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Kalissa is popping in on the blog today to tell you about her latest shirt releases. For those of you new here, Kalissa is my daughter. She had a T-shirt business apart from her work as a nurse.

Kalissa writes:
Coming out of my social media hibernation to announce a 🍁 FALL THEMED 🍁 launch! There’s lots of goodies on the Etsy shop to check out! I’ve got some clearance prices on stationery, templates, and stickers as well as these beautiful new Fall colors!

I brought back my very first quilting shirt design, Blessed are the Piecemakers on a soft Olive v-neck that already feels like your favorite old shirt!

My tried and true Quiltmaker and Cross Stitcher patterns are back and ready to go in a beautiful autumn color.

We’ve also got the Less Bitchin’ More Stitchin’ available in a black v-neck, black crew neck sweatshirt, and black hoodie! These have been HOT SELLERS in the cross-stitching groups!

Get your orders in quickly, this is a pre-order and I want to get them out ASAP! Here is the link to my shop! ➡️

Before I go I do want to share one blooper photo of Mom and Carver who was trying so hard to help.

Just a reminder: All of these are pre-order sales. It will be about 3 weeks before I can ship.

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  1. I purchased the Orange Peel Templates when Kalissa first offered them in her shop. I thought you were going to do a video or sew along for a quilt made with these. Jo, did I misunderstand or did I miss the video?

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