No Flea Market Finds for Me :(

On Sunday hubby and I ventured up to Rochester, Minnesota.  We just needed to get away for a few hours.  I mentioned that there was a flea market…he said let’s go.

As we were pulling up to the Mayo Civic Center where the flea market was being held, I started getting that “find a deal” rush.  Then I saw a lady wheeling a huge cart of goodies to her car.  There were about three nice looking crocks,  a braided rug, two quilts and other goodies.  I was even more excited and ready for the hunt.

We got inside and UGH….it was garage sale junk…no antiques to speak of.  Hubby and I decided that the lady with the cart bought everything we would have been interested in.  I did see a couple things, that I at least snapped picture of but not much….

This little machine was cute…It was so small.  It is actually a salesman’s sample machine.


This machine was pretty neat….It’s a Minnesota brand.  The decals were all pretty good.  I’ve wanted a Minnesota machine just because I’m originally a Minnesota girl.

Amazingly, it was my husband who saw both of the sewing machines first.  I was teasing him saying he was just looking so hard so he’d find the sewing machines first, so I would blog about it and you all would gush about how wonderful of a husband he is.  He looked at me and smiled…wise guy.

I saw two quilts…Neither was terrific…nice…not terrific.


I like this one a bit better…I love the use of solids.  Typically I don’t mix solids and prints.   I need to rethink that because this is a nice mix.


Honestly…there was nothing else at the flea market that was even remotely interesting….it was disappointing.  On the bright side, spending time with my hubby, regardless of what we’re doing, is great, so I’d still consider it a good day.

Today I am hooking up with Vintage Thingy Thursday with the Colorado Lady.

4 thoughts on “No Flea Market Finds for Me :(”

  1. Oh, Jo what a fantastic hubby you have!! Love the salesman sample machine! very unusual. Pretty fabrics in the quilts too!! I’d say you had a great day!! Thanks for linking in today for VTT! Have a great day!

  2. I would love to have that little salesman sample machine, but then I noticed the price. And you do have a wonderful hubby that looks for things that you might be interested in. Thanks for sharing.

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