New UFO List.

It’s that time of the year…assessing the old and starting out anew.  That left me checking out my UFO list.

Up first…Blue Skies.  This is from the String Fling book….  This UFO has gone from cut out to units all sewn and need to be sewn together.


Next up…Cheddar Bowties…This is from More Adventures with Leaders and Enders.  I have about 1/3 of the blocks sewn.  I have the border segments sewn too.  No real progress was made on this.


Fair and Square I fantasize about.  Kelli has her’s done and I love it.  It’s been a long time favorite of mine.  It’s in Scraps and Shirttails II. I started out as only white strips cut and have progressed to the point that the border pieces are sewn.  The checkered blocks are sewn…all I have left are the string blocks.

ufo-2 (2)

On the rack to be quilted were Bricks and Stepping Stones and Jingle Bell Square.  They both were completed.  Pfeffernuse and Wonky Wishes are now hanging waited to be quilted.


Here is Pfefferneuse. Went from all cut out to top finished.  This is in String Fling. It needs to be quilted.


Let’s not forget Pineapple Crazy…Also in String Fling.  I have all of the center blocks done.  I started on the outer border blocks but only two are done.


Here is Virginia Bound.  That one has been at a stand still.  I had run out of shirt strings…well I didn’t run out.  I did run out of variety.  Being I have LOTS more shirts cut up now, I could get back to this project.  It is in Scraps and Shirttails I.  I started this in Moline when we saw Bonnie.  UPDATE:  I have 10 more blocks done than I did before.


Rectangle Wrangle.  I love this quilt.  I adore this quilt.  When I saw the book Scraps and Shirttails for the first time this is the quilt I most wanted to make.  This UFO went from center pieces cut out to center sewn.  I need to cut out the outer blocks yet.


This is Rick Rack Nines.  It is in Leaders and Enders.  This quilt went from some nine patches finished to completely finished.


Star Struck I started not to long ago.  I’ve made good progress on it.  It started as something I could work on over nap time.  In the mornings before child care I’d get up early and sew.  Then during nap time I’d cut the strips into segments.  The blocks are all finished.  I’m starting the sashing debate….it’s been stuck there.  I have the border pieces cut and will start leader and ender sewing them soon.


Here is Santa Fe Star.  I loved this quilt when I saw it in the book, String Fling, the first time and still do. The center and the geese are finished.  I couldn’t find this for the longest time but then just found it about two weeks ago.  I’m thinking I might move this one along after I finish Talkin’ Turkey.


Talkin’ Turkey I started WAY back when that block was in Quiltmaker’s 100 blocks before the book even came out.  That’s in String Fling.

This one I’ve been working on.  I almost have the blocks finished.


Here is Texas Braid.  It’s in Leaders and Enders.  This is a top and is waiting for a back and to be quilted.


Here’s Winston Ways.  This has gone from not even being cut out to finished!!  I’m so excited.


Hmmm….That was 16 projects.  I did make progress in a way.  Projects got finished but more got started.  Four were completely finished…some were only started to be cut out.  I’ve made LOTS of progress on others.

I also added one to the fold….Bricks in the Barnyard.  The half square triangles are all sewn for that….next up block assembly.  Also add two pink Zuckerwatte quilts.

That’s where I am on my UFO list.  I started this list at the beginning of the Summer last year 2016.  I’m still plugging away and working on things.  Little by little every week a little more gets done.  All of these get set aside because most of these projects are for me.  You know how it goes as a quilter….the quilts we make for ourselves are always on the back burner.  I’m having fun with these projects and in the end, that’s what is most important.  I’m so lucky because I am still in love with each and every one of these projects!


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  1. I just finished a twin-sized Bricks in the Barnyard for my nephew’s high school graduation present. Bricks aren’t part of the units I usually cut, so I made that in tandem with Oklahoma Backroads so I’d have a nice variety of fabrics. I’ll finish Oklahoma Backroads after the quilts are done for ny guild’s show at the end of next month. (Which starts tomorrow! Yikes!)

  2. What a wonderful quilt show to start the day! I made Star Struck quite a few years ago and decided to sash it because then I didn’t have to worry about matching the points of the light stars. Since this was made before I was a careful about my 1/4 inch I know they wouldn’t have matched up! Lol! Im amazed at how much you get done when you also do childcare all day! You are a dynamo! Beautiful job!

  3. I’m amazed at what you’ve accomplished. I’ve started keeping my projects like you do, and am surprised at how much more I accomplish using that method. It’s much easier to grab one and get working, and remember what step I’m on.

  4. Love the quilt show, it was a fabulous way to start my morning. I’ll be seeing Bonnie Hunter in March and wanted to have 6 quilts based on her patterns done. I’ve got 3 done, 1 is on the longarm and the other 2 are almost up to borders. I’m a firm believer that if you never set any goals, you can’t achieve them. Thanks again.

  5. All of your quilts are amazing and it’s refreshing to see another quilter with multiple projects in various stages! I stopped working on my quilts to quick make some doll clothes for our granddaughters birthday and I’m delivering them to her in Texas! I’m excited to be a part of her big day. She picked out an 18″ doll from target so hopefully it’ll arrive in time! I told her mommy that in a few years we will go shopping for the real American girl doll! But I figured what fun is a doll with no clothes?? So I’m making a cowgirl complete with the boots, pjs, two dresses and a short outfit because it can get hot in Texas! Happy sewing!

  6. Wow, so many projects are being worked on and how you keep them all so organized amazes me. Love all of BH quilts and I have some of her UFO in my sewing room all in different phases of being done. You make me feel motivated to get back at them.

  7. I finished Rectangle Wrangle and it is one of my favorite quilts. I wasn’t crazy about Bonnie’s border so I did a black small inner border and than a wide-ish outer border of a black background floral print that went well with the Civil War fabrics I used in the quilt. All the fabric was from my stash and I never repeated a fabric. Yeah! It was a fun quilt to make.
    My husband saw the quilt on the wall of a shop in Oregon while we were traveling and bought the book so I would make him the quilt–and it’s his favorite.

  8. Love the quilt show – I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite quilt. It might be Talkin’ Turkey because I love the color red. But then Pfefferneuse has a lot of red in it also. After seeing all these, it is easy to see why you have so many projects going. :>)

  9. I know that I have several projects started, but don’t know where they are. After seeing your blog today, I’m more motivated in searching for them and getting them organized and in one place. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Love seeing all the quilts you have started. All I can say Jo, is that you need to get crackin’ before Bonnie’s next book comes out. :) But it’s just so fun to start something new isn’t it?

  11. I have all but two borders on Easy Street. . .have to sew them on tonight to meet my end of the month goal. Next goal will be to find backing and quilt it before the end of March. I have My Blue Heaven finally ready to assemble-good grief! That one is 6 years old, I think??? When was Storm Lake when I met you and Kelli? 2010?
    You have several started that I want to make, but I am making myself clear some of these OUT before I start anything new.

  12. WOW! You have more Bonnie Hunter quilts in progress than I do!! Than you for making me feel better about my slow progress! I finished the binding on Easy Street and it now lives at my daughter’s house. (She came and got it the same day I finished it!) Lazy Sunday is now a top and the backing came yesterday. Texas Tumbleweeds-one needs some more material (my one daughter is supposed to be sending it) for the binding and the other need a few more blocks made and then set together. Many Trips Around the World is waiting for me to put it together as is a large Trips Around the World and Brick in the Barnyard is blocks done and needs to be made into a top! Maybe I can clear some of these off the list this year. Thanks for the push!! :)

  13. I am seeing Bonnie in May , so I have a goal to get Alletiare and Shirttails finished before the retreat. I also have a wedding quilt to make and a quilt for my new step grandson. Those are priority and lots of other quilts in various stages!! I do pretty well getting tops pieced, but stop when it comes to making a backing, quilting and binding. My goal for 2017 is to get some tops completely finished!!

  14. Lovely quilts to be. I thought that rectangle wrangle doesn’t need a border. Just a binding. Fun and nice to read, thank you for sharing.

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