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We bought a foreclosure home and are working on taking it from rags to riches.  Here are some previous articles of our house’s story to catch you up if you missed out.  Meeting the architect  –  The Inside.  I will continue to write about the house over the next year as we turn it into our home.

For the last 6 weeks we have barely been at the new house.  Farming dictates everything around here and there just was no time for the house when crops need to be harvested.  Now that the crops are out we are beginning to think about working there again.  Tuesday the contractor called and asked if he could come and measure for windows…YES PLEASE!!  When the contractor calls..I am going to come running!!

The windows are terrible.  Look above the leaded glass area.  Yep, there is no chalking or anything that is keeping the wind and weather out.  We want these to be removed carefully as we are planning to use the leaded glass somewhere else.


Look how poor the weather stripping is.  It’s just falling away from the windows.  When we bought the house we knew it would need all new windows.  The contractor just gave us a ball park guess and said it would probably be $900 per larger window.  There are three of them.

Then we have nine smaller windows and it’s about $500 for them.   As you can see the windows are a necessity.

While the contractor was at the house I asked what his schedule looked like and when they have us down for.  For the windows, we’re on the six week schedule.  For the major construction, I was told that as soon as the cement guy can lay the cement in the spring, they will come and start building.

Okay Mr. Weatherman…how about an easy winter and an early spring?  I want to be in my house!!

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  1. We have a 125 year old house with 43 windows (single pane & drafty) that we have been remodeling for several years! Many of the windows are about 3 foot x 6 foot long. They are not standard sizes. We have been replacing them a few at a time. 2 months ago we bought 10 more windows through Home Depot – energy star ones. Most expensive ones were about $275 each! We have got it down to a pretty quick system of removing the old window and installing the new one and adding insulation! This is a three story home and 6 of the new windows went into the two bedrooms on the third floor. Couple hours and they were in! You may be able to do it yourself and save the labor cost! We were quoted about $1000/window to buy and have them installed! Good luck!!!

  2. I live in an 84 year old home on my FIL’s farm and this summer he replaced 25 windows – on all 3 levels. It is fabulous to be able to sit on the sofa in the winter without needing a quilt wrapped around you and the blinds no longer sway with the wind! No clue what the cost was because he had the same outfit put steel siding on the house as well…but I know it wasn’t cheap!! But the house looks great and is much warmer – you are smart to do that before you move in and freeze!!! Those leaded windows are worth saving – I can’t wait to see what you do with them!!

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