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Happy news from the Kramer camp.  I really didn’t know it was going to be happy news when Kelli first called me at noon on Sunday at noonish.  I was at a vintage sale about 20 minutes south of my house.

For those of you who are new, Kelli is our oldest daughter.  She had fertility issues and ended up pregnant with twins.  She was due May 21st.  She had gestational diabetes and high blood pressure.  She was scheduled for a c-section on April 29th.

The call from Kelli went something like this..
“Mom, my water broke.  I can feel the cord from one of the babies.  I have to call the ambulance.”

Oh my!  Kelli called me as I have a scanner and often hear the ambulance and fire calls that go out from our county.  Kelli and I live half an hour apart but in the same county.  Had I been home and heard a call that said, “34-year-old mom pregnant with twins, water broke can feel cord, 34 weeks along, Granite Road”, I would have known it was her for sure.  She didn’t want me to panic.

I was just leaving the sale so decided I would head that way and get Georgia.

Kelli had just worked a 12-hour overnight shift as a nurse.  She had gotten home and didn’t feel the best.  She was really sore and uncomfortable. She soaked in the tub and then went to bed.  She was up and 10 to go to the bathroom and up again at noon.  That’s when her water broke.

She went via ambulance to Decorah hospital where she works and then was transferred on to Mayo Clinic in Rochester.

It was 5:05 when she was admitted to the hospital.  The first baby was born via c-section at 5:16 pm and the second at 5:17 pm.  It was an emergency.

We have…TWIN BOYS!!

They look a little scary but no fears.  Both are doing really well considering they are only 34 weeks old.

I took these pictures on Sunday night a few hours after they were born.  I got word today that they are off bipap breathing.  That’s awesome news!!!

So the two new stars on the scene are…

Eli Kramer Hanken…

…and Emmett John Hanken

Both weighed 5.5 pounds.  I am so happy with their size considering they were so early.

We were told that the little fellows will probably need to stay here about three weeks.  Kelli will likely go home Wednesday or Thursday.  I told her to stay as long as they let her.  It’s easier for her to see the boys.

We live about 2 hours from Rochester so the back and forth will be a little taxing.  They stressed to Kelli and Jason that they need to spend some time at home.  My guess is that she’ll come one day, stay over and then go home that night.  Stay home a day and then be back for two days and an overnight.

I’ll tell you a little more about it all and get some new pictures once I go back and visit today.  I stayed overnight in Rochester.  I’m going home tonight.  Kalissa has Georgia and Kelli’s dog.  Tomorrow we girls are getting together and going to Kelli’s house.  She left dishes and doesn’t have anything set or ready for the babies.  She had been planning for a April 29th c-section and thought she had plenty of time.

So friends…that was my Sunday.  When I woke that morning I never dreamed I’d be wearing this tag and be a happy grandma to two more babies…

I am thankful beyond words.  I can’t tell you how many prayers and tears were shed on the way to the hospital.  I was one worried mom and grandma.

As a heads up, I will likely only have one blog post a day for the next few days.  I will have Georgia much of the time plus wrangling everything else.  I still don’t have my Maker’s Market quilt finished…AHH!!  I have one row left to quilt…then bind and then write directions.  Oh my.  It will get done but you can see, I’m full speed ahead on Mom and Grandma mode.  That always comes first.  Please be patient with me.  I promise…I will always let you know if something isn’t going well.

Stay tuned…there will definitely be more stories about the two new Hanken boys!!

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  1. Congratulations to all of you! Wonderful news! Jo, don’t worry about the blog. We will all be waiting for you when you get back. Family comes first!

  2. Congratulations to all – and thanks for sharing! Do the Mom and Grandma thing first, that’s what’s most important….

  3. Wow, what a story! CONGRATULATIONS to the whole family. I only have one sibling and I love hearing about how you all come together to help each other. Those are good size babies for twins, early or not! God bless you all!

  4. I am happy for the Kramer Clan, and for the health of the little guys…you take care of you, and kelli—don’t worry about us—we’ll be here.
    I was holding my breath, I’m not going to lie—
    Blessings. Bevann

  5. Congratulations Ko! So very happy for you!
    Just be grandma and mom…everything else can wait!
    Love and prayers

  6. Congratulations all around!!! Wonderful news all around!! Don’t worry about us! We will be here when you return! Family always first!

  7. Congratulations Grandma!!! I join with all your readers and fans in rejoicing at the births of the 2 newest boys in your clan. I wish good health to the whole family and to you, I wish many happy hours of being the fun Grandma you are! Lots of hugs and kisses are heading your way.

  8. Congratulations to all. What a blessing that the boys are over 5 lbs each, and off of bipap machines. Prayers certainly have been answered.

    1. I’m so glad your little twin grandsons are able to breathe and Kelli is good now. I praying for them as they grow and ability to go home in a couple weeks.
      We have a couple at church whose baby girl needs heart surgery Tuesday April 13. Olivia is her name and her sister Eva just became 3 years old today. Mama Becca and daddy Israel have lost a few babies in the past. Sad but we are praying God will be with them thru the surgery with Drs as well. Pulmonary artery needs moved.
      Take care grandma. Thanks for sharing your story.

  9. Don’t worry about the blog or us. Just take care of your family like you always do. Great news that the twins are here and doing well as Kelli. Congratulations and enjoy your growing family.

  10. Congratulations!!! They boys were born on my birthday, a great day to have a birthday!!! What a blessing that they are so big for twins and being so early. Prayers for everyone!!

  11. Congratulations to Kelli and Jason and you.
    So glad everything turned out fine. I will
    Continue to keep everyone in my prayers.

  12. Congratulations to all of you!, so happy to hear the good news. Sending prayers that all continues to go well for babies and Mom!

  13. Congratulations to the Kramer clan on the safe arrival of its two newest members! Such happy news for my birthday.

  14. Lori L Douglas

    WELCOME TO THE WORLD EMMETT AND ELI! Glad everyone is well. Kelli, those are big boys for being so early. Enjoy the new bundles of joy!

  15. Carmen Montmarquet

    Congratulations Jo to you and your family!
    Please keep us updated when you are able to, not to worry if you can’t, we will understand!!

  16. Sweet baby boys! Emmett and Eli are great sizes for being preemies. You don’t owe any apologies for spending less time on the blog as family should always come first. Wish I was closer, I would come and help you finish up your Maker’s Market quilt. I know you will get it done but it sure would relieve some stress for you.

  17. CONGRATS!!! Nothing like being there for one another!! What a lucky bunch you all are! Can’t wait to see the follow up.

  18. Oh my such wonderful news, healthy babies and Mom who can pray for anything more. Congratulations to the entire family.

  19. YAY! Good news! My niece (who’s now 53, how is that possible) weighed 3 lb 15 oz when born. She was SO TINY that preemie diapers and clothes didn’t fit. She stayed in the incubator for a month. But to see her now, you’d never know she started out so little!!

  20. Joy Van den top

    Congratulations! Congratulations! So happy they are healthy and just such big babies for that early! Wow! I saw the pictures of them that were taken a little later without the headgear and they are so cute!! And beautiful!! Yes, I know you’re in momma/gramma bear mode! That’s great!

  21. Yay! What wonderful news! Don’t worry about the blog, as we will patiently wait. Family first! Congratulations to all!

  22. Congratulations to your growing family! My twin grandsons are 9 1/2 and we’ve loved seeing the special bond they have. Kelli will have her hands full but I’m sure your family will rally around for support. Prayers for her healing and for the boys to be strong enough to come home.

  23. Beryl in Owatonna

    PTL! Congratulations to all!! The boys look pretty healthy!! Little fat lines on their legs. So cute! With all of the equipment you sure can’t tell, are they identical? So thankful all are well. Prayers will continue!

  24. Congratulations to all! The babies look wonderful and such good news about them. Go be the mom and grand ma so when Kelli gets home everything is in order and tidy. It will make her feel so loved.

  25. Wow! That’s actually a nice weight for 34 week twins! My daughter was 33-1/2 weeks and was 4.6 and came home within 2 weeks. Tell her to rest up and get her strength back….she will need it. But it’s worth it…❤️
    Congratulations to everyone!

  26. Woo Hoo!!!! Baby Boys. I’m glad everyone is safe and doing well. Take your time. Come back when you can. We will be here for you.

  27. Congratulations! Those are good sized babies — my twins were 5lb11 and 5lb15 at 36 weeks, so she did really well to get them to that weight at 34 weeks!

  28. Congratulations Kelli and Jason! Glad you made it to the hospital and quick delivery.
    Over 40 years ago our son was born at 30 weeks.
    Our daughters came later at 6 weeks early each. The biggest one weighed 5#1oz. 5.5 is great for your boys! Kelli was carrying a big load! You have been and will continue to be in my prayers. Miss Georgie is in for a big surprise!

  29. Congratulations Grandma! I’m so happy for you and praying for everyone. Take your time getting back to the blog. Your babies come first!

  30. LaNan Eldridge

    Congratulations! How very exciting!! Enjoy your time being in the grandma and mom mode…quilting can wait

  31. Congrats Grandma! How exciting! The boys are quite big for being so early…one of my grandsons was 14 weeks early and weighed 3 lb 14 oz and the other was born 8 weeks early and weighed 3 lb 9 oz. They are both just fine and I’m sure your little guys will be, too! I know that must have been stressful for all concerned. Kelli is going to have her hands full! Good thing she has such a great support system! Kramer Strong!

  32. Welcome to the world Eli and Emmett! What a wonderful surprise!!!
    Thank you for taking time to share your exciting news! So happy to hear that everything is going as well as it is.
    Please don’t worry about the blog. We’ll still be here when things settle down. But that might be awhile. ❤

  33. Margaret in North Texas

    What a blessing–two healthy babies. And a happy Grandma as well as Mom and Dad. Congrats to the Hanken family!!

  34. Those are pretty healthy size babies considering everything. Sending prayers and thoughts to lift all you Kramers.

  35. Wow! Congrats to your whole family. So surprised that the boys weighed in at 5.5#. That’s amazing! Jo, even if you skip a day or so on the blog posts, we will all understand. Take care of yourself and your beautiful family for now. We will still be here when things settle down.

  36. SO SO SOOOOO Happy these babes made 5.5 pounds and 34 weeks. I bet they are off Bipap quickly!

    Hugs to you all. (It is normal for preemies to go home at their full gestation so anything before that is bonus time!).

  37. Congratulations, I am so glad that the boys are healthy. Look forward to hearing all about them as time goes on and you have time.

  38. Welcome Eli and Emmett! You hit the “family jackpot” when you landed into your family. They’re going to love you into your life with them. Congrats to all.

  39. God Bless, especially with boys. I will not say anything more. Happy they are at 5 lbs and doing good. Hope things will continue to go well.

  40. Congratulations on the two new baby boys! I’m so excited to hear of their safe arrival. I like their names, too.

    Praise God for all of His blessings.


    Thank the Lord for answering so many prayer I am so delighted to hear your wonderful news, remember to take care of yourself as you are needed in these coming days, we will all wait for your posts knowing grandma and ma duties come first. Love the names and wishing the family love and best wishes.

  42. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Praise the Lord that mom and babies are doing well!! 5.5 pounds is huge for twins and I’m so glad they were the same size!! It will be hard with E & E in NICU, but the family will rally together and get through this as well!! We will always take a back seat to your family…otherwise your priorities would be off!!! Enjoy your role as grandma and mom!!

  43. Jo, that’s such good news, what a relief for you all. With all you have going on, make sure you have a moment for yourself x

  44. Such brilliant news Jo. Love to you all and extra congratulations to Kelli and Jason. I’m sure Georgia will turn into a proper “little mother” once the babies come home and she gets used to them.
    Linda Hodges

  45. Debbie Collins

    Congratulations to the entire Kramer Clan and especially to Grandma Jo, Kelli & Jason! Strong family is a blessing when little blessings surprise us!

  46. Congratulations! 5.5 lbs each and 34 weeks sounds full term to me! My 19 yr old GDD was born at 28 weeks and weighed 17 ozs. She spent 4 months in the NICU but she is thriving and healthy. Her brother was 35 weeks and 4 lbs. You will definitely have your hands full! Are they identical? And no wonder Kelli felt bad during her pregnancy. That was a load to carry.

  47. Happy, happy, happy. I am so happy for you all. So many sleepless nights are in store for the future but what a joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Judith Fairchild

    Such a lovely surprise Sunday babies. So glad everything is going well for the Hanken family. 5 ponds plus is a good size for 34 week preemies. An older friend of mine has twin brothers she still looks out for them she’s in her late 70’s. Georgia will be thrilled with her live dollies. Enjoy your time with the babies. Family first..! I’ll enjoy any and all updates.

  49. Congratulations to Kelli and Jason on the new additions to the family. Glad to see the pictures and hear that Eli and Emmet are doing well. Congrats to Grandma on another 2 grandchildren. Hope everyone continues to do well.

  50. Congratulations!!!! So happy for the whole family! Are they identical? Lovely names & weights on them. Love, hugs & prayers to you & your whole family!!!

  51. Congratualtions! So exciting and terrifying all in one, two! Thank you for sharing your story. Our prayers to all of you.

  52. Congratulations! I’m so glad that everything is going well and pray that it continues to. 5.5 pounds is a good weight!

  53. Congratulations to Kelli, Jason, Georgia, Grandma Jo, and the entire Kramer Klub! They are adorable! So happy for you all!

  54. Congratulations Kelli, Jason, big sister Georgia and the whole Kramer family! Two little boys, what wonderful news

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