New Stitch Along: Summer Sweets Pinkeep

When I was at the Stitchery Nook, Liz and I were busy picking out a few new stitch-alongs. It’s so fun bouncing ideas back and forth with Liz. I have some insight on what I like and what I think might be popular but Liz had the numbers and knows by your ordering which projects were especially popular.

One of last year’s most popular stitch-alongs was for Spring Messenger by Scattered Seed Samplers. I have to admit, it was one of my favorites too! Here’s a picture of it for a little refresher.

After mine was finished I had several people message me and tell me they wish they’d have join that stitch along because it was so cute. I know I was so happy to pull the one out of the Spring decor box a few weeks ago. I just love it.

In light of that, last summer when Tammy Block of Scattered Seed Samplers came out with the Summer Sweets Pinkeep chart last year, Liz and I both knew immediately that we should offer this as a stitch along for 2024. It has been so hard for me to wait because I REALLY wanted to stitch this one ASAP. The time frame for us to offer it in 2023 had kind of closed because it’s hard for Liz to get all of the supplies. By the time the supplies came in, it was mid-July and strawberry season had come and gone. So FINALLY…I can announce the Stitch Along.

Here it is…Summer Sweets Pinkeep from Scattered Seeds Samplers.

Isn’t it just precious with the bird and the big strawberry? Plus there’s the little bird with the little strawberry. CUTE-CUTE!

When I was at the Stitchery Nook I got my kit from Liz…Oh my.

Liz has Vintage Country Mocha for this and has the called for DMC. DMC is the only option for this chart unless you convert it to a different floss yourself. Tammy Block typically only stitches with DMC which is fine with me…her designs make it shine and it’s cheaper!! HA!

Typically I’m not a bling girl, but look at this precious strawberry fob. I couldn’t resist.

Liz has everything ready so you can order now…I know we all are still stitching on our chubby animals from Jeanette Douglas but what do you say we try to wrap them up and start this on April 1st? I know that’s a fast turnaround but we have a 4th of July piece we want to sneak in yet this year.

Liz said she has everything ready to ship immediately so that is helpful.

I will be doing a little prep work in advance. I already have bobbins out to bobbinate my floss…Yes, that’s how I store mine.

I also have my Nurge Hoop ready. The small size is perfect for this piece. I can hoop up the fabric and never have to move it to stitch the entire piece. I just love them for small projects. You can get them HERE. I had enough commission money in my Amazon account from purchases you all made using the links here on the blog (THANKS!!) so I broke down and bought a five pack set of them.

I have so many projects going at once it’s a nice luxury to have a hoop for each bag rather than swapping them between projects like I was.

One of the reasons I made that cute little Strawberry wool project, this one was because I planned on stitching this and having a cute little strawberry display. Read about it HERE.

Can you tell I’m really happy to be stitching this one?? HA!!

Do you want to stitch along? You can find all of the ordering information HERE. You might have to scroll down the page a bit to find everything. You’ll need the chart, thread, and one piece of linen or Aida.

The stitch count is 82 x 85. If you stitch on the suggested 36 count, it would be about 5″ x 5″. I’m stitching mine on 40 count.

I think I’ll be framing mine and will display it in the same spot I have Spring Messenger. I think I’ll rotate the two pieces seasonally. Oh, I wish she would come out with a more Fall-looking bird piece. I’m off. I’m going to check out The Stitchery Nook and see if there might be a Fall-looking piece. If you want to check it out too, HERE’s the link. (and this is how I end up with more charts than I can ever stitch! HA!)

Stay tuned…Liz is trying to procure a big bunch of linen because we picked out a market-release sampler to stitch. (SQUEAL!!!) When it comes in, I’ll announce that stitch along too. That one will be a long stitch along like 8 months or so. I hope to announce it soon.

12 thoughts on “New Stitch Along: Summer Sweets Pinkeep”

  1. Such a darling project for the stitch along. As usual, I’m tempted, but trying to stay good (too many other projects going) and just enjoy what others do.

  2. I’m in, just ordered pattern and thread. I just have in my stash 36 count Vintage Country Mocha Edinburgh Linen! I am hoping I will learn to do this on Linen. I have the last swap but was chicken to start. Seems new things are hard for the 78 year old! lol Just don’t tell anyone! lol

  3. Cynthia Arneson

    I’m joining your stitch along! I ordered the pattern only, I have lots of floss and fabric to stitch on so I’m all set. I received notice my pattern is on it’s way! Thanks Jo!

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