New Stitch Along: Quaker Wisdom Berries

I’ve been really wanting to stitch a berry. For those of you who aren’t familiar, with the cross stitch world, you can stitch a cross stitch piece and then sew it into a shape that looks like a strawberry.

I’ll admit. I love the look of berries but have never made one. My idea is that if I picked a berry as a stitch-along project, it would force me to stitch it AND it would force me to not procrastinate and actually FINISH it into a berry too. You all will keep me accountable!!

I had wanted to stitch a different berry chart but after Liz did some investigation the pattern wasn’t friendly to anyone who would be stitching on 14-count Aida. I know many of you stitch on that so Liz and I started a hunt for a more user-friendly berry chart that could accommodate us all…and good news, I like this chart even better.

It is called Quaker Wisdom Berries by Erica Michaels.

I have to admit the first time I saw the pattern I wondered what they said. It’s hard to tell from looking at them on the front cover. They say, “Live Simply”, “Expect Less”, “Give More”. I loved that!!

In the pattern, Erica Michaels includes a small explanation of the symbols she put into each of the designs and what they represent.

Liz and I did a debate wondering if you all would like to stitch each berry or if you’d only want to stitch one berry. Me I plan to stitch them all so they make a nice little grouping together. I like things in sets of three. We also know that some of you have limited time and want to join in the fun of stitching but only have time to stitch one. Because of that, Liz is offering Linen and Aida in different quantities. You can buy a piece big enough to stitch all three, or you can buy enough linen to stitch only one berry.

You can also buy the linen or Aida in different sizes. The chart gives several options for cutting out the size of your berry allowing you to stitch on any size. YAHOO. I love when a designer is accommodating like that.

Liz suggested someone might want to make their berries a variety of sizes as well. That might be cute in a display.

The chart calls for fancy floss. All are Weeks with a couple of DMC. This is what is needed for all of the berries.

Another think I like about the chart is that it shows how the tops were finished AND gives you the pattern pieces for it. WONDERFUL!!

The Stitchery Nook now offers wool so Liz made up some wool packs so you can buy everything you need for finishing in one pack. PERFECT.

I got my kit already. Liz is really on top of it. You don’t need to pre-order because Liz already procured all of the needed items from Linen and Aida, to floss, charts, and to wool kits. So feel free to start ordering. The stitch-along will start on August 1st. Of course, there are no strict rules…you do you!!

If you are interested in ordering, you can find everything you need HERE on the Stitchery Nook’s website. You will need
-fabric for either one or three berries linen or Aida
-finishing kit with wool

I promise I will do some type of blog post that shows how I finish the strawberries…we can all learn how to do it together. I do know that I will be watching Vonna Pfiffer’s video on how to finish them.

As far as upcoming stitch alongs, we’ll start this one on August 1st. There will be another on October 1st and the last small simple one will be on December 1st. Liz and I have them all planned.

We are taking suggestions for next year’s lineup of stitch alongs. Is there something you’ve been wanting to stitch? Please mention it in the comments below and I’ll happily take your suggestions into consideration!!

6 thoughts on “New Stitch Along: Quaker Wisdom Berries”

  1. I do like your berries – they are awfully cute. As for ideas on stitch alongs, maybe more smalls, something seasonal, interchangeable?
    Love and prayers

  2. Katherine Gourley

    Oh Jo — I love these. I am desperately trying to get my hands to allow me to sew again. I never did cross stitch (you may have said — that girl will never be a cross stitcher), but I loved hand sewing. Your blog means so much to me. I was once one of those busy girls, but an immune disorder changed everything. I keep coming up with methods to accommodate my deficits and hope to be doing more soon.

    1. YAHOO!! A positive attitude is everything!! You can still have a VERY happy life even with illness. I know for me, I appreciate every single day!! Hang in there and give yourself grace while you work through the adjustments!!

  3. Color me excited…..I am most definitely in, I guess I am always in, but I am a new stitcher with Blessed and want to learn how to do a Berry. Thank you

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