New Stitch Along: A Stitcher’s Alphabet

When Nashville Needlework Market came out, Liz, from the Stitchery Nook, and I were on the hunt for some small projects I’d like to do as stitch-alongs and she’d like to kit up to offer. Sometimes it’s a hard find…sometimes they come easier. We had our picks and were so excited about them. We had a line up figured out and then WHAM.

The Scarlett House, who wasn’t at the Needlework Market, put out her Spring releases. Even though our schedule was pretty well set, Liz and I knew we both really wanted to offer A Stitcher’s Alphabet.

How could we not? It’s just so stinking cute!!

Liz and I started looking into how to kit it up and she found she already had the called-for linen on hand so it was an immediate go. YES, we could squeeze this stitching along really quick in May right before we offer a patriotic piece for the following stitch along.

I read the back of the chart.

First off…it’s actually VERY small. It is 124 x 50. For me on 40 count linen, that’s 6 1/8″ x 2 1/2″ SMALL!! I think that’s going to make it even cuter.

I also noticed that there are some over-one tent stitches. From you Aida stitchers, it’s doable but a little harder. I looked at the chart and those stitches are on the bird that is sitting on the spool, four stitches on the buttons, and a few stitches on the scissor. If it were me stitching on Aida, I’d still stitch it. I would just eliminate the bird, eliminate them on the scissors, and muddle through the four stitches on the buttons. It’s totally do-able. I don’t want you to be discouraged from stitching it. I really think you can work around it.

Also reading on the back of the pattern. This was finished on a board from Homestead Needlework on Etsy. You can find them HERE.

I went and checked them out…so cute and it would make for an easy finish. I really like them but I’ll probably come up with a different way to finish mine just so people can see other options. That…and I’m a cheapskate. The boards are $24.50 each.

I work to make by finishing cost the least I can with it still looking good.

I have mine all kitted and ready to go. I have the chart, the called-for linen, and a mishmash of called-for threads.

I’ve not stitched on Weeks linen before. Well, did but didn’t. Weeks used to buy their base linen that they dyed from a different company and I tried stitching with that but was miserable. This is their new base and it’s supposed to be good so I’m giving it a try.

Liz has everything in stock and is ready to ship. How about everyone who wants to order, do that now and then we’ll start on May 1st or whenever you get your supplies.

I know we have the other BAP stitch along starting on May 1st so hopefully that won’t discourage those stitchers from wanting to stitch too. Remember the other one is a SLOW stitch. If you missed that, you can read about And God Saw HERE.

I’m so excited for both of these stitch alongs. They are both pieces I love…one little and hopefully fast, one slow and easy. You can also get a sneak peek of the patriotic stitch along we’ll do in June…but shhh. Don’t tell Liz I let you in on the project already. You can find all the ordering information for the stitch along HERE.

As always if you have questions about ordering, just call Liz and Sherri at the shop, they will help you order. The phone number is HERE on the home page of their site.

I hope to see you stitching along on May 1st!

7 thoughts on “New Stitch Along: A Stitcher’s Alphabet”

  1. I’m so tempted! I think it is so cute. I was thinking maybe I could do on Aida until you mentioned the problem. Hmmm. I’m thinking.

  2. Marsha from Kansas

    You have really tempted me with the sewer’s alphabet. I used to cross stitch almost every evening but that was in the 80s. Do I dare give it a try? Your beautiful work is an inspiration. So enjoy your blog. Praying for you.

  3. I learn so much from you! I’m a quilter not a cross stitcher. When I was young, I thought the letters in the pattern were so the stitcher could know how each letter should look and design her own message. It took me a long time to realize she was supposed to stitch an actual alphabet. We live and learn.

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