No Power

My plan yesterday was to work in the sewing room.  I wrote blog posts in the morning and had every intention of repotting the African Violets and getting the room clean.  I allotted plenty of time….but the weather had other plans.

Sunday was a weird day….very hot.  VERY HUMID.  There were things I needed to do outside but I decided not to as it was so hot.

In the early evening the sky got really dark…so dark that I checked the weather and we were in a Thunderstorm Watch and I could see we had only a half hour or so before it hit.  I kept working thinking nothing of it until the power went out….UGH.  It was too dark to work in the sewing room anymore so down stairs I went.  About that time, Karl was coming upstairs.  We convened in the kitchen and started doing things we could with no electricity.  The dishwasher got unloaded…a load of laundry got folded.

There wasn’t much else to do as the storm was still here so the house was dark.  That’s when I remembered I could cross stitch with a headlamp on so I did.

About then Neighbor Girl came over.  She’s been over quite a bit lately and I love the company.  The storm had lifted but it was still quite dark.

We found out that the electricity was out as a tree had fallen on the electric lines.  So we figured there would be no lights for awhile.

We ordered pizza for the neighboring town.  With no electricity, no milk to have cereal and no lunch meat for sandwiches, it seemed like a reasonable choice.   The convenience store that has pizza told us it would be wait an hour but we didn’t mind…what else did we have to do??  I think everyone else was ordering pizza too as there were lots of power outages.

About 30 minutes into our wait, the power came back on…oh well that’s okay.  I averted having to make supper.  But just a few minutes later the power went mostly out again.  It was so weird.  The light didn’t work in some rooms but did in others.  The refrigerator works but he stove didn’t.  Just about then the pager went off.  There was a power line on fire and the address sounded close to me.

We all ran outside and yep…there was a fire a block from my house.

Here it is close up….

Within minutes the fire trucks were all there and were firemen and the electric company.

Karl and Neighbor Girl went to get the pizza.  Just as they were getting back we decided to set up chairs outside.  It was dark in the house as it was still so cloudy and was getting late in the day.  Outside seemed much nicer.  Just as we started to carry out chairs the power came on.  So back in the house to the air conditioning we all went.

What a scenario??  I’m so glad everyone was okay….I got a chance to test out the flashlights and change batteries and assess if I had the right equipment should that happen again.

So what’s on tap for tonight?  More rain…more storms.  From the sounds of the current predictions, it suppose to stay north of us.  Fingers crossed.

8 thoughts on “No Power”

  1. A similar thing happened to us last night also. We spent part of the time enjoying the evening outside when the electricity went out. Then when it started to get dark and we went in, we realized we didn’t know where all our candles and lanterns were. We moved to our current home two years ago, so things are not where they always used to be. We did have flashlights on our phones though, and it wasn’t long until we found what we needed. We even got one of our British shows set up on the laptop using my phone as a hotspot but within a few minutes, the electricity came back on. At least now we are ready if there is a next time! Hope you can get to your sewing room soon!

  2. I read about the storms in Minnesota on AccuWeather and thought about you and if you got hit as well. I guess a short power outage is nothing compared to the flooding in Rochester and other places. And food for supper that someone else cooked is always good!

  3. Yes, we ( SE Minnesota ) are getting a ton of rain. Looks like we will be hit everyday this week with rain. So, I have been sewing. Mary announced the number 8 for the Dirty Dozen, UFO challenge. My #8 is the 3rd and final !! Good Fortune. Waiting patiently for Bonnie to announce the new Leader and Ender project. Sewing and knowing the weeds are just in their glory growing leaps and bounds.

  4. Back when hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey, we lost power for about a day and a half. Friends lost power for 3 weeks! Cooking was the hardest thing to do. We have a gas stove, so you can light it with a match if the igniter doesn’t work. It was so difficult to cook because I couldn’t really see into the pots. Too dark. My husband rigged up flashlights so that I could actually see what I was doing.

    I hope you don’t lose power again!

  5. Donna Pheneger

    It’s that time of year again, isn’t it? Happy to hear no one was hurt. Hope the weather stayed north of you.
    Love and prayers

  6. What a weird night you had and I’ve never seen a transformer on fire like that, crazy. Glad you made the best of it.

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