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I’ve gotten several emails for Ray lately.  I put them together all into one blog post.  Here goes…

Ray writes:
I received a wonderful package in the mail today from Jeanne M. in Tucson, AZ. She says she follows her blog and had some items to donate. Boy, did she ever. The first picture shows several scraps that can be used as needed along with 4 yards of pink fabric that will come in handy with the right quilt top. There was also some green binding and blue border. I set the border aside for QOV quilts. There was also a tray with tumbler blocks. Jeanne said there were 300 of them. I now have a wonderful leader/ender project to do.

There were also 3 tops in the box:

* This one is set in a zig-zag pattern with gray blocks and black/yellow print blocks. Pretty quilt. It measures 55 x 64 and will make a great lap quilt.

*The next one is really adorable. Love the rose-colored fabric diamonds and the floral prints. It is 36 x 57 and will be great for a wheelchair at the hospice.

*The last one is made from batik squares and laid out in a bargello pattern. The earth tones are a wonderful choice. It measures 54 x63. Another great lap quilt.

Thank you Jeanne.”

In the next email Ray…

I just finished this QOV for the November Veteran’s Day service at church.
It definitely has red, white and blue colors. But seems to be a bit on the busy side with the fabric patterns.

I used a three-yard quilt pattern called Trellis. I really like the pattern. I will use the pattern again but with a less bold fabric pattern.

Ray sent another email with another quilt finish.  He writes:
Does this quilt have a story to tell!!!

This was a six-block BOM by Debbie Mumm called “County Fair.” It appears to have been a 2003 pattern. Connie in WI purchased it and started it by cutting out much of the many pieces and even started some of the steps.

In November 2020 you received the UFO per a blog post that Paulette found. You then sent the UFO to Paulette to finish.

Paulette picked up where Connie left off and went from there. Paulette said it was a slow but steady process and the top finally came together in June 2021.

That is when Paulette contacted me to see if I would like to long arm it and then donate it. Of course, I said yes. I now have it long-armed and ready for donation. The top came with 6 yards of fabric for the backing which I gladly used.

It is so cute with all the chickens on it. The top is stunning, to say the least, and Paulette did a fantastic job of piecing. I debated and finally decided to use a simple stipple motif so as to not intrude on the beautiful top.

I selected a dark gray thread for both sides which also helped. The whole time I was long arming it, I kept thinking how wonderful it would be to hang on the wall behind the long arm and then put up shelving around the room near the ceiling to put all my trucks, tractors, and equipment on. Someday, many, many thanks to you, Connie, and Paulette for this show stopper quilt.

Wow Ray…you have lots of goodness to share.  Thanks so much to the many who sent things Ray’s way.  It’s impressive that Paulette put so much time and talent into piecing that top.  As always, awesome work Ray!!

9 thoughts on “News from Ray”

  1. Such amazing quilts and Amazing finishing job, Ray!!! Well done!!! It takes a village is such a true statement, and quilters sure know how to ma this statement a reality!!! Kudos All.

  2. Awesome bits, tops, and quilts, Ray!! Special thanks for quilting County Fair, as Paulette contacted me about quilting it, but I was (and still am) in the middle of a move. Thanks for sharing these Community Quilts, Jo!

  3. The talent and effort put into these quilts that are going to strangers is such a beautiful thing! You’re really putting beauty and kindness out into the world. Warms my heart.

  4. Margaret in North Texas

    Magnificent work by all, and in the end beautiful quilts to share. Thanks all ! Ray nice choices on the quilting patterns .

  5. Holly from Indiana

    You can try to take the Hoosier Indiana farm boy out of Ray, but just because he is in Florida, he is still that barefoot country southern Indiana River Rat.

  6. Beautiful job quilting that County Fair quilt, Ray!! I think the meander is perfect for it. Your QOV turned out nicely. Thanks for all you do, and thanks to Jo for sending that and other ones to me to work on finishing.

    1. Paulette, you did a wonderful job piecing the quilt. It is beautiful and Ray’s quilting added to it. Great Job!

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