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I got an email from a reader wondering why I haven’t written much about HEART Animal Rescue where I volunteer. The person had missed dog stories. I thought I would write a post and tell you a bit.

First off THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Thank you so MUCH!! Because of your wonderful donations, the rescue is back in business with LOTS of collars and leashes. It is so appreciated. We’ve been getting in so many litters of puppies and had no small collars. These have been perfect. Thank you so much for your support.

Everyone was blown away by your support. I was blown away too!! What a blessing you all are!!

I’ve been doing a little less with the rescue lately because I’ve been so busy. I had family here on Easter weekend, then I had the retreat and then had all of the family home again on the day we took pictures.

I can keep a pup when I have a few people visiting but when all of them are home, I already have 19 in the house along with three dogs. I don’t want the wrong doors to get opened and us to be missing a pup.

I’ve also been thinking about this…I work such long hours. All the time while I am at work, the foster dogs have to be kenneled. I can take them with me to work now while there is room in boarding…but soon with summer coming and the boarding schedule being full, I can’t take them to work. Even then, the dogs are kenneled all day. Eleven hours of kennel time is too much…

So…I’ve offered to help in other ways. Dogs might stay with me for one overnight and I help them get to the vet. I’ve offered to do some background checks for applications. I’ve offered to pick up surrender dogs on Thursdays or Saturdays. I’ve offered to drive them from the vet clinic to my house which is closer to where the foster families live. I miss regular fostering but at least this way I can help…and in tough cases, I’ll still take a dog especially if we think it might be a quick turnaround dog.

Enough of that…let me tell you a little bit about some of the dogs that have recently or are currently being fostered through the rescue.

We had two little corgis come to the rescue. They were just pups. They were corgi/pomeranian mixes…initially, I wondered how that mix might look…I decided super cute once I saw them. They had their vet work done at the clinic. Then we all played with them a lot!! This one got the most attention. The other one was blonde colored.

They both have been adopted out. I just thought this picture was so cute. The guy that works at the reception desk with me was gone that day so after the picture was snapped I sent it to him and told him he didn’t need to come to work the next day. We had found a replacement for him. HA!!

This next girl was a surrendered dog. She is a mini poodle and just tiny…little 5 or 6 pounds. She had a sleepover at my house and was then off to the vet. As of my writing this, she is looking for a home.

I was contacted by someone who knew I volunteered with HEART about this next dog. There was tension in the home where he came from and the male in the house planned to shoot him. He’s about 5 months old…beautiful guy…I was asked to intervene and take the dog into the rescue. As much as I want to immediately say yes, that’s not how the foster group works. I hesitated and was going to follow the rules but finally broke them and just said we’d take him. It was one of those ask forgiveness rather than permission situations.

His name is Scout. He can sit. He can fetch. He was living his life in a kennel for much of the day. He is still available for adoption as of my writing this. If what I know about his history is correct, he’s a purebred too.

This next girl is Maddie. She also has a sad story. I think she’s four. She’s a Husky mix. She had family issues at her house too. The parents had a series of unfortunate events that led them to a point that Maddie had to be left behind. She is a sweet girl with the prettiest blue eyes. She is being boarded at the vet clinic until she finds a home. Everyone at the clinic loves her. So sweet. I wish we could find a good home for her. We’ve had several people apply but haven’t had the right fit.

It breaks my heart that she’s still looking for her home. She did nothing wrong to be given away. If you know of anyone who might find it their heart to love her, please let me know. There is no adoption fee for her. She is completely up to date on everything.

I wish I could tell you more about both of the dogs I just told you about but their previous owners live in the area and we have to be careful to not interfere with their privacy. I can tell you this, you’d need a Kleenex box if I told you.

This last pup you might need a Kleenex box for as well. She is what rescues are all about. Her name is Tootsie. She is a pug. She used to be a breeding momma but was relinquished to HEART. She came to the vet clinic and I was supposed to foster but we got in a group of puppies the next day. I ended up with two of the puppies and someone else took Tootsie.

Tootsie had terrible breathing problems. She couldn’t take a lap around a coffee table in the living room without huffing and puffing. There was definitely something wrong with her airway. It’s a common problem with pugs.

She ended up having to go to a specialist. They said she had Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway syndrome or BOAS. If is comprised of 5 classic airway changes. Dogs may have one or multiple of these changes. Tootsie required repair of 3.
1) Stenotic nares (small or inverted nostrils, that limit air movement through the nose)
2) Elongated and/or thickened soft palate (extra long/thick tissue that hangs down in the back of the throat that causes gagging, breathing noises)
3)Everted laryngeal saccules (“balloon” type structures that extend outwards in the throat area that limits air movement and can cause noisy breathing)
This was a complicated surgery and came with risks…and the price tag of $4500.

HEART had the surgery done and Miss Tootsie is doing great. Everyone is so impressed with how she’s up and moving around and breathing so much easier. Tootsie was saved by the rescue. It will be a bit before Tootsie will be available for adoption but she’s on her way.

I know someone will ask so I’ll just put a link HERE for anyone who would like to donate towards Tootsie’s vet bill. It’s a doozy for a small rescue to undertake…but they will find a way to make it work because that’s what we do. Rescue Dogs.

That’s what I know on foster front. Please follow HEART’s Facebook page here for the latest on dogs that are coming in out and who are up for adoption. You can find that page HERE. As always, if you’re interested in a dog put in an application now. We will pre-approve it and once a dog becomes available for adoption, you can contact us, and your app is considered first. It’s the best way to improve your chances of getting a pup.

Many thanks to blog reader who reminded me to write about the rescue and many thanks to all who donated.

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  1. Another wow! So many needy dogs/puppies. I don’t know how you handle doing so much. HEART is so fortunate you are one of the volunteers to foster or just help in other ways.

  2. Sorry Jo, a couple of the links wouldn’t work for me. Heart rescue certainly has a lot of good volunteers!

  3. I could be wrong, but hasn’t the little white poodle now been adopted by a friend of yours and Mary of Country Threads and is now living a wonderful life being totally loved and cared for? I follow both of your blogs and it’s interesting seeing both sides of Caitlin Angel’s life. What a happy ending for such a sweet little pup.

  4. Thank you for the update. I love hearing stories about rescues. Ours is also a rescue so that’s something close to me heart.
    Love and prayers

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