No Electricity..Disaster Averted.

Today was another day of no electricity.  They shut it off at 8am just as I was finishing up a batch of rice pudding on the stove.

The loss of electricity is all part of getting electricity for the new grain storing system.  It’s a necessary evil.

For someone whose job depends on computers, having no electricity is challenging.  I spent the day getting a few odd jobs done.  I organized some fabric.  I paid bills.  I did a little tidying around the house.  I took the new quilt batting roll upstairs and tidied up there.  I loaded a backing for this quilt onto the frame.

I was a busy girl…but bored.  I finally caved in and went to town and did some errands.  I was to the bank and of course, to my local thrift stores.  I bought a bag of sewing junk for $2 and got a bunch of pins, velcro and some lace…I was happy with the find.  I found some cotton sheets for charity quilt backs too.


I came home about two hours later to a house FILLED with smoke and all of the smoke alarms in the house were wildly beeping.

Remember that rice pudding I made.  I never turned off the burner…the electricity went out but I never turned off the burner and I had left the pudding to cool on the burner.


I don’t know how soon the electricity came on after I left.  I just know that I came home at a good time.  There was no fire…just smoke and thankfully I had left Ruby outside when I left.

All is well.  The house still smells a little smokey but we are all safe and that’s all that matters.

4 thoughts on “No Electricity..Disaster Averted.”

  1. Wow, scary to think what could have happened!! Thank goodness you came home just in time. I’m glad our farm electricity is separate from our house electricity.

  2. Once I put some eggs on to boil, then my husband said let’s go do this errand together, and off we went! Came home about 2 hours later to a house filled with smoke and burned eggs on the stove. Did you know eggs pop and splatter everywhere when cooked too long? It was awful.

  3. Wow, that is scary. I’m always startled when the electricity comes back on and all of a sudden the lights are blazing and everything starts humming, especially in the middle of the night. So glad you caught it in time!

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