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I told you all how in love I am with Moda’s new line A Blooming Bunch created by Maureen McCormick of Brady Bunch fame.  Well, I loved it so much that I made TWO quilts from it.  The first quilt was finished up and sent off in September.  That quilt will be featured in a book that will be coming out, I’m guessing, next year.

The second quilt I’m revealing to you today.  I was playing around with the fabric after making the first quilt and came up with something that would use two charm packs of fabric plus a little more.  I know we all have two charm packs lying around waiting for inspiration and I hope our little quilt is just what you need to be inspired!

Here she is…

..and here is a full view.

We are calling her Two Charming.  Yes, TWO as in the number 2 and charming as in charm pack.  It’s all a play on words that Jean thought of.

You all might remember my friend Jean.  She started out as a blog reader and has become a friend.  She is super sweet.  She stopped by for a visit a week or so ago and ended up staying for lunch.  It was so fun.

Anyway, I showed Jean the quilt.  We told her to name the quilt…Kalissa said, “Yes, Jean, please name the quilt!  We are all so tired of naming quilts”.  The first thing Jean said was “Two Charming”.  We all said yes and the was the end of the agony over coming up with a name.

It’s a cute name and plays on the phrase “too charming”.  The quilt takes two charm packs so “Two Charming” was perfect.

I just love the fabric and I think the design is perfect for it.  So what you need for the quilt is…
2 charm packs, yardage for the outer “border” blocks, white background, and the accent teal…of course binding and backing too.

My kids were teasing me when I first did this saying I must have been drinking to do the border that way.  They liked it but were teasing.  I thought it was a fun idea to make the outer blocks and create a border but in blocks.  I love that pink check….so cute.

I used the blue check for the binding and the backing too.  SO CUTE!!  Seriously, the prints just make me smile.

The quilt is lap sized as is…  55″ x 66″.

If you wanted to make this bigger to a single bed sized, just make 156 blocks instead for the center with extra outer blocks and you’d have a quilt that is 79″ x 84 1/2″.

The fall leaves are such a contrast to this bright and spring-like quilt.

I used white thread on both the front and the back.  I did a hook and bump motif on this.  I did it much smaller than I typically do and I did it more densely too.  I love it.  There is so much texture to it.

Here is a close-up of it.

I think this quilt is a winner.  The second I drew the design out on EQ, I just knew I had to make it immediately.

I know many of you that make charity quilts are going to love the pattern.  I know many of you who have two charm packs lying around are going to love it too!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a shop and picked up two charm packs for something…and if you have a layer cake lying around, you could always make two of these…one for you and one to give away or expand the design and make one that will fit a single sized bed.

The pattern for this is for sale in our SHOP and you can find that HERE.  I am super excited to see what you all do with the pattern.  I’d love to see it done in shirts with little red diamonds instead of teal..oh my.  The options are endless.  If you do make one, please send a picture our way so we can enjoy it too!  As always, thanks so much for your support!!

18 thoughts on “New to the Shop: Two Charming”

  1. Jo, I absolutely love this quilt! It is darling!! It is “Too Charming”! That is the perfect name for it. Jean picked perfect! Have a great weekend and by all means stay inspired!!!

  2. At last we get to see what you did with this fabric line. It’s wonderful!! I wish Maureen could see your quilt, I know it would make her happy!!

  3. “Two Charming” is a great name for the quilt/pattern. Also, with your daughter having twins, the quilt name has endless possibilities.

  4. Joy Van den top

    Wow! That is just so cute! It is very feminine, but I can see it totally done in other fabrics to make it for a boy. Two charming

  5. Beautiful quilt! That border made the quilt look wonky when it was held up (in one of the pictures), but of course it isn’t. I liked how it did that.

  6. It is darling!! I ordered the pattern, double clicked on the highlighted in purple download after paying and nothing happened! I always download patterns on my desk top. It is nowhere at the moment in the download black hole! Help!! I have two charm packs screaming at me to be made into this. Thank you for your time.

  7. I’ve tried 7 times to order this pattern this morning…each time the link comes back and says I have an empty cart. I’ve done all the steps correctly…just no pattern. Is the link down?

  8. Jean, you gave it a perfect name and I really like the pink squares used as a border design. It is a super cute pattern and I look forward to seeing some done.

  9. It’s adorable. To be able to use charm packs is a time saver. We all have them and don’t always know what to do with them.

    Two Charming is perfection on so many levels!

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