No Time to Write

I’ve had a super busy week and there is no sign of letting up.

I’ve been bound and determined to get some things accomplished.

Monday night I landscaped this area behind my garage after childcare.

I’ve been wanting to get this done for a long time.  I want to get this heavy outside work done before it gets hotter and doing the work isn’t so fun.

These are the new trellis’ I got.  I’m am so happy with them.  Now if the morning glories would just start climbing them I’d be extra happy.

Tuesday after childcare I did a bunch of reorganizing and sorting after childcare.  I’m really on a push to get everything a little more organized.

Wednesday after childcare I went over to Karl’s house.  There is a lot of work to do there but until the electrician comes to the house and is finished, we really don’t want to do much…but outside needs some work so we started out small.  I wish I had a before picture.  See the pile of weeds?  I pulled all of that out and more…

Then we mulched.  It looks so much better…Don’t you think? It was a simple job but still took over an hour after we had everything completely cleaned up and put away.

I made pie, bars and baked beans to take to Kalissa’s because on Thursday night Caver had his preschool recognition.  Here he is walking in.  The program was really simple but cute.

After the program, we all went to Kalissa’s house for a get-together and supper.  It was great.  As I said in previous posts, it’s great to get out.

Today I took the day off and am Kelli’s helping her.  Saturday morning I going to Buck’s and will pick up his kids and bring them back for an overnight at my house.  Then Sunday I’ll meet them halfway to return the kids…WOW.  What a busy week.  I enjoy it but I’ll be honest, I’ll be pooped out by the time Sunday night rolls around.

So…if I miss a post over the weekend, don’t be surprised.  My kids and grandkids are giving me a run for my money!!  I love it but will admit, I’ll be ready for a few low-key days and evenings after this weekend.  I haven’t stitched and watched television a single night this week.  It’s been all work and no play, but it’s been great to get things done and best of all I’m happy.

12 thoughts on “No Time to Write”

  1. I know the feeling of looking forward to some quiet alone time this weekend to pursue sewing projects, in my case after taking care of (just two!) grandsons who are learning remotely from my house every week. Looking back, I’m in awe of the person I used to be, the mother of three who seemed to juggled the activities of wife, teacher, mother, graduate student, plus hobbies, community involvement, etc., so effortlessly…Slowing down for sure in some ways, but happy, and glad to be usefully busy at the same time. Enjoy your weekend off!

  2. What a difference in Karl’s yard! It looks fantastic and I love the plants. Mulch is so much better than rock.

  3. So much fun, even though it seems like work. Everything you touch looks so good. You are always so helpful and I am sure they all appreciate everything you do for them. They, too, are so helpful also. Enjoy the weekend and if you don’t post, will certainly understand, but will be missed!

  4. Judith Fairchild

    When your postvwas late the other day thought Jo’s busy with b other things she’ll have e lots of news when she gets appost done.. So glad you’re ae to have the grandchildren time. Will be looking for your posts when you get some down time.

  5. Margaret in North Texas

    Your yard work looks so good Have you ever tried to get rid of weeds during the dark of the moon sign? I’m working on cutting a vine that seems to twine on everything it meets. Have a fabulous weekend with your family.

  6. It is so good to see that you can gather with your family and have events at your school. Here, schools have been closed for the third time since last March. Students go back to the classroom on Tuesday and hopefully will be able to attend in person classes until the end of June when our school year ends. We are still in lockdown and not allowed to have outside gatherings of more than 5 people and no one in our homes! It is hard; I sure miss our kids and grands. I

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