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My grandson Gannon went to Iowa Children’s Hospital and Clinic on Monday for a routine tonsil and adenoid removal.  Well, it wasn’t quite routine-but mostly.  Let me explain.  Gannon doesn’t do well after anesthesia.  He’s had a couple of other surgeries and recovery has been slow.

Kalissa requested that our local hospital not do the surgery as Gannon’s previous reactions haven’t been the best.  They were fine with that.

The surgery happened early Monday morning.  Here Gannon was giving the thumbs up.  Since then, everything has gone downhill.

Gannon is not well…

His oxygen saturation is not good.  They can’t get him to improve.

Kalissa has sent me videos of Gannon trying to breathe.  They are heartbreaking.  It makes me cry to see them.

In the process of it all, they found out that he might have another medical issue that will require surgery down the road.  Oh, my word.  We need to get him through this first.  The poor guy.

At one point yesterday they tried to get him to sit up and play with legos.  Even that exhausts him and he can’t do it.  He loves to draw and use markers.  He can’t do it.

They are trying to get him into Pediatric ICU but there are no beds.  It’s a mess.

He has a fever now with pneumonia.  It just keeps getting worse.

My daughter Kalissa had originally taken him on her own leaving Craig home to work.  This morning, Craig took my van and went to be there with them.

I have their other two boys.

That’s really all I know at this point.  I feel so bad for Kalissa.  It’s hard to watch your child struggle…I know because it’s hard on me watching her.

I feel so bad for Gannon.

Admittedly I’m feeling pretty bad for myself.  Gannon is my guy.  If you’ve read the blog you know Gannon and I are extra close.  I wish I could be there, but I’m here with the other boys.  It’s the best place for me to be.  Besides, I caught a nasty cold and can’t pass that to Gannon.

So that’s the news from the Kramer front.  If you’re a praying person, Gannon could use some prayers.  I’ll try to post some good news once we hear some.  If I don’t post, you know I’m just busy with the other boys.

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  1. My heart goes out to little Gannon, you, Kalissa and her family. I surely will pray for all of you. Jo, you have such a lovely family and I love reading about them.

  2. Poor little guy! He’s in my prayers (as are your whole family). My youngest just turned three and I can’t imagine the heartache seeing your baby suffer in the hospital. God bless your family.

  3. Katherine Gourley

    I will pray. Poor Gannon — he has had his share of issues since he was born. He has the face of an angel.

  4. Prayers from Mn. I’ve been down with what I suspect is influenza since Saturday night. I have plenty of time on my hands to pray for all of you.

  5. Jo I am praying for Gannon right now. Praying for complete healing for him. Prayers also for you and the rest of your family.

  6. Poor boy! And, oh my, I cannot even think about how you all are feeling. Prayers for a quick recovery for Gannon and strength for the rest of you! Gannon needs your positive attitude right now!

  7. Oh Jo, sorry to know that little guy is sick again. I will certainly add him to my prayers and you, too, since you have a cold and taking care of Anders and Carver.

  8. Oh my goodness. Lots and lots of prayers and love for you all. ❤️ ❤ all news is welcome. We are all going to worry and wonder. Please do keep us updated.

  9. Sending many prayers for little sweet Gannon and all of the family. It is so hard to see your children suffer.

  10. Jo know that your family is being prayed for. It never easy to see the children not feel well.
    Don’t let yourself get run down and just take care of you and the boys. Everything else can wait.
    Rita in Iowa

  11. Carmen Montmarquet

    So hard to read this never mind having a precious loved one going thru something awful like that! Sending prayers for Gannon and a virtual hug to you! Please keep us posted and I pray he will be sitting up in bed very soon and ready to go home!!!

  12. Cheryl in St. Paul

    I’m praying for Gannon, the medical team and all who love him best. Lord, have mercy and grant complete healing to this child of yours and bless those watching with peace during 5his hard time.

  13. Prayers for Gannon from Pennsylvania for a full recovery. God be near all of you in this situation. Remember to fear not, God is with you all.

  14. Will definitely keep all of you in prayer, but especially Gannon. Praying for grace and strength for each day. He has been through so much.

  15. Sending my prayers for Gannon and the rest of your family. It is so difficult on everyone when a little one is so ill. Wishing for a speedy recovery and back to being a healthy little boy again.

  16. Praying for Gannon and the whole family as you go through this. My Karlin is also sending you all puppy kisses to make you all feel better.

  17. I am so sorry for you and your family. How heartbreaking to see Gannon struggling. Send best wishes for things to make a quick turn for the better. ❤

  18. Oh I’m so sorry to hear about Gannon and I pray Our Father reaches down and touches Gannon and renews his strength, heals his body and takes away the fever and any pain he may have. In the name of Jesus I pray for complete healing and for the family! Love & prayers ❤️❤️

  19. I can relate.
    My son went into Surgical Trauma ICU on Father’s Day and he just came home last week. It was a long summer. I will continue to send prayers for your family’s peace and strength. Take your time, we will be right here. Please let us know if we can help with anything.

  20. Keeping all of you in my prayers…..including his doctors and nurses and everyone working with Gannon. May they be blessed with wisdom to figure out how to help him and may he be fully healed. Take care, Jo.

  21. Margaret in North Texas

    Yes, prayers for Gannon and his family for comfort and complete healing. Prayers for his Doctors and nurses too.

  22. Praying for Gannon, his parents, Grandma Jo and the medical team! May the Lord heal his little body quickly n completely. Take care of his sweet brothers and yourself!

  23. This little guy has been through the mill in his short life. I will be praying for him without fail along with the hope that it is something that he can grow out of as his life progresses. My love to you all but especially young Gannon.

  24. You have all my prayers for Gannon and the whole family. My grandson had asthma when he was little so I know how bad it can be for all of you. Thank goodness it went away when he was 4 years old, just like the doctor said it would. I hope whatever Gannon has is short lived and he is back home with all the family very soon.

  25. Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry to hear that. I agree, he is a special little guy. Praying for all of y’all but especially Gannon.

  26. Praying here in the Southeast. Praying for wisdom for doctors and nurses. For strength of heart for Mom and Dad and all the family. For the healing of Gannon’s body and peace for his little heart.

  27. There are so many prayers being said on Gannon’s behalf. We are praying for the little guy and the whole family for healing, strength, and comfort.

  28. Sending my prayers from Nebraska! How difficult to watch a child be that seriously ill. You are all in my thoughts. Prayers help! I know, as I made a recovery from a traumatic injury.

  29. Prayers & hugs for you all. So glad you are close by to hold down the fort by taking care of his brothers. That peace of mind is invaluable to his mom& dad as I realise you already know.

  30. Barbara Firesheets

    Sending love and prayers for Gannon’s recovery and for all of you. May God place his healing hands upon him. ❤️❤️❤️

  31. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I saw Kalissa’s post on Facebook last night. Been praying for Gannon, Kalissa, Craig, the medical team and you. Definitely so hard to see our kids and grands suffering, especially when we can’t do anything about it.

  32. Prayers for Gannon’s healing— and mom-dad-Grandma Jo and all the combined families.
    So sorry to hear he has so many problems…..most difficult thing for everyone to get through illness, no matter what the illness is!!

  33. Kristina Wilkinson

    Prayers are being said right now for Gannon and for his whole family. Especially Grandma Jo as she can’t be there too! Praying you have a quick recovery and can see him soon, well and happy at home. K-

  34. Still thinking of Gannon and family. Back from volunteering and wish I could call you and see how you, etc are doing. Most important that Gannon is starting to respond to treatment…… hugs and prayers.

  35. Prayers for Gannon and all of you. It’s heartbreaking when children are sick or hurting. We are so helpless to do anything. You’re the most help by keeping the other boys. Sending love, hugs, and prayers.

  36. Holding you all close in my heart during this difficult time. Poor little guy and all who love him so much. Hugs and love!!

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