No Crying Over Spilled Milk.

No crying over spilled milk…or should I say WARM milk.

Hubby and I ran up to the antique store in Harmony, MN so we could stock our booth there.  We ran into some childhood friends of Hubby and talked and talked.

Then on the way home I requested to stop at the convenience store to get milk.  We did…got eggs and butter too.  About five miles down the road towards home I realized that I forgot Cool Whip for a dessert I had started at home.  So we made sure we drove through another town with a convenience store and got it.  There we again met up with friends and chatted and chatted.

We were now WAY later than we anticipated being.  We were expecting some of our kids home for supper so I was worried I was running late.  We got home and I immediately went in the house and started organizing things for supper.

I completely forgot about the milk and groceries.  AH!!!!  My kids laugh at me saying it’s only a $3 gallon of milk.  Don’t worry about it.  But that’s not how I was raised and that’s not how I do things.  I got the milk, although warm, it was not spoiled.  So I started cooking….

Before long that gallon of warm milk went from this…to this…

to this….I have Stovetop Rice Pudding (I made a double batch) and Brownie Delight.I made the Brownie Delight with a double layer of chocolate pudding to use up more milk.

Ah…I feel much better not wasting all of the milk.  If only I could think of one more thing to make with lots of milk…Got it! A milk based soup will use up the rest.

I’m off…  I’m making this soup recipe of Ham and Cheese Chowder. Find recipe HERE.

Cheesy-ChowderThat should use up the rest of the milk.

Now, my own children who laugh at me for not just throwing out the milk, see who wins…we all do!!  I didn’t waste the milk and we’ll be eating good for a little bit!!

Do you have recipes that use lots of milk?  I’d love you to share them.  Admittedly, leaving the milk in the car has happened to me before and may happen again….(just being honest)

12 thoughts on “No Crying Over Spilled Milk.”

  1. I ALWAYS make a batch or two of vanilla yogurt!! You will find my recipe under the Notes section of my facebook page. I even use up expired milk that way too.

  2. You must have written this post during warm season! Ha!

    Bread pudding and breakfast casserole are two other good ways to use up milk. Bravo to you for not wasting. A cow somewhere worked hard to give you that milk!

  3. Every time I leave my house, my cooler goes with me. I take bottled water and ice packs and then I’m ready for spur of the moment shopping trips. Also, spoiled milk is great in Sour Milk cake! Best chocolate cake you’ll ever make!

  4. Rice pudding would of been on the top of my list to use up that milk and then broccoli cheese soup. Some days just take the crooked route but we all seem to survive it. Hope you stay warm and safe with the cold artic chill that is headed your way. Bundle that hubby up for his farm job.

  5. The recipe that requires the most milk that I use is Loaded Baked Potato soup. It takes at least half to three quarters of a gallon. You can add more milk to stretch the soup if needed. It is a favorite around here!!

  6. Rosie Westerhold

    Stacie Young,

    Would LOVE your recipe for loaded baked potato soup! Could you share here on Jo’s blog?? Pretty please, if Jo wouldn’t mind.

  7. I didn’t feel well yesterday and really wanted rice pudding or custard so your post made me smile….and still want rice pudding.

    Custard is a good way to use milk or pudding of any kind.

    Thank you for sharing and bringing up good memories.

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