a home pop-up today! Can’t wait! Enjoy your leggings!!!

  4. My cousin became a consultant a while ago and am waiting to get just the right print-love the tops too! Glad to hear from another about the quality. Have a great day!

  5. A lady in my neighborhood email group now sells this line. Not heard of until recently. Maybe next time she posts a party I’ll check it out. Thanks for the imput!

  6. I live in the leggins worn with Carlies. Love them. My daughter also became a consultant after wearing them a few times.

  7. I am the same way, I try to avoid tupperware, and pamper chef parties if I can! But I’m also heard about the leggings, from that company. your comments make me want to try them.

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