Nine Month Anniversary

I punched in for the work the other day and the app told me it was my nine-month anniversary of working at the vet clinic. WOW. As they say, time flies when you’re having fun.

Things at the vet clinic have continued to go well for me. I think I’m finally hitting my stride. I know I like to be at work about five minutes before everyone else. I know I wake up happy and ready to go…I also have learned that others at work need a bit to wake up before they are ready for me and my cheerfulness. It’s all good. I’m learning boundaries. HA!

I told you a while back that it was challenging because there were so many things to learn…the computer system, the meds, the progression of shots, the cattle meds, customers, the pets…so much. For a long time, my concentration has been to learn the computer system and how to be a receptionist…now for the most part, I know a lot about that. I feel pretty good about all of that.

I have been feeling comfortable enough that daily I’ve been focusing on other things. One of the main things I have been doing is starting to learn customers’ names and pet names. When I started a marveled at how the other employees would start talking about a dog and everyone else would immediately remember that it was the dog who ate a washcloth and had to have surgery, I couldn’t figure out how they all could remember that. Now I’m not so concentrated on the computer program so I can remember things like that and I love it. I feel more at home and like I’m helping provide better care for the animals.

Things don’t shock me like they used to…three emergency c-sections in a day, yah. We can handle that.

A dog ate rat poison…yep, I know how they will treat that.

I’m learning how to triage too. When people call in and need an appointment I know that shots and toe nail trims need to be scheduled out a few days but the momma cat that had kittens two days ago who smells foul needs to come in ASAP. (that momma ended up having another kitty inside her that had to be removed. Sadly, the kitty had died)

The people calling don’t always like my triaging their vaccine appointments out a few days but I try to remember that if I don’t, the next time they call in and need urgent care, I won’t be able to squeeze their foul-smelling momma cat in.

I’ve also learned not to take things too personally with rude people who call in and want immediate appointments. I can only do what I can do…at first I felt so bad…now I’ve come to learn that an emergency on someone else’s part doesn’t always mean an emergency on my part. For example…because someone didn’t make grooming appointments and is upset that they can’t get in, doesn’t mean I should move appointments around. However, if the groomer has a family emergency and appointments need to be moved, I’ll do everything I need to in order to make that happen.

I am the oldest at work. I am old enough I could be the grandma of some of the younger people there who help with boarding dogs. I’m old enough to be mom to the techs and vets. I always wondered how that would go…but it’s going pretty good.

I feel like I belong. I know who of the other employees to kid around with…who not to tell things to…who needs a little encouragement…who needs a little understanding. I like that.

The icing on the cake the other day was that the guy at the reception desk with me asked me for a ride to work because his car was in the shop. He referred to himself as “my work husband”. I took that as a sign I made it! HA!

I still have LOTS more to learn. Honestly, I am still learning things daily…but every day that goes by I feel like I’m doing better at my job and feeling more like I’m part of the team. I love that feeling.

Even more than all of that, I am a much better version of myself than I was 9 months ago. I have so much more self-confidence. I rarely went anywhere that one of my kids didn’t know where I was going…I still had that mom apron string attached to them. Now I’m going where I want, doing what I want, and that apron string, it’s cut. I’m here to be a support, but I’m not here to raise my grandkids. Don’t get me wrong, I love them to death and this momma/grandma bear will drop anything and run to help if need be…But, I’m also very much making a life of my own. AND, I’m trusting them to make their own lives too. It’s a more healthy relationship. That came with my working at the vet clinic.

Part of all of that was my grief…part was just being a momma bear with apron strings. Whatever it was, it’s been so good for me to work at the vet clinic and see another side of life…another side of me.

These last nine months have been such a place of growth for me…growth in me as an employee and growth in me personally. I love the new me. I couldn’t be happier.

So here’s to the nine-month anniversary…I’m looking forward to more growth in myself and as an employee at the clinic.

28 thoughts on “Nine Month Anniversary”

  1. What an insightful post. It’s wonderful that you’ve moved out of your comfort zone to do something new and now you can see the growth it’s created. It sounds like you found exactly the right place to be. I bet they just love having you there. It seems like the perfect match. Good for you!

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary. Reading your blog, we know how much you love your job and how you have “grown” with it. I’m really happy for you.
    Love and prayers

  3. Joy in NW Iowa

    Congrats! I am happy you love it!

    I felt when I was taking care of grandkids that I couldn’t be the grandma. Grandmas spoil the kiddos a little and when you’re the caretaker you have to discipline and don’t want that role. Know what I mean?

  4. Congratulations! I knew when you talked about that job that it was really going to boost you up. Being a great gramma, I know it is hard to not mother, or grandmother everyone. Learning a new role is hard, challenging, as is all of the pets! I was a clinic (human) nurse for 7 years. It changes you learning about everyone…. in a good way mostly.

  5. Happy anniversary! I’m so glad you are so happy with your job and the way your life has changed in such healthy ways. Growing is good for us but it isn’t always easy. Selfishly I miss seeing your twice a day posts but your job and cancer treatment are more important than my selfish wishes. Keep growing and learning!

  6. Happy Anniversary and Happy growing :-) Your family surrounded you through grief and here you are in your next chapter. You’ve found your groove at work and learning so much. Grand chapter!

    Happy weekend Jo :-)

  7. Cynthia from Nebraska

    Jo, I so admire how you face every challenge in your life, your perspectives, sharing your authentic self, and your ability to work on many, many projects simultaneously, LoL.

  8. Happy anniversary Jo! It’s been lovely reading this, I’m really happy for you. You definitely found the perfect job.

    1. I forgot to say, I love your comment “others at work need a bit to wake up before they are ready for me and my cheerfulness”!! That made me smile :-)

    2. Congrats on 9 months!
      My, oh, my you certainly have come a long long way in a relatively short period of time. Your amount of energy astounds me! What you fit into each day is such an accomplishment and you deserve all the kudos you get.
      Keep up the good work, loving your family, enjoying your hobbies and squeezing in a new boyfriend. You have my utmost admiration Jo!

  9. Jo I’m so happy that your job at the Vet is fulfilling your needs. We sometimes need to do what makes you happy. Your blog said it all and so eloquently. Stay strong and you be you.

    I wanted to let you know that I sent your list of finishers to Laura at Sew Very Easy,, she had quilt tops she made as pattern samples and wanted to thin out her tops to a worthy cause. I don’t know if she will use it but I put it out there. You can go to SEWVERYEASY to see what Laura is all about.
    Have a great week Jo and BE HAPPY!

  10. How wonderful that you’ve found your stride. I went back to work 5 1/2 years ago after raising my 5 boys. I am the oldest in my department, by far. I work with “kids” who are younger than even my own grown children. I have found fulfillment, capability and have had great success with promotions and so on. I am proud of myself, even though this was a huge, scary step! You ought to be so proud of yourself too. It takes courage and some boxy to step back into the work force, especially in a new field. I applaud you and hope you know how terrific you really are. No one tells us how to manage this chapter in our lives’. However, there are plenty of books on how to raise kids, keep them safe and so on. Yet, no one tells us how to grieve when they launch, where to find ourselves in the tears, how to reenter a workforce that judges us for our age and a world that is more complicated by the day. It’s all so challenging yet it’s all worth it!! Good for you and I wish you continued success and fulfillment.

  11. Congratulations, Jo! This is probably the first of many anniversaries for you at your job. You have really blossomed in this job. It usually takes about nine months to a year to really learn a new job and be comfortable with where you are, who you are in the position, and to know the others. You have done great!

  12. Martha W in WY

    Congratulations, Jo! Wow 9 months already! It’s wonderful to “hear” the happiness and pride in your words. It’s wonderful that you can see your personal growth AND your children’s and grandchildren growth and self-reliance. You.have become Jo !!!

  13. I am so happy for you with all of the positive changes in your life!
    As a quilter I will pass along a quote my husband saw at a local welding shop years ago, ” Your lack of planning does not make it an emergency for me.”

  14. Shirley from Calmar

    How great you are able to do the you that makes you happy and fulfilled. It is hard to balance everything at times, I am sure you are discovering. You’ve got this.

  15. You know, Jo, when you think about it, it takes nine months to make a new person (from the beginning) and you have made yourself into a new person in nine months, just like that! Your blog sounds so much happier because you are happier. Even us old folks can change whenever the opportunity arises.

  16. I’m so happy for you Jo! I love the part that you cannot be a grandma if you are the caregiver too. Grandmas spoil their grandkids and this can’t happen if one is a regular caregiver to them! That is so true! ♥️

  17. Nikki Moshier

    What a fabulous post to read….how happy you are and the life you are creating!!! Way to go!!! (I think I will try and be a bit more like you!)

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