New Year’s Resolution: Pedometer

You might remember some of my posts from last month about trying to move a little more-in fact, it was part of my resolution.  After those posts, I got a few notes from blog readers including one from my cousin.  Several people recommended getting a Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker.

I have long wanted a pedometer in fact I have bought several..all haven’t worked.  I even got an app for my phone that is a pedometer.  That one did work and I did like it but it only worked if the app was on and that drained the battery like crazy.  I had pretty much given up having a pedometer so I was really happy to get the recommendations and even happier that more than one person recommended the same product…in fact everyone recommended it.  That was enough for me to bite the bullet and get a pedometer.

So far, I like it…sadly the weather here isn’t cooperating so I’m not able to get outside and walk.  The weather has been well below zero.

For now I am using it all day long trying to just add a few more steps in the house.  Once the weather gets a little better I am hoping to get close to the desired 10,000 steps a day.  My cousin Deb and blog reader Lani have both dropped lots of pounds by walking and watching their food intake….

I don’t know if I’ll loose weight but at least now I can’t use the excuse of not having a quality pedometer.  Sometimes part of getting healthier is just eliminating some of the excuses.

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  1. Jo – I have a Fitbit too, and time and weather challenges. Try “finding” extra steps – I do laps around the ferry boat on the way to and from work. Take the dog for an extra block or two walk or walk around your barn. You’d be surprised how fast you can reach a daily 10,000 steps! It becomes a game – be sure to check your weekly stats online. Good for you; and you will feel better! Annie

  2. Hi Jo

    I just got the Fitbit flex for Xmas. I have been tracking steps, food, and min of “very active”. I have been trying to finish up quilting projects this holiday and it has definitely made me aware of how little activity I can get if I don’t force myself to go do something active rather than spend all day in front of sewing machine. Also a reminder I don’t need another cookie either :(

  3. After reading numerous web sites about walking and pedometers I got one. I found I walked about 3,000 steps a day, less some days. The only day I came close to 10,000 was shopping with a girlfriend at a huge mall followed by walking 1-2 hours with another girlfriend later in the day. Get an average of the steps you take during your “normal” day and then begin increasing it like Annie said in the above comment. From what I read, if you increase your steps but don’t get to 10,000 per day you will be more healthy. So don’t be discouraged if you don’t get to 10,000 steps each day as I was at first.

  4. I have to take at least one 45 minute walk a day if I want to reach 10,000 steps. The days I go to the gym, I can easily hit 14,000 steps. But I think I need to do more calorie counting if I want to lose any weight.

  5. I too need to walk more, but with bad legs it is hard to do , but I do walk as much as I can. Last January, I made the comment to lose some pounds. I quite ALL cokes and pre sweetned drinks , and got a smaller plate. I eat most of I want and only when I am hungry . So far I have lost over 40 pounds and keep it OFF!!. So far this has. worked for me . I do wish all of you good luck and don’t give up, you can do it!!!

  6. I wish there was a LIKE button for the comments. I wear a pedometer most days. If I walk 30+min on the Tread mill, then go upstairs if I have to use the Br, or downstairs if I’m up It all adds up. i can usually get 8-10 K steps. but it helps.

  7. Robin Lanteigne

    Jo, there is also a great series of DVDs by Leslie Sansone called “Walk Away the Pounds” and they are great to use as a sort of indoor walking plan when the weather doesn’t permit outdoor activities! Good luck with your Fitbit, I’ve heard alot of good things about it and good luck with your new healthy habit!

  8. I was just going to suggest the Leslie Sansone DVDs!! And a FitBit is a great tool as well. The DVDs are also available on Amazon Instant Video which I can stream through my Roku player. I like that most of the DVDs require only you and your gym shoes and can be done even in my tiny apartment. She incorporates arm movements and different kinds of steps to keep things interested and the DVDs definitely get your heart rate up!

  9. I walk a mile or two every day using DVDs made by Leslie Sansone. I have a few different ones and each has 1,2, and 3 mile workouts. You walk a 10 or 12 minute mile with some upper body exercises as well. You can do it in your living room. The DVDs are $10-15 at Walmart and Target. No excuses due to weather. Good luck!

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