No Finish….

I had hoped to have a quilt finish to show you but alas….

The quilts sit unfinished.  I have the white star baby quilt that needs to be finished for Quiltmakers Quilts from 100 blocks on the frame and the baby quilt I need to finish for Hubby’s Great Nephew is sitting there.


The other grey quilt went to my friend Carla’s for longarming. (find her at  She had it done in no time- three days!!  I’ll admit to begging for a rush order on it but WOW…that was fast and stress free.  Thanks Carla!  I bound it the day it came home and sent it in the mail the next day.  Wow, life is so much easier when I don’t have to quilt them all myself.

I’ve had little quilting time this week.  Summer is in full swing here.  After being sick Monday and Tuesday life came back in full force.  Childcare has moved to summer hours.  That means kiddos start arriving at 6:45am and hours have been running late this week…some pick ups haven’t been until 5:20pm.  I have between 7-8 kids here each day not including Neighbor Girl with kids ranging from 8 months old to 6 years old.  They all want to spend lots of time out doors and I’ve been very indulgent on that.  Before we know it the high humidity will be here and we’ll want to be indoors.

After childcare it’s supper prep.  Hubby is on summer hours too meaning he can be home any time from 6pm until 10pm.  It makes supper planning hard but I’ve been married almost 31 years and have gotten used to it.

After childcare is done Neighbor Girl has been insisting that we walk Ruby.  I hadn’t been in the swing of walking again since about this time last year when my foot gave up on me.  After surgery and then the second surgery this spring, my foot is finally feeling better.  The second surgery is what I really needed.  I can’t believe the difference.

I’ll admit to being completely and totally pooped by the time she suggests a walk (or in this case roller skates for her) but two sets of pleading eyes, her’s and Ruby’s, has me out and walking.  One night it was an hour walk….I am really pooped after that…then after the walk Neighbor Girl stays until just before dark.

Here’s Neighbor Girl ..she’s skating and Ruby is trotting along with her.

It’s super dry here now.  We need rain so all those flowers and plants I planted now need watering daily….Oh my.  Yes, summer is in full swing…and if it’s not all that, the garden is calling.

When I do get to the sewing machine, I only want to do some de-stressing mind numbing sewing…not anything with a deadline or time frame….but I have things that need to be done.  Hopefully this weekend I’ll get time to tackle something and I’ll be able to show you something I’ve managed to work on when Monday rolls around.

So sorry for the late post today….I’m feeling good.  Life is just getting the best of me!

8 thoughts on “No Finish….”

  1. We are really wet here so haying is in the we have to wait for the water to stop running through the fields mode. So when we attempt to hay it is rather muddy, so in the waiting game. Does make for odd hours. thank you for taking the time to b!oh about your life. It helps me to see that juggling so much can work, though right now you do not feel like your body is keeping up with it. Keep letting your quilt ideas percolating in your mind.

  2. Its nice to know that your foot is feeling good enough to go for a walk, enjoy those wonderful summer days in Iowa, they go fast. Your days sound busy and with the shifting times of day care, the husbands shifting hours of work, its a good thing you can roll with it all. Quilt when you can, we will be here to see what your working on.

  3. How nice to learn that your foot is enabling you to do all of that! Summer is brief, do and enjoy the things that you enjoy or must do, quilting can be caught up on those days that are too hot/rainy/snowy/cold to do anything else.

  4. Doreen of Iowa

    Jo and Anonymous from MN thanks for helping us with QOV. The Veterans were so appreciative of the quilts they received. The presentation we had in May was to honor Vietnam Veterans who were not treated well upon their return to the states. Many said they felt so humble that so many give of their time and resources to honor them. We are also sending hugs as well as thanks to you both from the Veterans. Have a wonderful day!!

  5. Sandra Kahler

    You should give your self a free day from posting. Could be the same day each week or what ever day seems the busiest. Take summer hours <3

  6. I do realize you have lots on your plate and some cannot be removed, but….
    I was walking in your shoes several years ago and a whole lot younger ….until it finally caught up with my body and mind. My dear family Dr had me sitting in his office “learning to say “No” like I truly meant it. Prior to that I would say “no” and eventually give in because I hated saying no to anyone and it was my health that suffered. Take care!

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