New Stitch Along….Patriotic Time!

Hello stitchy friends. I have news for you. We have a new stitch along coming your way. Before I tell you the project (s), let me tell you a bit about the behind-the-scenes story. Liz, from the Stitchery Nook, and I were talking. I said I really wanted to do one of the Quakers from Primrose Cottage. The designer has come out with seasonal and holiday small quaker projects and truth be told, I’d love to stitch all of them so I have them for my dough bowls. Well…you can’t have them in your dough bowl unless you stitch them…so, Liz said, “Let’s do one of them for a stitch along”. Great idea. Doing it for a stitch along keeps me accountable. So the stitch along project is Patriotic Quaker from Primrose Cottage.

Liz and I thought it would also be a good project to stitch and will keep costs down as there are only three threads that you need. I believe the pattern called for Color and Cotton floss. Liz doesn’t carry that so she picked out three Weeks Dye Works colors and made a conversion. Here are the three she chose.

I was super excited about the project. I would finally be stitching a Quaker. For those of you who are new, Quakers are a cross-stitch design that often involves motifs like the ones on the pattern. Kelli, my daughter, loves Quaker designs.

That was all good…I was excited about the stitch along. I couldn’t wait to announce it.

Then Liz contacted about 6 weeks after we had it all planned. She showed me this chart. Oh my. My dough was screaming “STITCH THIS”. Oh no. What’s a girl to do? I told Liz I love this. Do we wait and have this as a stitch-along for next year? Liz said I’m okay if we want to offer two stitch-alongs at the same time. WHAT??? YES. I did a big fist pump at the time. I loved this little flag design.

It’s just precious and it is a very easy stitch. If you are new to cross stitch or want to start, this is the perfect pattern. It’s repetitive and will allow you time to concentrate on your stitches and not worry so much about counting. This would make a great small project to take along and stitch while you wait. Oh, I love it!

Liz picked some Dinky Dye silk to use for stitching. I have never used Dinky Dyes before so I am extra excited. I enjoy stitching with silk but often don’t because of the cost, with this only needing two silks, it’s fun to splurge. Isn’t the variegation in the red going to look so pretty??

So dear readers, you have the option…you can stitch one or both of the pieces. You can stitch one in June and one in July. You can stitch them quickly…or slowly. You can stitch them on your lunch hour or in the car or in the comfort of your cozy spot.

Liz and I know many of you are running to ball games, setting up the camper, or going to weddings in June. These projects are perfect because they are small, portable, don’t need a lot of threads or a big chunk of fabric. You can grab and go and take your stitching with you.

I’m planning on stitching both of these!! If you want to join in on the fun, you can follow THIS LINK to the Stitchery Nook and pick your supplies-Remember you’ll need a chart, thread, and fabric for one or both projects.

We’ll plan on starting as soon as you get your supplies. I have some of the supplies so for me, I’m hoping to start June 1st…or when I finish A Stitcher’s Alphabet. I’m trying to be a good girl and finish one project before I start another. We’ll see how good I can be. Both of those projects are especially cute!!

THIS LINK to the Stitchery Nook in case you missed it.

16 thoughts on “New Stitch Along….Patriotic Time!”

  1. These are such pretty little projects. I finished binding the two small quilts I had in progress. Now would be the time to give cross stitching a try, and you’ve made me pause to consider it. I’d better start another quilt instead before I get tempted.

  2. Stephani in N. TX

    Just recently started Patriotic Quaker so I’ll be stitching along with you. Have lots of samplers and stitching around my home, but not much patriotic. I do believe I bought this from The Stitchery Nook from a prior showing on your blog. Stitch’n along…

  3. I have started the Patriotic Quaker and I’m so glad it’s a stitch along. I will be looking into starting the October House flag as well. I saw it when it was released on some of the places where I look at cross stitch and wasn’t sure, but now I want to do it since it will be a stitch along too! I have never worked with silks so it will be fun. I have been looking at your Though He Seemeth Sleeping and loving it with your colors that you used. I may have to jump in and just do it. LOL Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend.

  4. I can’t figure out what linen is needed for the SAL. All the other SAL says what linen is needed

  5. I really like the flag stitching and would like to consider it. I did not find it when I clicked on the link. Hopefully I won’t forget to look further another time.

  6. Hi Jo!
    Love all of your writings! I cheer for you everyday! You are one blessed woman!!
    I am stitching along with you doing And God Saw. It is one very enjoyable stitching. Thank you for choosing this as I would not have picked it on my own~I am loving it♥️

  7. I have Patriotic Quaker all kitted up and ready to go. I am looking forward to the SAL! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Memorial Day!

  8. Betty Edwards

    I have a question. Where do we find the flag one. Is it in Patriotic Quaker? If not where do we get that chart?

  9. I love quakers too! I have done the Autumn Quaker and purchased spring quaker and Winter Quaker but I didn’t buy the patriotic one because well…Canadian. I could change the colours to just red and white or stitch one of the others. The flag is very cute but I’m going to pass on stitching it. Also I know you are patronizing your local shop but an fyi for folks who live further away like me, Primrose Cottage sell the quakers as pdfs in their etsy shop. Oh I can’t wait to start!

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