Newest from the Kramer House

Kelli has announced all of the major events in her life with pumpkin carving….

First, it was her engagement.  Jason and Kelli were carving pumpkins and Jason slipped the ring into the pumpkin and proposed.

Then she was expecting Georgia….  They carved pumpkins again.  See the baby pumpkin inside the mommy pumpkin?

This is her latest announcement…
again with pumpkins…

Yes, you read that right.  Kelli and Jason are expecting twins towards the end of May.  Typically twins are early so we’re hoping she can make it to the beginning of May.

If you’ve been a long-time reader, you’re likely calculating some math.  Yep, Georgia turns two in March and the babies are coming in May so there will be three kiddos two and under.

If you’re doing math for me, that will be nine grandkids in five and under.  Oh, my word…and I thought we were busy before…we’ll be busier than ever!!

We’ve known here for a little bit but we still have to pinch ourselves from time to time to remember it’s really true.  Feel free to add Kelli and the babies to your prayer or well wish list…It would be greatly appreciated!!

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  1. Congrats to all!! As a grandmother of twins myself, there is that old saying…….Double the Trouble, Double the Fun!!!

  2. Congratulations to you and your awesome family – Prayers and Blessings to all.
    You’ll be super busy sewing – but I’m sure you won’t mind a bit.

  3. You remind me of when my siblings and I blessed my parents with a total of 6 grandchildren in 27 months, with mine being the oldest and youngest of biologicals! There was set of twins and an older grandchild that came with a marriage in the mix. Congratulations to all!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Loud and joyous congratulations to Kelli and her family. What fantastic news. TWINS. God’s Blessings are wished for you all, prayers are said for the continuance of abundant blessings within the Kramer house.

  5. Oh my gosh!! Congratulations!! Wishing Kelli, Jason and Georgia all the best! Jo that is so exciting to have twins coming! So happy for all of you.

  6. Congratulations Kelli. Prayers for a healthy and very long pregnancy!

    9 under 5!!!!!! Kramer central will be a crazy happy place for a long time to come! Cousins all growing up near each other and near Grandma Jo. AWESOME!!!!!

  7. Oh what fun. Something to look forward to in the mist of all the mayhem that is currently our life. Congrats all around – prayers for an uneventful pregnancy.

  8. Oh what fun. Something to look forward to in the mist of all the mayhem that is currently our life. Congrats all around – prayers for an uneventful pregnancy.

  9. Congratulations! Prayers for healthy babies! My niece had a 2 year old when her twins were born, then two years later she had baby #4! My sister is the grandmother of 7 ranging from 2 to 7. Quite a circus at times!

  10. I squealed reading this! CONGRATULATIONS to Kelli and all your family! How exciting! My 4 kids are all spaced out, the oldest being 17,and my youngest 10 months and our house is CRAZY, and loud! lol. I’ve always wanted twins though, what a blessing! You are in my morning prayers every day and I’m adding Kelli now too. I hope she has a much easier pregnancy than with Georgia, I remember you saying how sick she was. ❤️God bless you all.

  11. Susan in Michigan

    Congratulations Kelli and Jason. So happy for you! My youngest siblings are twins, and it was a lot of fun. Jo, I am around your age and have no children or grandchildren. We were not able. So reading about your family helps replace a little of the joy I have missed. I’m sure you know how blessed you are.

  12. Beryl In Owatonna

    Congratulations! My sister has 12 grandkids under 11 and only 2 girls!! What noise when they are all together! But they are all loved and taken care of…3 of them are adopted! Those 3 are boys…8 and 4and 5 they are just 7 months apart. Your ‘kids’ are, obviously all loved and taken care of too! I am happy for you and will be praying all goes well. Will this calm little Georgia down??

  13. Congratulations! That’s amazing! The picture with Georgia is absolutely adorable. I’m sure she’ll be a wonderful big sister :-). I’m so happy for all of you!

  14. Judith Fairchild

    Congratulations to Georgia for becoming a big sister. And congratulation to Kelly and Jason for the news of twins. Praying all goes well in this time of expectancy. The announcements were and are cute.

  15. Oh, WOW! Twins & a 2 yr old. Kelli will be a busy girl. Wishing Kelli & Jason all the best and that everything goes smoothly.

  16. Congratulations to all of you!! Babies are a blessing! I remember how hard her pregnancy was with Georgia! I will keep her in my prayers!

  17. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your exciting news! Kelli and Jason will be busy, but it will be a wonderful busyness! Have fun getting ready!

  18. Congratulations.My oldest daughter and my twin girls are 11 months apart. There were many hard days but also lots of fun days. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

  19. How exciting! Congratulations to Kelli and Jason and the whole clan of family members. Woohoo, happy news for sure Jo. Prayers for healthy mom and healthy babies.

  20. Congratulations to Jason and Kelli and Grandma Jo. I hope Kelli isn’t sick this time and the little ones stay in there until they are “done”. My first grandchildren were early and my sister said they weren’t done yet. Little Georgia is so cute. Grandma Jo will have quilts to make!

  21. God’s blessing on your family! Kramer lives on through you all! Bet he’s smiling in heaven free of pain and care and full of joy!

  22. Jo,
    Your family is certainly blessed with many cousins/grandchildren. What a blessing to have you as Grandma! I am the oldest of nine, the youngest being fraternal twins. My dad worked the night shift for a while, so I got lots of practice helping to care for them. My Mom made sure I wasn’t stuck being a “second mother” to them. May Kelli have a pregnancy that is as easy as possible.

  23. I remember my school days, when we were told is very typical for the second child (or twins) to come along when the first is 2 or around 2. I also remember in another class, I have been out school for a long time, that the most single births a women can have is 24. A classmate was one of 19 with no multiple births. Enjoy the grandkids

  24. Kristy Wilkinson

    Jo- This is so exciting! Congratulations! You are right, you will be even busier! But in such a special way. So much joy and excitement in your family. What an adorable picture of Georgia with the pumpkins. :-) Many blessings on you all. K-

  25. Congratulations to all. It’s wonderful news in this miserable time. (In UK, some of us are in lockdown or quarantined). I hope all goes well and Kelly manages to keep fit. Georgia looks a little darling. Love to you all.

  26. Congratulations to Kelli and Jason and their family and to you too Grandma again to be! LOL!
    Definitely will be keeping them in my prayers.
    Love and prayers

  27. Congratulations! My MIL had her first child in March and then my dh and his twin sister were born the following January. So three kids under 1 yr old. LOL She made it thru it and went on to have 4 more children. Have a great weekend everyone~

  28. Hooray! I am a twin mom and it is so fun to watch them grow up. My singleton was born 2 weeks after my twins turned 3. So I had 3 kids 3 and under. It was a crazy ride and we never got anywhere on time, but it was fun. I’m so happy for you and your family! If you have any questions about twin life, let me know. Love your blog!

  29. My son and daughter-in-law had twin girls first and 19 months later a baby boy. It was a scary, crazy time for all of us, but they have brought so much joy and love to our family. They are now 7 and 6 and each others best friends. Instant playmates and their own support system. It is wonderful to see. I am sure your family will step in to help and all will be well. Praying for an easy pregnancy for Kelli.

  30. Congratulations to Jason, Kelli & Georgia and to you!!! I too have identical twin Grandsons! They came at 28 weeks, but they are now big, strong, healthy 10 year olds! What a blessing they have been! I already had 2 Grands from my older daughter. The twins came from my middle daughter and my son has 2 boys. I have six Grands and only one girl! They all love each other and it is a great time whenever they all get together. It is fondly called “cuzin” time. My oldest Grandson is 15 and still plays with all the rest. My Granddaughter is soon to be 13 and keeps ALL of them safe & in line-a real mother hen!

    Again, Congratulations to the whole family on this wonderful event!!!

  31. Congratulations!! I am the mother of triplets and grandmother of twin identical boys. Multiples are alot of extra work but also lots of extra love. :) People will say “they are so glad it is you and not them with the multiples” and my answer was always” I am so glad it is me too”!

  32. So Covid has been good for at least two things, those upcoming babies! Congratulations! I’m so thrilled for you all. Some new quilts will be in the works, I’m sure.

    What great blessings babies are. Getting to grow up around cousins is awesome. Fantastic news.

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