Hanken Family Update

No real blog post tonight…Sorry.  I’m at Kelli’s today soaking up some love from the babies, Georgia, and helping Kelli with one last big push to get everything in order before she goes back to work.  Can you believe 12 weeks is coming to a close already?

Here are the boys…Eli is closest.  Emmett is in the middle.

I am loving watching them grow and change.  Here’s another picture of them.

It’s going to be interesting over the course of the next bit or so until everything settles after Kelli goes back to work.  She starts back this week.  Well, actually this upcoming weekend as she works an overnight weekend package.

Happily, the boys are good sleepers and can sleep for an 8-hour stretch overnight.  Kelli’s a pro with them…let’s hope that all continues over the upcoming weeks as they transition back to a family with two working parents. (Not that Kelli hasn’t been working from home all along)

Thanks so much for all of the good wishes that have come our way.  I’ve had several readers send cards and even gifts of money that helped with traveling expenses for visiting the boys at the hospital.  That was so sweet.  You all have been a great support. We so appreciate all the prayers and well wishes that were sent their way.

4 thoughts on “Hanken Family Update”

  1. Kathy Shelton

    Thanks for the update. The boys are really growing.
    Georgia is a great big sister. Our son and his wife have twins that are 7 weeks old. They would be thrilled to get 8 hours of sleep.

  2. Margaret in North Texas

    Emmett and Eli are so cute and Georgia too. How the time goes by –twelve weeks already. We wish everyone well and may the transition be smooth!!

  3. Judith Faircbild

    The twins are growing so fast. It’s hard to believe 12 weeks old. Georgia looks so happy. She has two live dolls to play with. Praying for the your family.

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