Not Again Ruby…

False alarm maybe…we’ll see.

Sunday Ruby threw up her food.  This isn’t totally odd for her.  She does it once a month or so.  I think she gets outside around the farm stuff and eats something she shouldn’t.  It’s the hazard of having a that’s able to be outside on their own.

Well Sunday morning she threw up.  There was a white almost plug looking thing in the vomit.  I thought it odd and even showed it to Hubby.  He just shrugged and said whatever.

A little while later Ruby was hungry so I fed her again.  A short time later she threw up again.  This time the food was undigested.

That evening she was hungry again and this morning..she threw up again.  Normally this wouldn’t bother us but after she had difficulty before (It you missed that episode you can read it here) so we’re a little paranoid.


I called the vet and she said to come over and get a Bips tablet.  Ruby will eat that tonight and tomorrow morning she’ll have to be back to the vet for x-rays to make sure everything is moving through her the way is should.  The Bips move through her digestive system and give us a clue if there is a blockage as the Bips show up on the x-ray.

I’ll keep you posted.  It seems there is always some type of drama going on with our dog.

5 thoughts on “Not Again Ruby…”

  1. Happens with our lab occasionally. Vet told us to have the dog fast for 24 hours, if vomiting has stopped and he’s keeping water down, then start by feeding rice with a little chicken or rice with pumpkin purée. If he keeps it down, give more over a 24 hour period. Gradually work in his regular food over the next 24 hours.

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