Northeast Iowa Quitl Guild 2016 Show!

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A couple of weeks ago, Mom and I were invited to speak at the 2016 Quilt Show of the Northeast Iowa Quilt Guild.  They first asked us to give one trunk show, but closer to the date, they requested that we do multiple talks–I’m gonna assume that so many people wanted to come, that they had to split the group up ;)

We ended up heading up there a little bit before it started to get all of our stuff carried in, but were quickly distracted by the wonderful quilts that were on display.  Because you weren’t all able to see the beauties, I figured I’d bring them to you!

Quilt 1 (300x400)Check this one out!  I’m pretty sure this was the winner.  It sure was intricate and so gorgeous!

Quilt 2 (300x400)I really liked this one.  The simplicity of it is really appealing to me.  I also like the fact that it’s the same block repeating over and over again.

Quilt 3 (300x400)This one was a beauty as well.  You can’t see from the picture, but it was hand quilted too!  I surely love double weding ring quilts.

Quilt 4 (300x400)This one is pretty neat too.  I like the fact that this one is a little bid different from what I would normally like.  I like the corners too–I think they almost look like they sparkle.

Quilt 5 (300x400)This was one that mom likes–She loves quitls that have a big star in the middle.  And she’s a sucker for any kind of feathered star too!

Quilt 7 (300x400)I loved these colors.  They look like they’d fit into almost any one’s living room.

Quilt 8 (300x400)As I’m writing this, I can see that it seems as though I was also really drawn to quilts that were made on point too!

Quilt 9 (300x400)This one was partially embroidered.

Quilt 10 (300x400)Here’s a close up of one of the birds that was embroidered.  Isn’t it great!?!?  The stitching is impecible!

Quilt 11 (300x400)I liked that this one used a blue as a background instead of a white or cream.

Quilt 12 (300x400)I believe that this one was called watercolor, or somethign similar, which is the absolute perfect name because that’s exactly what it looks like.  There would be quite a bit of planning to go into this one to ensure that the colors are planned out right.

Quilt 13 (300x400)This one was a little bit closer to the traditional that I usually like–The same blocks in colors that aren’t too flashy.  When I looked a bit closer, I could see that it had been made in batiks–Something I haven’t really tried working with much yet.

Quilt 14 (300x400)


Normally, I’m not a fan of bargellos because they aren’t symetrical, but this one satisfies that criteria.  While I don’t plan on making a bargello any time soon, if I change my mind, this will be the one that I will be making!

Quilt 15 (300x400)I like this one too–And again, it’s batiks–For some reason, I feel lots of batiks are in my future!

Quilt 16 (300x400)I thought this one was pretty cool too!  It was made with striped fabric, which I know mom has at home.  I might be raiding her fabric closet one of these days….I think this is probably stored next to the batiks–Maybe I’ll have to sneak in there and just clean her out!

Quilt 18 (300x400)This one took me aback a bit.  At first, I thought the blocks in the middle were all the same, but after taknig the picture, I could see that there was a rectangle of lighter blocks in the middle.  Kind of a neat optical illusion!

Quilt 17 (300x400)When I saw this one, I knew it looked familiar–Then I saw the tag and remembered why–It was a free pattern that we featured on the blog!

Mom and I had a great time presenting.  At first we talked about how we got started getting our patterns featured in magazines and online.  We also talked a bit about charity quilts.  Our second presentation focused on our book, and the third was a quick overview of all of the things that we’ve done.

While the quilts at the show weren’t similar to ones that I’ve sewn before, it really opened up my eyes to see that quilts sewn from batiks don’t need to be loud, flashy, and look like a Hawaian shirt.  Many times, I turned to mom and told her that I was going to make a quilt from batiks–Now for December to get here so I’ll be done with school and have the possibility of having time to sew again–ONLY TWO MORE MONTHS!!!














3 thoughts on “Northeast Iowa Quitl Guild 2016 Show!”

  1. Thanks for the pictures. It was a nice reminder of the show. I was surprised by how many entries there were. It was worth the Hour+ drive. Another nice bonus of the show – a table of slices of pie for sale at $2 a slice. Yum!

  2. The quilts are all lovely, thank you for sharing with all of us. Lots of really talented quilters out there and I have learned to love adding Batiks to my quilts.

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